the Time is lost

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poetry that is like me complicated but readable plausable but understanding....well I will let you be the judge of that ;)

Submitted: January 21, 2009

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Submitted: January 21, 2009



The time is lost

By alexander reyes

Life is a Journey but i know it can be sent to you

the talk is long but the place has no sentimental journey

these are times that we try to hard and act too impulsively...for we know that the time is lost

if we dont act soon enough my heart is a lost journey..but i wonder too much am i seen for all the ways i

am??? can i wonder too soon? is it a fantasy or a reality

my time is never has not been found yet.

I am that lost journey..and my road is long .

Chapter 1: the time begins

Midnight sun

im lost in the snow..but the feeling the cold, and the ice trickles my soul.

There is nothing but empty voidness that is placed in the valley of the sub-consciousness

as the moon is always at my side with night being long and the snow drifts are as desert dunes

blowing restlessly, ever floating like crystal sparkles that touch the skin like diamonds and flow

with everlasting beauty that lasts forever as long as stars twinkle for eternity.

Melancholic Rhapsody

Roses picked by hand, Pricked by a finger blood trickling down the side; a rhapsody of pain

that is the melancholy of an absence of truth..why do you lie?

making me look like a fool, why do you lie?

why can't the truth be your sword? ... but yet you still lie.

i'm a person of no mean spirit but one of torture, whipped like a broken arrow. but not defeated

Yes this is a melancholic rhapsody, a testimony of a tribulation yet of expectation.. of what

is to come. I see the flowers bloom, ever so softly in this rhapsody; a song of melancholy

that words alone can't part to bear.

Listen to the trees

i think only passing through park gave me bad memories but do i hold the good ??

making only the worse situation better but how? ...i dont know. im only a solitary man

lost in voidness, a man looking for a shadow and a place to call home

all i hear is the wind of the trees..whisper your name..and I miss you.

more than i can bear......what will i do if i cant see you again? all i can do is listen to the trees and hear

them whisper your sweet name..I listen to hear the trees and listen to your name in the fall cold mist.

I think of you always.


takng my cues paying my dues thatall of life put me through and yet see all my eggs are still one basket the release of the pain and in return the pleasure become deeper because i search for my soul for a place to explore the human condition of life but does life explore the condition of a human, how it feels, how craves

how it it loves...impulse is not a fear but a lost art we are only human if we make mistakes

and prove to ourselves that our heart is right place..and our soul.

The Long Night

as the moon looks over my apartment see only stars fade like twinkled lights longing for some

one to the hold someone to touch to feel a symphony of erotica looking for your arms to touch to see and look into your eyes but you are an ocean away..I would cross a ship to look for you as the long night

rolls along my fire of passion is too deep and fuel of energy that would set my soul ablaze like a

comet in the midnight sky. only the wonders that more than seven are all that i need to see you im the phoenix and you are sun together we can the set the universe on fire with our love and passion

and as cross the pacific to see you i carry my stars and you carry the sun to gether we will make our own universe from now until the time stands still and until all the stars become eternal.

soar above the clouds

Imagine places that I have seen, yet I have known..for the bragging can be unknown, for the fight of fury

soaring through the clouds for the spear of burning desire soaring through the sun as thieves walk among

us towards the depths of a setting sky.

above the clouds i am free fixed into the minf the sky is clear and sliding through the tops of the sunset

as I follow the sun for I am deep into symmetry..always following wherever the wind takes us.

Carthesis In epiphany

I am a spirit in the side of mystery centered on you when opened a pandora's box of evil or a force of

good . this is my epiphany a carthesis of that is surrounded in mystery that reveals little or nothing in it's

wake....It is wisdom in lust.

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