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in a town, there is a house kids are afraid to walk pass. Why you ask? Its not old and scary looking. There are no rumors that it's hunted. and there is no creepy old man staring out the window 24/7. So why. It's all because of the one person who lives there. A teenager named Kevin.

Submitted: June 11, 2013

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Submitted: June 11, 2013



(the scene begins with a digital alarm clock going off at 5:30am)

kevin: another boring school day begins

(kevin gets up from his bed, changes his clothes then goes into the bathroom with a towel, you hear running water and he comes out with only his hair wet, he enters a kitchen, makes pancakes. after he eats he looks at a clock)

kevin: 6:00, should be plenty of time

(he goes on the computer and starts to watch anime until 7:30, he picks up his backpack and a book and walks out the door)

kevin narrating: (while going through his everyday life) if you have notice that there wasn't anyone else at my house, well, it is because I live by myself. I don't have a dad nor a mother. my family was killed. I was never told why. So why is my house so big, i do have one living relative, though i haven't even met him. He didn't want to deal with me so he just sends me money. it's quiet when I get home, which isn't bad, I like quiet. I don't go out much, and spend most of my time on the computer. I don't have friends. no one at school really likes me, it has been that way since elementary school. why you ask, well, i don't even know, they always avoided me. when the weather is clear enough I go explore the mountains, it's pretty much the only thing i do that doesn't involve a screen, well, besides school. at the top there's a beautiful view, and you can't hear anything that comes from people. just the birds and insects.

kevin at top of mountain: (sigh) what a beautiful sight.

one hour later

kevin: well, it's 6:00 i guess it's time to go home, i think i'll make steak when i get back.

(continues walking) aah it's so peaceful out here, no people, no cars, just the trees, the birds, the door, and the fresh ai... wait a minute (baking up) a door?

(staring at the door) that wasn't there when i came up.

kevin thinking: could it be some sort of prank.

(quickly looks behind it to find no ones there)

kevin: hmm, strange. i'm on a mountain, the door shouldn't be able to stand up without something balancing it.

(he pushes the door, it doesn't move)

kevin: weird

(knocking comes from the door)

kevin: what the...

kevin thinking: that was weird.

(he looks behind and finds no one there, and there's no sound from someone ran away)

kevin: that's even more weird

kevin thinking: maybe there's some kind of speaker hidden

kevin: whoever and wherever you are, you're on private property

door: knock knock

kevin: if you come out now you won't get in trouble

door: knock knock

kevin: can you stop knocking please.

door: knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock

kevin: wait a minute

(he puts his ear against the door and he can feel the door vibrating from the knocking, he realizes the knocking is coming from the door itself)

kevin:(shocked) tha- that can't be right

door: knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock

(kevin stares at the doorknob and eventually curiosity gets the better of him , he slowly reaches for it, the knocking is getting even faster, he turns the doorknob and there's a click)

( the door swings open, and a giant hand made of shadow grabs him then slams him into a tree)

kevin: what the!? gah.

(he blacks out and the hand pulls him in)


mysterious shadow being: wow, that's the 50th time that worked.

(he observes kevin)

he look a little unhealthy, he probably won't put up much of a fight. (sigh)

and i was hoping for some fun. ow well, i should still get a few laughs out of him. see you during dinner human

(he said with a grin)


(kevin starts to wake up)

kevin: (grown) ah my head

(looks around)

kevin: i must have fallen asleep

(stands up and notices the ground isn't unleveled)

kevin: wait, the ground isn't on a slope, and i can't hear cars

(he imagines his house the mountain and the street)

kevin: if the ground is flat then i should be in earshot of the road.

(he starts to walk around)

kevin: where am i.

(theres rustling in some nearby bushes and a wild boar comes out and starts charging, kevin dodges)

kevin: what the...

(the boar keeps charging and kevin keeps dodging, it goes on for a while and the boar runs into a tree)

kevin: should have watch where you were going

(staring at the boar)

kevin: hmm. i thought boars traveled groups

(suddenly a large group of wild boar starts charging kevin, the boars are chasing him through the forest, then kevin trips and falls. there is a girl standing over him, kevin stands up)

kevin: you have to run, there's a stampede of boars charging this way.

(the girl walks past him and unsheathed a sword that kevin didn't notice before, when the boars come she points it at them, the boars stop in their tracks).

girl: GET!

(all the boars turn tail and run)

kevin: y-you intimidated a herd of boars by yourself, how did you do that.

girl: it not that hard, especially if they're still just teens. the adults get much larger. come, i need to talk to you.(she starts to walk away)

(kevin looks in the direction where the boars ran off, then back at the girl, deciding who would be more dangerous, he goes with the girl and the screen zooms out revealing the shadow man was watching them)

shadow man: hmm, this may be interesting.

(they enter a village)

kevin: i don't think i'm in my forest.

