Friends come in different sizes part-1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a simple humor story of 3 close friends with different personalities.The story mainly focus on the size of the individual and made it as a humor for entertaining purpose. Hope you will enjoy it while reading.

Submitted: August 17, 2011

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Submitted: August 17, 2011



TNCHICKS.JPG\"Friends come in different sizes part-1\"smiley\"

Once there lived 3 cute friends(chicks) named small, medium and large. The personality of 3 friends are defined below:

Small: it's naughty and a slim chick

Medium: it's simple and descent medium chick

Large: it's cool minded and fat chick

So here comes the story. 

The 3 friends were eating the worms in the field happily, suddenly the small got hiccups. the medium searched for the water but the large is enjoying its lunch without any interruption. The medium went to the large and watching it but still the large is enjoying its food heartedly, then the medium bet with its beak.

large: ouchhhhhhhhhh!!, wats up

medium: can't u see our friend small is fad up with the hiccups, Help in finding the water.

Then large and the medium stars searching the water and small sat quietly at the corner with hiccups. They searched the whole farm but didn't find any water. Then medium saw a pot with little water in it. They went upon the table near to the pot and saw that the water level is too low that the beak of the chick won't  reach the level. So they were thinking about how to reach to the water.

medium: Hey.... Guys I have an brilliant idea.

small: Ohhhhhh,, yaaaaaaaaaaa,, tell me soon

Medium: did you heard the story of the old crow.

small: old crow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

medium: YA old crow , which dropped the pebbles in the pot to raise the water level, Do u remember that?

Small: oh , YA i do... But i don't think it as a brilliant idea, it is a used one.

medium: even though i think it is the best idea to move water up

Small: hahahaha........ K i just heard the story till now , but now its time to be practical to it.

large: come on guys go and get the pebbles then i will be on the table and throw the pebbles in it.

The medium and small helped in bringing the pebbles while the Large is throwing it in the pot.

As soon as the whole pebbles completed around the farm they noticed that the pot is half filled, till they want it to raise half % more. they still thinking of what to do next.

Small: hey, medium , don't you have any other brilliant copied ideas in your cache memory.

medium: No.. NoNo... my memory is formatted now i have no ideas.......

large: Excuse me. guys,, i have an innovative idea now... but it is not copied from any where it is of my own copyright. do u understand.

small and medium: what is that?

medium: Look guys,, we don't have any more pebbles here, even though we want to the water level high . so i think that i will fall i the pot so that  due to my weight the water level increases and you can have water.

suddenly both friends are started laughing but there is no other way they accepted the friends idea.

The the large was ready for the jump. Now its getting ready for the Dive. Here it goes......... It takes a deep breath and the count down starts 

Ready>............. !,,,2,,,3,,, jump

The large jumped into the pot , due to over weight of the large the whole water in the pot got outside the pot and the farm was full of water ... The 3 friends drank the water and were laughing at the stupid idea...............


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