Irreversible Change

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Change can be a good or bad thing.

Submitted: July 18, 2008

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Submitted: July 18, 2008



Over time new friends were made,

And old ones were lost.

Old pains faded away,

And new ones came to take their place.

All was well, and peace surrounded us.

Suddenly...something went horribly wrong.

Walls crumbled and hearts were broken.

Allies became enemies,

And enemies took control.

Friends disappeared in the darkness.

Allies turned on one another,

And chaos reigned supreme.

What caused this to happen?

Who's behind it all?

A battle erupted out of nowhere.

Those closet to me,

Enemies once more.

I'm torn between two sides.

What I was, or what I could be.

Whose side to take?

I don't know who's really on my side.

If they cared about me,

They would stop these fights,

And learn to love each other again,

For my sake.

Am I really to blame for all of this?

Is this really all my doing?

I have torn them apart with my bitterness.

I watch--heartbroken--as they fight each other,

Not sure who I should help.

If I help one the other will be my enemie.

But I can't just let them destroy each other.

I can't stand to lose either of them.

But they will not stop.

They were once so close,

All of us were.

What caused them to drift so far apart,

And turn on each other like this?

So many things have changed,

That it is impossible to set it right again,

To the way it used to be.

This change is irreversible.

I stand in the middle,

Caught between two worlds,

Watching as they fight.

I grew up with one,

And the other was the one to help me to heal.

They're both equally important.

I can't stand to watch them do this.

Why do things have to always change,

When they're finally at their best?

Why can't I make everyone see,

That things were better before.

When there was pride, freedom, and idepedence.

Before all this pain, suffocation, shame and loneliness.

How can I end this battle,

Once and for all?

What can I do to stop this bloodshed?

I can't wait muh longer.

I have to reverse,

This irreversible change.

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