Don't know if its any good, but its how i feel at the minute and its lots of things that is on my mind.

I'm sitting on the stairwell,

knowing i'm going to hell.


I'm still so young,

so many words unsung.


My stomach is churning,

my body is burning.


It's just a small blip,

never again will i unzip.


I put my trust in you,

I thought we were on cue.


I'm sitting on a stairwell,

knowing i'm going to hell.


Reality is these are the modern days,

I wonder how much child support pays


As i have a blip in my belly,

it's nothing to put on telly.


How can i break the news?

My dad'll hit the brews.

My mam'll get the blues.

My sisters'll buy it shoes.


But i'm carrying a blip in my belly.


It's now the size of a berry.

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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