Bioshock Chronicles Ch. 4 : Gathering Storm Pt. 1

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Violence continues to spread through rapture, the civil war gets deadlier and deadlier as the bodies of those who fought litter the streets, the citizens are planning to assault Point Prometheus; but like everything in has its terrifying secrets.

Submitted: October 17, 2009

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Submitted: October 17, 2009



Little sister : ( pulling on Alex's arm ) mister wake up!

Alex : *eyes open up* mmmm.....( starts to strech his arms )

Tenenbaum : so, you've awaken i see ( slight grin )

Alex: yeah, thanks alot ( sits up )

Tenenbaum : you have helped me out greatly, and for that I will reward you

Alex : ( looks up at her ) with what?

Tenenbaum : ( nods to a little sister that's next to alex )

( little sister injects alex with a plasmid needle )

Alex : ( grunts in pain )

Tenenbaum : I gave you a few plasmids, most of them should help you along the way

Alex : ( eyes show an electrical surge ) I feel like, my plasmids just got stronger....

Tenenbaum : there are other suprises too, you'll find out soon enough ( gets up and opens the front door )

Alex : ( gets up and walks towards the outside of the door )

Tenenbaum : be careful please, i'll keep in touch

Alex : ( tips his hat gently ) see you around ( walks out of the safehouse )

( safehouse door closes )

Alex : so, the only way to Ryan's office is the Hephaestus, and mabey the end of the road

??? : don't be so sure.....

Alex : ( pulls out his pistol ) who said that ?

( water dripping but everything is silent )

Alex : ( puts his pistol away then walks into the street )

???: such a waist of talent....focusing on just one small rat, but never the whole colony

Alex : ( looking around )

??? : ( laughing gently ) oh dear I envy i want you....

Alex : your probably not my type....( pulls out his pistol )

??? : you wouldn't know......

( loud screaming noises ehco through the halls )

Alex : ( listening carefully for footsteps then turns around )

( skinny corpse-like figure strikes at him with teeth bared )

( Alex blacks out )

( 30 minutes later )

Alex : ( starting to wake up )

??? : ( laughing )

Alex : ( wakes up and sees a slim beautiful figure wearing a black ballroom dress with blonde sparklely hair and pale skin )

??? : confortable dear...? ( laughing maniacly )

Alex : ( tries to move but can't ) what the hell? ( notices ropes tied on his wrists )

??? : im afraid you won't be going anywhere....( walks up closer to him ) you see....we can't allow you to kill Ryan or bring peace to Rapture; Why? because it's not your place to do so

Alex : who are you to tell me what my place is ?

( Tall round Hulking figure punches alex in the stomach )

Alex : ( coughs out blood then looks at her ) who.....who are you...?

??? : ( grins ) I am Malice, the one who punched you is : Panzer

Alex : ( looks at the hulking figure and sees it to be a Big daddy bouncer with two large arms and a pair of heavy weapons mounted on his shoulders ) what the hell?, they never made this one before....

Malice : modifyed him ourselves, we found him lying in a corridor; after that we experimented on him with plasmids, making him an unstoppable juggernaut.

Panzer : ( hand starts to morph into a drill )

Malice : with as always... a lot of suprises

Alex : why are you doing this...?

Malice : because love....all people must learn their place....( grabs his neck then moves her mouth to it slowly then wispers ) and you have now found yours.....

Alex : ( struggling to break free )

( Malice bares her fangs and bites down on alex's neck then starts to suck the ADAM out of his body )

Alex : ( trying to activate his fire plasmid )

Malice : ( continues to drink while caressing his body as her skin show glowing bright red vein marks down her face and neck )

Alex : ( stops struggling as skin start to get pale )

Malice : ( hissing quietly while sucking more and more )

( someone shoots at malice )

Malice : ( jumps out of the way )

??? : no one is dying on my watch

Malice : ( licks the blood off of her lips with tongue while hissing ) and who might you be?

( Panzer growls with anger )

( slim figure with a dark green jacket and black glasses appears )

??? : name's Zeke

Alex : ( tries to open his eyes but can't due to exaustion )

Malice : Panzer dear...take care of him, i will take alex with me.....( looks at alex then licks her lips ) he's mine..... ( grabs alex then disappears )

Zeke : ( cocks his shotgun ) lets dance metal man

( Panzer roars and makes the room shake )

Zeke : i'll need back up for this guy...

( Panzer attacks Zeke )

to be continued

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