Kill A Character - An Interactive Story

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This is an interactive story, where the reader gets to murder a virtual story character.

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



There's a rat carcass to my left, and forgotten dreams to my right. A twisted metaphor that somehow found and opened the gate to my reality. I used to dream about becoming an astronaut, a firefighter or possibly a police officer. Dreams that every young child has. Dreams that help fuel creativity and self expression. When I hit early teens, those dreams started to turn into nightmares, and as I kept getting older, those nightmares soon became my reality. A reality of lies, pain and corruption. A reality that no person can truly imagine, excluding the clinically insane, but even those who live in a white sterile insane asylum cannot even begin to comprehend the dangers of the outside world, and such an asylum would be a true blessing from the invisible force we all call God.
However, I'm not lucky enough to be placed in an asylum, that's why I decided to build a home at an abandoned railway yard, more specifically car number fifty seven. Although littered with blood, bile and dead rat carcasses, this car has managed to maintain my fragile life through the harsh New York winters. Though every so often I hear the faint sound of train whistles off in the distance, these tracks have been abandoned for nearly twenty years, as the city no longer has use for outside train tracks, and focuses more on their expensive and well maintained underground subway tunnels. That being said, I do sometimes dream of seeing an old train pass through here, and occasionally I feel like my train car is moving down these rusted tracks, which is literally an impossibility, as the car is glued tightly to the tracks by rust, dirt and newly formed plant life.
This rail yard isn't only inhabited by the lost and homeless, a couple of small gangs and street thugs enjoy wrecking havoc on the buildings surrounding the yard, and the mafia enjoys using the yard as their organized 'no scream' zone, which, being how the train yard is far outside of hearing distance of any civilians, and also contains hundreds of key hiding spots, as well as possible rusted torture devices, the yard is the perfect place for gang fights.
The entire yard is littered with sharp objects, such as glass shards from the surrounding buildings, or small rusted pipes sharp enough to pierce through any kind of skin. If lucky, you may even be able to find a small handgun hidden within one of the abandoned buildings.
I wouldn't dare to search for such a device, as those buildings are known to be haunted by external demons of the damned. At night, you're able to hear loud cries and melodic laugher screeching through the broken windows. Because of those unordinary sounds, no one has yet to set foot within those broken doors after the moon comes up. Not even the mafia enters those doors at night.
I closed my eyes to sleep, but open them sharply after fifteen short minutes of mild relaxation. My train car is moving, as if being pulled by a train that no longer exists. As I move my head to look through the crack in the sliding metal door, I realize that the ground and my surroundings were blurred, as if by motion. However, the buildings in the background, although motion blurred, were not physically moving. They were shimmering, and appeared to be tearing by the unearthly speed, but they were standing still. My body told me that I was moving at above sixty miles per hour, but it was nothing but an illusion. An illusion being fueled by an unknown source.
The whistle on the nonexistent train just blew, and we started to slow down. After a while, the train came to a halt, and I was once again an object frozen in one solid location.
I jumped out of my train car, and started to run through the dark, searching for a place that could provide a safe and welcoming shelter. Subconsciously, I entered the only structure within fifty feet, and hid inside of a dark room. I was alone inside of a place supposedly haunted by demons and evil spirits, however, rather than feeling evil, I felt warm and cozy. As if the spirits were angels from another realm, trying to aid and protect me from forces truly evil.
This too was just an illusion, and the angels were absent from my reality, replaced with some form of demon who wishes to be referred to as 'heart stopper' even though I was unaware of what that meant.
The time has come for me to make a drastic life changing decision. I simply cannot live in a life made of nightmares, as I appear to have no control over my own story...
This is where I put you in charge. You're being placed responsible for the death of a homeless story character, who's life is nothing more than a nightmare gone wrong.
Use your imagination, and be creative. The entire train yard is your playground, and the spirits and lost souls are yours to control.
So, how will you use your weapon? What method will you use to kill a character?
Will you make the character cut his throat using one of the glass shards? Maybe you want him to get killed by the mafia, or another local gang?
Be gruesome, and enjoy your virtual murder!

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