Forever Unforgiven

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Something horrible I've done, unable to be forgiven by not only the one I hurt, but by myself as well.

Submitted: July 31, 2008

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Submitted: July 31, 2008



I've commited a crime I'd never dreamt to commit.

People say that the guilt of knowing what you've done wrong,

Is the worst feeling in the world.

But what hurts even more is not ever knowing,

What you did in the first place.

Constly wondering where you went wrong,

Knowing that you could have done better.

I've failed a mission I gave myself,

And instead I caused the opposite effect,

Of what I'd wanted to badly to do.

And now the only emotion from them is hate.

Hated forever for this crime,

When I don't even know what I've done wrong.

All I'd wanted was a friend.

Someone to stay by my side when I needed them.

But whenever I finally showed them who I really was,

They left without a look back at me.

I'm sorry for trying again.

I knew it was a crazy dream that could never come true.

Why did I even bother when I knew,

Somewhere inside that this would once again be the outcome?

I'm right back where I started.

No leads to point me in the right direction,

No clues to hint me on my mistakes.

Now I fear that I've lost the one thing,

That meant anything to me so long ago.

I'm scared that now,

You no longer care, and hate me like all the others.

I try my hardest to look happy,

For the sake of the others around me.

I hide my sorrow like I used to,

Before I met you.

I'm hiding myself again, afraid to let anyone see me.

Ashamed to show my face after what I've done.

The person I once was has died,

And I had no choice but to let her go.

She'd no longer with me,

And now in her place is this crippled, broken nothing.

You will ever forgive me for my mistakes?

I'd never meant to hurt you.

I'd have rather died than put you through any pain.

Forever unforgiven for my mistakes,

When I myself am not even sure what I've done.

Left in the dark because what I did was wrong.

Forever unforgiven by myself,

For even begining to think,

That I could make thigns better.

Forever unforgiven by the world for my sins.

Foreven unforgiven by you,

For hurting you.

Can't you see all I need is a friend,

Who will always stay by my side?

Can't you see all I wanted was for someone to show,

That they cared anything for me?

I'll never forgive myself for this.

I will punish myself always.

I'll be forever unforgiven.

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