Cell 5; Escape #223

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Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011




I gasp as the electricity shoots down my spine. I’m fairly sure it was meant to hurt more than it did in reality, although I’m not complaining. That was painfully enough.

Seamus grins horribly at me before advancing again. He picks me up from my slumped position against the bright blue electric laser bars thingys which I’m sure have a name, but right now I can’t remember it because Seamus has once again, flung me across the cell.

As I open me eyes the whole whiteness of the room blinds me. The white walls, ceiling, floor, bedcovers…The only colour here is blue, the laser bar electricy thingies.

And again, Seamus smiles, breath stinking, teeth crooked, he advances, slow and lumbering, wincing slightly every time his left foot touches the ground. I can’t help a sly smirk at this. That injury was my doing. My accidental doing, but mine, none the less.

Because of that injury, we ended up here. But it wasn’t my fault, it was Seamus’. I had only stepped on his foot and ‘broken his fragile toes’ and what with all the swearing and fussing and moaning and limping and hopping up and down and generally making a lot noise we couldn’t get out the house fast enough. But we got them. Our mission was completed. Slightly delayed by the fact we were go landed in here, but that wouldn’t be for long. We must be in the most relaxed security prison ever. Which didn’t even take away our “stolen goods“! Which, might I add, aren’t actually stolen.

Suddenly, a loud speaker bursts into life, computer voice emotionless. “Es-cape…Number 2-1-4...Cell 9.” Long pause now. “Error….Code 8, Cell 5.”

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