Bioshock Chronicles Ch. 2 : Guardian Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
this one revolves around a Big Daddy who recognizes the little sister he's protecting as his daughter, Alex is observing them at a distance, and learns that even a big daddy can have a heart of gold

Submitted: September 06, 2009

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Submitted: September 06, 2009



Ever hear of a Big Daddy? ever hear of one who can remember their own child? I have, my name is Alex Payne....., Big daddies are Mindless beings who protect the little sisters, who are the little sisters? They're young girls that appear around 7-10, they have been genetically altered and mentally conditioned to reclaim ADAM from the dead. Little Sisters are almost always accompanied by a Big Daddy. They are completely immune to damage and have no offensive attacks. Attacking them, however, will incur the wrath of their Big Daddy protector. A Little Sister follows a simple routine. A Big Daddy will pound on a nearby Little Sister Vent, calling to a Little Sister to come out. After the little sister comes out, the Big Daddy follows her around, to "Angels" which are actually corpses. The little sister will take the ADAM out of the corpse via hypodermic needle, then swallows it. The Slug that is inside of the little sister, will process it, and separate the ADAM from the other things, such as blood and tissue. Until she does this, the ADAM is kept inside of the needle, which is the red liquid in the needle, though ADAM is actually green, it is red due to blood and tissue. Its a Gruesome process if you ask me, but anyway...say that a big daddy recognized his child, and that made the bond between these two even stronger. A guy named Jimmy King and his daughter Sarah King, they both were taken from their homes, separated and transformed into servants of Rapture, I followed them through Rapture and studied them and realized.....I feel sorry for them, they had a good life...if only they didn't come to rapture.

* Alex following Jimmy and Sarah through the halls of Arcadia *

His name was Jimmy, but i call him....Jim for short, it was....fitting

Sarah : come on Mr. B, an angel is waiting

*Jim Moans then follows*

Sarah : *skipping and humming*

*Jim Follows Sarah through the Markets of Arcadia*

Sarah : ooooooh look Mr. B, watermelons *points at watermelons*

*Jim looks at watermelons and gets a flashback of his past life with him eating watermelons with his daughter*

Sarah : Mr. B ? *waves at his face*

*Jim looks back at Sarah*

Sarah : *points at a dead body* an Angel! *runs to the body*

*Jim follows her*

Sarah : *sticks needle inside the body then starts humming*

*Jim stands guard and starts to hear noises*

Sarah : *finishes then starts drinking the blood she drained from the body*

*splicers appear from everywhere*

Sarah : *screams then runs to Jim's legs and hides behind them*

* two splicers shoot at Jim while others attack him directly *

*Jim puts Sarah on his back and charges through the group of splicer attacking him*

*Jim Drills right through one then punches the other*

Alex : damn...I'd hate to fight him

*splicers still shooting at him*

*Jim covers his face with arm while charging at the splicers*

Splicer #1 : oh shit! *runs away*

Splicer #2 : where are you?

*Jim impales the splicer with his drill then the drill starts to spin*

*splicers blood splatters everywhere*

Alex : impressive...

So you see, the power of the big daddy is amazing, but besides the power and speed...this one had a heart of pureness, as I followed them through Rapture I noticed that he's started to bond with her as if...he recognized his own daughter, they're next stop was at a Frozen Pond in the city park, some teenagers were messing around with plasmids, and froze the lake but this lake soon made the bond between Sarah and Jim was even stronger

Sarah : *looks around at the trees*

*Jim holding her on his shoulders*

Sarah : *looks at roses* pretty.....

*Jim stops in front of the lake*

Sarah : *jumps down**runs to the lake then accidentally slips on the ice*

*Jim helps her up*

Sarah : *walks on lake**trying to keep her balance*

*Jim follows her but ice cracks*

Sarah : come on Mr. B

*Jim steps gently on the ice then walks slowly to Sarah*

Sarah : *slides on the ice on her belly*

*Jim tries to follow her but slides off his feet then breaks the ice and falls into the water*

Sarah : *giggling*

*Jim walks back to shore*

Sarah : Mr. B, wait for me

*spider splicer snatches her then runs away*

*Jim moans then runs after the splicer*

*splicer jumps from ceiling to ceiling*

*Jim tackles the wall to knock the splicer down*

*splicer falls and Sarah runs to Jim*

Sarah : Mr. B.....*hugs him*

*Jim keeps her close*

*Splicer screams then dozens of splicers attack*

*Jim puts Sarah under a small hold in the wall*

Alex : he's in a tight spot, hm? *sees a splicer trying to take Sarah* damn.....*sees Jim fighting splicers but is slowing down*

Sarah : Mr. B *crying as the splicer nearly grabs her*

*splicer is grabbed by Alex and his neck is snapped by him*

Alex : *grabs little sister then takes her to a corner* okay...just hold still *hand glows*

*Jim's back is cover with splicers**Roars in Rage then shakes off all the splicers*

Alex : *puts Sarah down*

*Sarah's eyes turn back to normal*

Alex : okay, now look that big daddy is your dad, and he knows you so stay with him always okay?

*Sarah nods*

Alex : I'll see you around kid *runs away*

*Jim kills most of the splicer then scares one away*

Sarah : daddy....*hugs Jim*

*Jim moans quietly then hugs her with one arm*

Sarah : don't leave me daddy....*crying*

*Jim moans quieter*

Alex : *watching them from a distance*

I never knew Big daddies could express emotions, but this one....proved that while mindless, they can be really affectionate at times...., and while brutish and hulking, they can be as gentle as a puppy, who knows maybe one big daddy will be able to think for himself and raise his own family, that is which i kinda doubt but, life in rapture seems to always prosper, but now I need to focus on taking down Ryan and maybe this one big daddy can help, but i should pay a little visit to one more person, Bridgette Tenenbaum.


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