I'll Be the Shield

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Submitted: June 06, 2008

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Submitted: June 06, 2008



I'm sorry if I hurt anyone.

I was lost in all of my bitterness.

I couldn't even think clearly,

So whatever I did,

I didn't mean it.

I have caused so much damage,

Over my lifetime,

That I don't deserve anything anymore.

So I will use this crippled body,

As a shield for anyone who needs it.

I will be the sacrifice,

To save anyone in need.

I will be the one to swallow the poison,

I will be the one to fall.

I will risk it all,

Just to make up for what I've done wrong.

I will do anything to help the ones I love,

Because I have hurt them most of all.

And so I'll take the deadly poison,

So you do not have to.

I will save you,

From the pain I've caused you.

I will not stop until I know,

That I've set things right.

I just wish that I could know,

If their words are true.

So many people have told me they loved me,

But left me in the end.

How do I know I can trust these people?

I don't know, and that's the thing.

But even if they hate me,

For being who I am,

I will stop at nothing,

To make them happy again.

If I have to,

I will swallow the poison,

And sacrifice myself.

I know how I can set things right.

But it's the hardest task,

I've come across so far,

And it's so hard to carry on.

But I know I have to,

For the ones I love.

I will not let them down.

I just wish I could hear those three words,

One last time.

But no one cares enough to say them.

Because they all just use me,

To get what they want,

Then throw me aside.

But even though they hurt me,

I will still try to make things better.

All that's done is forgiven.

My love is strong and ture,

And will never be broken.

And so I'll swallow the poison,

I'll take the blow.

I'l sacrifice myself,

And all I've worked for.

I'll give it my all,

And put my heart into it.

To make things right,

I have to be strong.

I know I can make it,

I know I can pull though.

I can complete my plan for success,

If only I had you.

I need to hear your voice,

I need to see your face.

I have to know you care.

You're what gives me strength.

I would sacrifice it all,

Just to be by your side.

I need to know that you still care,

That you haven't forgotten me,

Like they all say you have.

I would be your shield.

I would drink your poison,

And I would take all the blows,

Just for you.

I'd give up my life,

Just to see you happy and well.

Let me know you care,

Let me know you haven't forgotten me.

Because you are my one and only weakness.

So I'll be the one to take the poison,

And I'll be the one to fall.

I'll sacrifice everything,

Just to keep you safe.

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