A Forgotten Promise

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Something that's been on my mind

Submitted: June 16, 2008

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Submitted: June 16, 2008



Do you remember,

The day when everything changed?

When the truth was finally told,

When walls were broken down,

And locked doors were finally opened.

Do you remember,

All the things that were said,

In the darkness of the night?

Can you remember,

The things I told you?

I remember every word you said to me,

And all the things I said in return.

But most importantly,

Can you remember the promise I made you that night?

Can't you remember what I said,

When I finally opened up to you?

Don't you remember all the things I did for you?

All the things I sacrificed,

Just for you.

Do you remember,

That little thing I told you,

About my past,

And who I was?

Can you remember,

What you made me swear to you?

Do you remember that promise?

Even through all my darkness I still remember,

So why can't you?

So much I've given up for you.

So much I gave to you,

And you can't even remember,

What I promised you.

Sometimes there are promises that can't be kept.

Sometimes things change.

Just like you did,

And like I did so long ago.

You're not the same.

You're pushing me away.

They all try to tell me,

That you're gone.

They all tell me to just let go,

And give up on you.

But I can't.

They don't know,

They can't possibly relate,

To how I feel.

They say I'm too young,

They say my feelings are false.

But I know in my heart what's true.

They don't know what my heart is capable of.

They don't know about my past.

They don't understand.

They try to pull me away,

But their words don't mean a thing.

If only you could remember,

That little promise I made you.

When it was just you and I talking,

On ou own, with no one else to hear.

If you remember that promise,

It's so hard to tell.

And now there's something I have to tell you.

I've had so many poeple break promises,

That they once made to me.

So I know how much it hurts.

But since you don't even remember it,

I have to break that promise I made you.

But try to understand,

It's something I have to do.

Even though it's the hardest things I've ever done,

I know it's the right hting to do.

I have to set things right,

Before it's too late.

I just wish I could make you see,

That I still love you.

Even though you're gone,

I can still feel your presense.

There's always something around to remind me of you.

It's more than I can take.

And so just remember,

When it's all said and done,

That this is something I choose to do.

This little forgotten promise,

Means the world to me,

But nothing to you.

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