Oblivious to the Obvious

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Blinded by my strong feelings, I couldn't see what was really taking place.

Submitted: August 03, 2008

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Submitted: August 03, 2008



You promised you'd be there for me,

And I took your words to heart.

I told you everything that was on my mind,

Whenever I felt down.

I was so glad to have someone like you,

Always at my side, willing to listen.

But I hadn't known then,

That there was something else,

That meant more to you than me.

Everything I told you, everything I trusted you with,

It all went on to the rest.

I didn't believe what all the others told me about you.

I was blinded by my trust and faith in you.

In my eyes you were all I needed.

A perfect pair, meant to be together forever.

I didn't realize until it was too late,

That you were only using me.

Using your powers of persuasion,

To get the information you needed to take me down,

From the inside out.

You told me you cared about me,

And made me think you needed me too,

Just so I would open up to you.

I fell for your trap without suspicion.

You had been planning this all along.

From the very beging of our friendship.

Ever since world collapsed beneath our feet.

You caught me, and stopped me from falling.

The only thing keeping me sane was you.

Had I known what you were planning,

I would have listened to all the others.

I would have listened to my real friends.

But I lost them all trying to defend you.

Now I have nothing, and I realize that you helped me reach this point.

I'm not the only one here at fault.

I however, admit my faults.

Something that seperats me from you both.

Don't you see that I can see right through you?

I know what you want with me.

I try to get back our friendship,

Hoping you had changed your ways.

But once again you proved me wrong.

You haven't changed one bit.

I had been oblivious to what you were really doing.

And still you want to drain me even more?

Can't you see that's what did this to me in the first place?

You are so in love with yourself,

That you think everyone is jealous of you,

When really they want nothing to do with you,

Because you have hurt them.

You only care about what they tell you,

So you can use it against them.

I know who are inside this time.

I know what you are trying to do.

If I really mean as much to you as you say I do,

Then why have you done this to me?

Why did you cast this all upon me?

You complain that your life is so rough,

But you nothing about real pain, and despair.

You don't know what it feel like to lose all hope.

All these questions you ask me,

Only remind me of all I'm not,

And all that I have lost to my own hand.

You feed off of other's pain and dispair.

It was in you eyes--what was on your mind.

You've used me for the last time.

Don't bother chasing after me.

I found me way out,

And you'll never hurt me again.

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