Wasted Time

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About a woman who had to leave her abusive, controlling husband for the sake of her sanity.

Submitted: October 21, 2006

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Submitted: October 21, 2006



I've erased your face from my mind almost completely

You shouldn't be a part of me anymore

My heart is no longer in your grip

I'm free to have peace in my life again

You can't torment me as you desire

Since i have left and don't plan to return

I bet it sickens you to know i am okay

And i can live without your pathetic lies

You thought i would be yours forever i'm sure

But i proved you wrong as i said i would

In fear for my life and sanity i had to run

Did you ever notice my eyes and look into my soul?

When you told me "i love you" so many times

A smile you hardly saw

For you told me more without speaking at all

I wasn't happy I have no need to tell you

But i wanted to tell you, i tried so often

To tell you i was dying inside

Well you wouldn't listen, you'd tell me i'm bitchin

I didn't want anything from you except love and affection

I gave you all of me, everything you wanted

And you just threw me away

I wanted to make you happy

In some rare instances i remember you were

Now you're the one alone and unhappy

Afraid of what's to come

I'm discarding memories of you that have haunted me since i left

But i will never forget the demented way you made me need you

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