Nightmare Ch. 9 : Countdown

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I skipped ahead to ch. 9 for finishing purposes, i have to finish it otherwise i wont be able to make another title for this series so don't complain k? anyway this one is about the reapers planning an assault on the underworld, and freeing the earth from the evil of vampires.

Submitted: September 25, 2009

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Submitted: September 25, 2009



After Celestia and Nightmare's reunion, the creatures in the underworld are becoming more blood thirsty, fearing that the creatures will rise to the surface and bring the world to an end, the Reapers plan an all-out assault and the Underworld stronghold of the vampires. It is now time to put an end to the reign of vampires.

*Celestia and nightmare appear in front of the reaper HQ*

Nightmare : there's so much I want to know about you

Celestia : you'll learn more soon, *touches the side of his mask* until then my dear jack *glowing angelic wings come out from her back*

Nightmare : *looking at her as she ascends to the sky*

*Celestia flies up into the heavens then disappears*

Nightmare : *walks inside the building then walks to his room*

David : so how did it go? *drinking soda*

Nightmare : *stops walking* it was......nice *continues walking to his room*

David : *jumps in excitement then accidently falls on the floor*

*Nina and amanda walk in*

David : oh, hey *looks up at them while upside down*

Nina : is Jack back  yet?

Amanda : yeah, where is that show-off *holds her waist*

David : *looking at amanda's body from top to bottom* h-h-he went to his room

Amanda : *looks at david* oh really?, *puts hands behind her neck*

David : *thinking* wow, she's so hot...*looking at sweat dripping down her neck on chin* have you been working out?

Amanda : yes, I have why?

David : *stands up* just asking

Amanda : well if you need me, I'll be in the hot tub *walks away with towel in her hand*

David : can I join you?

Amanda : *looks back at him* sure why not?

David : *thinking* YES!!

Nina : I wanna come too, can I please? *looks at amanda with cute ruby colored eyes*

Amanda : sure *smiles*

David : *thinking* NOOO!!!

*amanda and nina leave the kitchen*

David : *sighs* that kid is a total buzz kill *starts to hear Heavy Metal music* hmmmm?

*music sounds coming from the media room*

David : *walks to the media room* now who could be playing music right now?

*david opens the media room doors then sees nightmare sitting on a chair*

David : found something to listen to eh?

Nightmare : *turns the nob on the speakers to turn down the music* oh hey david

David : *points at the small case in nightmares hand* what's that?

Nightmare : songs

David : uh-huh? let me see

*nightmare hands the Cd case to david*

David : Musiq Soulchild - Teach me, it's a nice song

Nightmare : that's why I got it...

David : well lets pop it in *puts disc in the CD player*

*Teach me starts playing*

David : no listen to the beats, what does it tell you?

Nightmare : *sarcastic tone* I don't know david, what is it?

David : it tells you that you don't know a thing about love, listening to this will help you understand the concept, plus this song actually matches your character

Nightmare : uh-huh?

*Musiq soulchild starts singing*

David : *snaps to the beats*

Nightmare : it does match

David : told you *grins*

Intercom : all reaper personell, report to the training grounds ASAP

Nightmare : *sighs* well lets go *lights cigarette then puts it in mouth*

*over 100 people stand before a podeum*

David : *taps one guys shoulder* what's going on?

Reaper ninja : Zack is planning an assault in the underworld

Nightmare : *blows smoke* interesting

*Zack stands on podeum*

Zack : My fellow Reapers, the time for patience is over. Now is the time to strike our enemies stronghold and end this conflict

*holographic screen shows behind zack*

Zack : as you can see, *points at screen* New york was torn to pieces by the rock giants

*half of new yorks building are broken in half as fire and smoke fill the sky*

Zack : we need to end this before it get out of hand, *raises his fist* whose with me!?

*everyone yells in approval*

David : you ready for this *looks at nightmare*

Nightmare : ready as i'll ever be

Amanda : now hold on, I can't let you have all of the fun

*nightmare and david look at amanda*

Amanda : *holding her waist* I've been training for a moment like this

Nightmare : good, lets see if that training will pay off *breathes in the smoke from the cigarette then blows it out from nose*

To be continued from the next chapter

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