Show Me the Way

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"Have you forgotten all I know, and all we had. You saw me mourning my love for you, and touched my hand...I knew you loved me then."

Submitted: May 27, 2008

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Submitted: May 27, 2008



Where does your heart lie?

Is it really in my hands,

Or have you taken it away,

And given it to someone else?

Have you forgotten me,

And all I used to be?

This isn't how it was supposed to go.

This isn't how it's supposed to end.

Everything was perfect,

Then it just fell apart.

I can feel you drifting away from me,

Even though I try my hardest to hold onto you.

I can feel your hand slipping from my grasp,

As I try not to let go,

And let you fall.

But you're slipping away.

So many nights,

I've cried myself to sleep.

Mourning over you,

And hoping that you're okay.

Do you know how much I care?

Do you know how many times I've cried,

Praying that we can make it?

Are you aware,

Of how much I've done for you?

Are you aware of how much I'm sacrificing,

Just for the smallest chance of being with you?

I'm sorry that I hurt you,

I'm sorry for any pain I've caused you.

But you'll never know,

Just how much I love you.

You are the only reason I'm still alive,

The only reason I'm still sane.

I have to be with you,

To live, to keep going, to stay alive.

But why is it that you're so blind?

I've tried everything that I could.

I told you I loved you,

Wasn't that enough?

What do I have to do,

To prove that I really do love you?

No one else in this world means a thing to me.

You're the only one that makes me smile.

You're the only one that can take away the pain.

I know something's wrong,

I know you're hurting.

But what can I do?

It feels like you're pushing me away.

You know you're all that I live for.

Maybe this love will turn out the same,

As all the others did in the past.

Maybe I will be left alone again,

And forgotten--forsaken.

I knew you loved me,

When you touched my hand,

And held me in your arms.

I felt so safe,

So whole.

Before I met you,

I had been so numb.

But when I first saw your face,

I was awakened from my trance.

If you leave me now,

You'll take my heart with you.

I just wish that I could tell you,

How much I love you. can't leave me.

Don't ever forget me.

I knew from the start,

That someone was going to get hurt.

I want to stay in love with you,

But I'm starting to think I should just let it go.

Will we ever end up together?

I just wish I knew the answer.

I need you to show me the way.

Show me the way to go.

Show me the path I should take.

Should I take the path I had been taking before?

Or should I take the patht hat leads to you?

If anyone should hurt you,

They hurt me too.

I can feel your pain,

And I just wish that you could see.

That you mean the world to me.

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