Such a Peaceful Night

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It was such a peaceful night...

Submitted: September 30, 2010

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Submitted: September 30, 2010



She sits gazing at the twinkling night sky. It’s such a peaceful night. Remaining stragglers on the beach below catch in the corners of their eyes the slender girl perched on her second-story balcony. No one is curious enough to study her blissful face. She doesn’t mind.

As the time hastens forward, the beach eventually empties of people. The bright, full moon sets and still she sits, alone. Waves crash upon the shore, creating the perfect soundtrack for such a peaceful night.

The first rays of sunlight begin to break the darkness. The horizon turns a soft blue, then shades of orange and pink as the fiery yellow sun breaks the sky’s surface. Patches of gold dance upon the ocean, and the mood is set for a peaceful morning.

Higher into the sky the sun climbs, until the only remnant of the night are the early shadows cast on the balcony. As they recede, the sun is first to know her reality.

It’s all so surreal as the rays peek around her fingers and put their candle to the many words which say one thing. They speak of peace and love, of goodbyes to such a peaceful night.

No one is there to know. No one cares to know.

They won’t know that she sat there all night, her blank eyes gazing at the twinkling night sky. They won’t know she never saw the passers-by. They’ll never care to realize she watched the sun set on her eternal peaceful night.

One person awakes from his peaceful sleep. Calling for his daughter to get up, he knocks on her door. She never answers. He knocks again, then steps into her room.

Wind rushes in, stirring the curtains of her balcony door. He can see her silhouette as her name dies in his throat. Falling to his knees, he can only blame himself.

It was such a peaceful night.

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