A poem I wrote after looking at the image that is included with the poem.

Standing all alone in the chilling dark shadows, she lets a crimson tear fall so gracefully off her sweet pure face, thats so full of wrought and remorse.

Everyday is the same, she awakes at the crack of dawn, hoping her long lost lover will return to her, and change this icy stark blackened night.

Tangled in a web of of her own unruly lust and passion, she's caught in a parallel of forbidden memories deep within the fiber of her soul.

Holding onto the small vibrant whiteness that's hidden far into the eerie dank clouds, she feels a tiny morsel of hope.

The chilling icy dark fog roars in covering the only light left, capturing her pure untouched heart, which is so full of hope.

The blackened mist of her passion captured in the everlasting abyss, rooted to the cold dark ground by her forbidden thoughts.

Forever she will be lost in this chilling stark black night, hidden in the black garden of forbidden sin and pain.

Never will she see the bright fiery goddess of the daylight, she will always be lost, tangled in the roots of her misery.

Submitted: August 18, 2007

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this poem is nice and creepy and full of dark dreams and... I love it.

Tue, March 17th, 2009 10:46pm

Jeff Bezaire

A moody, expressive piece. You create a sorrowful atmosphere with your words.

Tue, February 6th, 2018 8:27pm

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