Love's My Curse

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Love is what started it all...and will be the thing to end it.

Submitted: May 27, 2008

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Submitted: May 27, 2008



When I first fell in love,

So long ago,

It was all so new to me.

This feeling unlike any other.

It filed me with joy and happieness.

But just when things started looking up,

That love fell apart.

He took my heart, and my trust,

And tore them to pieces,

Throwing them down at my feet.

The second love I had,

Was the most wonderful I had ever known.

He and I were alike in so many ways,

But seperated by destiny.

For so long I loved him,

Never having a moments peace.

Without him inside my head,

Inside my thoughts.

He was my whole world.

But I knew I would never be with him,

Unless I came up with a plan.

Which is just what I did.

I knew that I would get to meet him in heaven.

He was all that I was living for,

And all that I was dying for.

But then I spotted someone else,

Who started to catch my eye.

He told me he loved me,

And my old love started to fade away.

But soon I realized he was only using me,

And that he loved someone else.

For confort I brought back my old love,

And decided to go with my old plan.

But then I saw his face.

This new person that touched my soul.

Just looking into his eyes brought me such joy,

And made my heart flutter like never before.

Slowly, my old love started fading,

And the new one started taking its place.

Though I wasn't aware of it until I was in too deep.

This new love might just save me from myself.

He was all I was living for.

I was just waiting for the lights to go out.

Knowing that the darkness was soon to come.

But when I realized that someone else loved me,

Things got worse still.

I was so conused about everything,

And didn't know where to turn.

But soon the one I loved,

Began to heal me.

He was my best friend--and so much more.

I knew we could trust each other.

I wouldn't betray him for anything in the world.

His love filled me with a warmth I hadn't felt in so long.

This feeling was so new to me,

And my heart felt at peace,

Briefly releaving me of this ever-lasting pain.

But soon, the darkness started to close in once more.

And everything started falling apart.

Now I'm fighting for a lost cause,

A broken dream,

A forgotten memory.

I clinging to a dream,

That was never meant to come true.

So now as the pain has returned to my heart,

I realize my time has come.

I have nothing left to fight for.

Love was the thing that started all the pain,

And the thing that began to take it away.

Love is my curse.

I am bound to walk a path a solitude forever.

Because I am not good enough for anyone.

I am not worth anything.

I am a lost cause,

A failure,

And a disgrace.

I am not one of them.

I don't belong here.

I have let down the one I love,

And I will never be able to forgive myself.

I am a soldier--wounded,

So I must give up the fight.

The fight for happieness,

The fight for love,

The fight for redemption,

And the fight to be with him.

I'm just not good enough,

And don't deserve his love.

I know the magic words,

That will finally lift the curse love has put upon me.

But I am too afriad to say them.

Could there still be a chance for me to love again?

Could there still be a chance for my happy ending?

I can't wait much longer.

I have to break the curse love has put upon me.

I have to let it go.

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