(they walk through the village and people are staring, they keep walking until they get to a house on a small hill at the edge of the village, they enter the house).

kevin: so this is your house

girl: yep

kevin: where's everybody else.

girl: if you're talking about my family, there dead.

kevIn: oh, uh sorry.

girl: it's ok, they've been dead for some time now.

kevin: um, right. so where are we

girl: we're in my village surrounded by miles of woods, now tell me where are you from

kevin: um, new york

(the girl's eyes widen and she gets excited)

girl: where's that, what's it like, how far away is that from here, how far have you've been traveling.(she leans in closer with every question)

kevin: it's in north america, towards the north east, its cold in the winter and hot during summer. i don't know how far away it is from here, and i haven't been traveling, i don't know how i got here.

girl: so yo did come from outside the forest.

kevin: um, i guess so.

girl: and you come from a place called north america, is the a south one.

kevin: um, yes

girl what's that like,

kevin: i don't really know

girl: oh, then tell me about the world outside the forest.

kevin: have you ever been outside it.

girl: no, the village elder won't allow me to leave.

kevin: and why's that

girl: he thinks my family summoned a beast to terrorize this village, and i can't leave until i kill it

kevin: a beast?

girl: yep

kevin: you really want to leave this village right

girl: yep

kevin: then i'll help you

girl: what?

kevin, i'll help you kill the beast in return for helping me. you helped me, so now i'm going to help you, but i do have one request.

girl: what

kevin: take me with you

girl: you want to go with me?

kevin: sure, i always wanted to travel

girl: are you sure, i've been told the world is a dangerous place

kevin: wait, have other people left this village

girl: nobody here wants to leave, the only one who knew anything about the outside world was my grandma, and she wasn't even native to this village, she was the only person who ever found this village, besides you.

kevin: wow, so is that why you want to leave so much

girl: yeah, she told me lots about that world out there until... certain things happened

kevin: what kind of certain things

girl: certain things, and lets just leave it at that.

kevin: ok... so do we have a deal, i help you kill the thing and you take me with you

girl: ok deal, but until then, you keep telling me about the outside world.

kevin: sure, and by the way, i'm kevin

girl: i'm moriko

(kevin extends his hand, and they shake hands)

kevin: your name is moriko?

moriko: yes, why

kevin: it sounds like a Japanese name

moriko: japanese? that's probably where my grandmother got my name

kevin: your grandmother named you?

moriko: yeah, it was a joke at first, but it stuck

kevin: a joke?

moriko: yeah, my name means forest child. now start talking about the world

kevin: ok then, i think i'll tell you about a thing called a city.

moriko: a city?

kevin: yes a city, i don't like it that much, but you might think it's amazing. it's basically a village but a lot larger, you'd be amazed how big the buildings are, some go pass the clouds.

(kevin continues telling stories and moriko listens, it goes on for a couple of minutes, until someone knock on the door)

moriko: crap, hide, now.

kevin: what, why.

moriko: just hide, go put the back door.

(she pushes him out the door, then runs to open the front door, there an old man)

moriko: h-hello elder

(she has on a fake smile and laugh nervously)

village elder: hello moriko, the villagers said they saw you with an outsider

moriko: what, an outsider, there hasn't been an outsider in years, i'm pretty sure that the world forgot about us.

village elder: hmm

(he walks to the back door and opens it and finds kevin)

kevin: oh- uh hi.

(moriko slaps her forehead)

moriko: i thought i told you to hide.

kevin: sorry.

village elder: you know i don't want outsiders in my village.

moriko: oh come on elder, he's not going to do any harm.

village elder: he is an outsider and i want him out.

moriko: but he'll die in that forest.

village elder: he found his way here, then he can find his way out.

moriko: no he won't, he doesn't know how he got here.

villager elder: well then, thats too bad for him

moriko: he is the first outsider in years, why can't he stay!

village elder: because the last outsider who came to this village was your grandmother and i don't want this village to make the same mistake of trusting and outsider again!

moriko: don't talk badly about my grandmother!

village elder: why not, that witch is the reason that beast is out there, that witch is the reason all those people are left, that witch is the reason my brother is dead, and if you don't start behaving, i'll banish you, just like i did to her!

(moriko pulls out her sword)

moriko: you son of a !

kevin: moriko stop!

(she stops and looks at kevin)

kevin: moriko, i'll be fine, don't worry, will leave this village soon, as soon as we kill that thing we're leaving this village and you won't have to worry about her any more.

village elder: so you're going to help her

kevin: yes, moriko saved me, so now i'm going to help her kill that beast, then we'll see the world together

village elder: hmp, she has been trying to kill that thing for five years, you think you'll be able to help

kevin: yes, i'm not going to let her stay here with someone like you

(he heads for the door)

kevin: you know, there's more than one beast in this forest, and it's the wrinkled old elder of this village.

(kevin exits the house and leaves the village)

kevin: can't leave until she kills a beast, then i'll do everything i can to help her

mysterious voice: you can help her now

(kevin turns around and no one's there)

mysterious voice: all you have to do is kill me

(kevin turns around again and see the mysterious shadow being)

kevin: wha- who are you

mysterious shadow being: who am i, i'm the beast that's terrorizing the village, i'm also the one who brought you here, i am the master of shadows, I, AM, THE, BOOGIE MAN!

kevin: the boogie man


(kevin walks past him)

boogie man: hey where are you going

kevin: i'm not going to waste my time talking to an idiot who thinks he's...

