True Pain- A poem for those who wish to understand it

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What is *true* pain?

Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



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What is true pain?
Is it that scrap on my knee when I trip and fall?
No, because my grandfather always kissed it better.
Is it that bully who says all those mean things to me?
No, because my grandmother always told me to ignore what they say.
Is it those ten years away from my true home?
No, because my father always promises we'll be there again.
Is it that friendship that was never truely repaired?
No, because my mother always tells me that it's okay to move on.
Is it that boyfriend I never should have left?
No, because I always tell myself that something better will come along.
So what is true pain?
A scrap that can't be kissed better?
A bully who's words cannot be ignored?
A home that will never been returned to?
A friendship that can never be repaired?
A boyfriend who will never know?
True pain is being forced into a situation where you're swimming in dispair,
and can't find the surface to breath in comfort.
When you can't find the light in the dark.
When there's no one waiting for you on the other side.
When the peices of your shattered heart can't be fixed.
When everyone around you tells you that it will be okay,
and you know that it's a lie.
But you believe it.
Because with the understanding of true pain comes true hope.
A hope that your scrap will be kissed better.
That you will be able to ignore a bully's words.
That you will return to that home one day.
That a broken friendship can be put back together.
And that the boyfriend will someday know.
True hope is the only thing that saves us from the pain,
and makes us smile again.

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