Human Medium: The Life Whisperer - Birthday Wishes

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The Life Whisperer involves a 14 year old boy named Carl who has physic abilities. He is a medium, and can communicate with earth-bound spirits. After he dies, however, his physic abilities kind of turn inside out, and he finds that he has the ability to communicate with and help the living.

The idea behind my story is similar to a popular TV series entitled The Ghost Whisperer. Some hidden references to The Ghost Whisperer will be put into the stories, so if you're a fan of the TV series, you'll absolutely love Human Medium - The Life Whisperer.

This is the first 'episode' of the series, and was written on the iPod Touch, so the formatting may be somewhat crude. Same with the spelling.

The future 'episodes' will be published in time.

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



Human Medium: The Life Whisperer
Birthday Wishes
My name was Carl, I was 14 years old, and I had the ability to communicate with earth-bound spirits.
Then I died.
Two weeks before my death, I started noticing how the spirits seemed to be getting darker. The normally transparent bodies had a weird shadowy haze to them.
Eventually the spirits looked like nothing more than a dancing shadow out of the corner of your eye. Then they vanished completely.
I didn't think much of it at the time, as I was too busy helping my family plan for my 14th birthday party. I've already given out an invitation to all 20 of my class mates, I even gave one to Joel, who was my worst enemy. My parents on the other hand treated Joel as if he was their second son. Not because they liked him, hell they could care less, but rather to impress Joel's father, who owned and operated every major technology firm in the nation. He was an important man, too bad Joel was a total dick with a brain the size of a peanut, assuming he has a brain.
People started showing up for the party hours in advance. It's not like I'm a popular kid, if anything I'm probably one of the least popular kids in the whole school, if not the entire town. But my parents want to throw the best party possible, all so they can impress a snotty 13 year old brat with filthy rich parents. I'm not even sure if my parents remember that the party is for me. Come to think of it, I'd be surprised if they even knew I was sitting in the sane room with them.
Anyways, I'm hungry. Time to raid the kitchen.
I live is a large house, some may even call it a mansion, at the outskirts of town. Although my family isn't actually rich, in the sense that we don't have a big vault filled with gold bars and bags of dollar bills. We're not poor, either. My father works for TechCorp, which is the largest and wealthiest technology supplier in North America. TechCorp is currently producing high end gadgets, including a gadget that is said to prolong human life, if worn as a watch, by up to 145 years. The gadget supposedly emits some form of electromagnetic wave that does some weird shit to your body. I don't know the details, but TechCorp made billions of dollars the first 30 minutes their gadget was made available, and they became richer than Microsoft literally over night. Joel is the son of the person who created TechCorp, and therefore is the richest kid alive.
As I was making my way to the second floor kitchen, I noticed a dark figure out of the corner of my eye. It was standing inside of a dimly lit room, and appeared to have been looking directly at me.
It has red eyes, which seemed to sort of hover in front of a dark and somewhat unnatural body. The body itself had no visible distinctions, or any facial features. It was just a dark body with red glowing eyes.
Most people would have ran away, but I decided to ignore it, on account of my belly being my only concern. Plus, I've seen spirits before, and have seen them for as long as I can remember. However, this shadow figure did seem unnerving. Sort of like it was beyond the usual spirit plane, and has entered something more...
Nah, who am I kidding? I just want my damn food, and later my cake. I'm not going to let a ghost get in the way of my party.
Once in the kitchen, I decided to make a quick grilled cheese sandwich before the party. After carefully removing the frying pan from the hanging rack on the ceiling, i got out some bread, put cheese on it, then put it on The frying pan. "Shit!" I said, as I realized I picked the only kitchen in the house that uses one of those giant professional ovens. I can barely work the microwave, let alone a $40,000 oven. Then again, it's still just an oven, and the frying pan still goes on top. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out.
After pulling some of the switches, and turning almost every knob on this beast of a food maker, I finally figured out how to turn on the fryer, and proceeded to cook my grilled cheese. This will be one damn good grilled chee...
"Carl, it's time to open presents!" my mother rang through the speaker system from the first floor lobby.
I bolted out of the kitchen, ran past the not-so-scary ghost still standing in the room, and zoomed my way to the lobby, panting heavily and sweating like an out of control water faucet. You'd think for such a big house we'd have an elevator.
As I entered the lobby, a pile of gifts waited for me in a circle, with a red leather chair sitting at the center.
The instant I sat down on the chair, the lights in the room went out. No, not the lights.. The actual room just vanished! I was sitting on a floating chair which sat in complete darkness. No sound, no light, no life.
I didn't know what was happening. Was I dead? What happened?
And then the lights came back on. The room was on fire! My friends.. My family! They were all on fire! I saw their skin peel straight off of their bodies, and then melt before it reached the ground. They were screaming out in pain, but I couldn't hear them. I saw their bodies literally decompose in the intense heat of the blaze, from their skin melting, to their eyes oozing out of their skulls. As I looked to my left, still in complete and utter shock, I noticed that the walls were melting. The actual walls were melting! Holy hell!
I quickly turned to my right, just in time to see Joel's brain liquidifying inside of his half melted head, and then pouring onto the floor below.
What had happened? How did this happen? Why now? Why do I feel no pain? I have so many questions, yet no one to answer them.
I tried to get up out of my chair, but somehow managed to be pulled back into it. I landed on the leather chair with a thud.
I started to look around the room, purposely avoiding eye contact with the burning bodies on the ground in front of me. I was looking for a way out, a way to escape this madness. The front door, which was directly in front of me, had completely melted, the glass shattered all over the outside walkway, and any remaining glass still in the frame is now a puddle on the floor, liquified by the heat.
I noticed that a couple of the items in the room were not burning, as if untouched by the fire or the heat. One such item was an old victorian mirror hanging on the wall, to the left of the main entrance. When I looked at the mirror, I saw a reflection of the lobby, except the lobby wasn't on fire, and the people who lay dead on the ground, were standing, cheering and even laughing. The people in the mirror, my parents, my friends, everyone except for me, seemed to all be having fun.
And yet here I was, sitting in a magic chair, surrounded by a burning room with at least 25 dead bodies laying on the ground.
"I wish none of this ever happened!" I scream aloud, hoping one of the corpses could hear me.
And then, a figure appeared in front of the mirror. It was the same dark figure from before, with the red glowing eyes. However, now I could clearly see some facial features. It wasn't a human. Or, it didn't seem like one..
"Hello Carl" the figure said. "We're sorry you had to see this. We believed it was for the better."
"Who .. What are you?!" I yelled in a questioning tone.
"We do not have a name. We are here to transfer you to our plane of existence."
I was shocked and horrified at the same time, and could not reply.
"During your life, you contained the ability to see and communicate with those who have died. You did not choose to carry these abilities. Now you have the choice to receive a new kind of gift. The gift to be immortal, and to help the living, rather than the dead. Do you wish to receive this gift?"
A part of me was in disbelief. Was I really just offered the gift of eternal life? How did I die to begin with? God, I have so many questions!
A cake appeared before me.
"Do you wish to accept your new gift?"
Yes. Yes I do.
I blew out the candles, and everything went dark.
The End Of Part 1.

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