The Turth of Gossip, and What it Does

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Gossip is a horrible thing. It starts wars, ends lives, destorys hearts and minds. It works its way into you head, so you can never be sure what's real and what not anymore.

Submitted: April 17, 2008

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Submitted: April 17, 2008



It starts out when someone wants to get attention.

They think of something they can say.

They can't think of anything about themselves,

So says something about someone else in a bad way.

And over time, the rumor spreads,

From person to person, from friend to friend,

Until finially everyone knows,

What they asume is just around the bend.

Hushed whispers, hurtful words.

Ignorence can sometimes be so kind,

Because this thing that we call gossip,

Is poison to the mind.

It puts fause images in people's heads,

Making them think they know the truth,

When really all this fuss was over a little lie,

And has made a knot too tight to undo.

All the whispers, behind my back.

I know what they're thinking about me.

There goes another friend,

Whispering when they think I cannot see.

And now it's my turn to hear the rumor,

That has been going around.

But now when I hear what is being said,

I fall on my kneess to the ground.

They have all betrayed me,

Or so I've just been told.

They all hate me, and what I stand for.

My hearts starts to grow cold.

Even though I know better,

Than to listen to what they all say,

All this bad talk has hurt my soul,

And I know the price I must pay.

There is a way to stop the lies,

There is a way to make things right.

There is a way to end the gossip,

And that way is to end my life.

I can never stop people,

From doing what they love to do.

The only one I have left by my side,

Who else but you?

They have been talking about both of us,

Hurting us the same.

Just because we're different than them,

They want to cause us pain.

I don't know what I did to anger them.

We all used to be such good friends.

But once again, gossip has ruined it all.

So now our friendship ends.

They all left me here,

Alone and standed.

They have forsaken me,

So now I am abandoned.

Why must people do this,

When they know what the outcome will be?

They knew all along it would tear us apart,

But they don't care at all about me.

Everytime I try to start again,

History repeats itself once more.

Will the lies ever leave me alone?

They've destoyed all that I've worked for.

So once again, I'm consumed by lies.

Not knowing who to believe once again.

It's so hard to tell who's really on my side,

Not knowing who's really my friend.

They all have hurt me in the past.

I have been abused.

They pretended to like me just to get information to spread.

I have never felt so used.

Gossip is a terrible thing.

I just wish it would all fade away.

After all the pain it's caused everyone,

We need to rid of it today.

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