(the boogie man's arm extends and grabs him)

kevin: the...

(kevin looks back while the boogie man pulls him back)

kevin: boogie man

(the boogie man is now holding him up by his collar, he dissolves into the earth but his arm is still holding kevin up, he appears in front of kevin grab his collar with his other hand, and the other dissolves and comes back to him)

boogie man: i don't like to be ignored

(the boogie man's face becomes the most horrifying thing you can imagine kevin is scared witless and is dropped to the ground)

boogie man: boo

(kevin scream and runs away)

boogie man: yep, definitely not a fighter, oh well, it will be fun watching scurry away like a mouse.

(kevin is running through the forest, trying to get away from the boogie man's laughter, he keeps running until he runs out of breath.

kevin: gotta (pant) get (pant) away (pant), been (pant) running (pant) for (pant) 15 (pant) minutes. i should have worked out more. damn it, when she said monster i thought she meant some kind of animal.


(there is a crow on the ground staring at kevin)


(it starts to hop away and looks back at kevin the caws again, kevin stares at the crow)

kevin: if i didn't know any better, i would say that bird wants me to follow him

(the crow flies onto kevin's head and pecks it, it leaps down, turns to kevin

crow: caw caw

kevin: alrighty then, i'm actually considering following a bird. well, it's rather this crow , or that thing

(kevin starts to follow the crow without a second thought, after a while they get to a tree with a hole in it, the crow enters, kevin just stares at it, thinking it may be a trap, he enters the tree, and when he does, the tree starts to regenerate and the hole is sealed of, leaving kevin trapped)

kevin: maybe it wasn't a good idea to follow a talking crow into a tree

(there a light far away)

kevin: wait, i see a light

(he starts walking towards the light)

kevin: maybe i'm dead.

(he keeps walking and he enter a room and there an old lady in the room with the crow)

old lady: hello, welcome to my house, and you're not dead

(kevin looks around)

kevin: are we still in the tree, there seems to be too much room

old lady: well, thats the power of magic

kevin: magic

old lady: yes, magic

kevin: but there's no such thing

old lady: no such thing eh

(the crow starts to glow and it transforms into a man, somewhere in his twentys)

crow man thing: i beg to differ

kevin: wh-wha

crow man thing: i can do other things to would you like to see

old lady: now now henry, take it easy. he is just a mortal

henry: fine, i never get to have any fun

old lady: no pouting, now then boy. would you like for us to send you home

kevin: y- you can do that

old lady: of course i can. it's actually very simple

kevin: really, this is great, thank you.

old lady: don't mention it, no really, don't. when you get home just forget about this ok

kevin: sure

old lady: now then let's get that portal set up

(the old lady snaps her fingers and a swirling vortex appears)

old lady: there you go

kevin: thanks again

(kevin is just about to jump in the portal but stops)

kevin: wait

old lady: what

kevin: i can't go, not yet

old lady: eh? why not

kevin: the thing that's trying to kill me i can't leave until it's dead i made a promise that i would help kill it.

henry: listen kid. that portal won't be open for long, and once it's gone, we can't get it back

kevin: then i won't go back, i have to kill that thing

henry: fool, you couldn't even look at it without running away in fear

kevin: he just surprised me i have to...

henry: kid. you can't kill it, it's impossible for someone like you

kevin: i have to try

henry: that just it, you already tried, and you failed. give up

old lady: thats enough henry. there is one way he could beat him

kevin: there is?

henry: no, we can't do that

kevin: do what

henry: nothing!, just get in that portal and go home

kevin: tell me, how can i beat him

old lady: we can give you power

kevin: magic power

old lady: in a way, yes

kevin: ok then, give it to me

henry: hold on kid, you don't know the risks

kevin: what risks.

henry: if you are too weak to maintain the power, the power will destroy you.

kevin: d- destroyed... ok i'll do it, give me the power

old lady: ok kid

(she hands him a vile of liquid)

old lady: just drink that and you will gain the power

kevin:*gulp* thank you

old lady:good luck kid

(kevin leaves)

old lady: you sure chose a good man to be your friend moriko

henry: you worry about her, don't you honey

old lady: yes jeffery, very much

henry/jeffery: don't worry, she's strong, and if he fights through that potion, so will he.

(screen fades to black and it goes back to kevin, he's out side the tree and is staring at the bottle)

kevin: well, here goes nothing

(kevin drinks the potion)

kevin: hmm, not bad, it kinda tastes like...

(there is a pulse and kevin grabs his head and _ down in pain, he screams and his eyes turn blood red, there is another pulse, he _ down again, he is shaking out of uncontrollably then he stops suddenly. he stands back up, his eyes are no longer red, but they're also not the same eyes kevin had, they are now a deep blue, his hair is more (spiky), and it is clear this man isn't kevin, he looks down at his hands)

kevin?: i'm out, but why now, why couldn't i come out earlier.

(even his voice is different)

kevin?: it isn't important now, i have to find that monster and make him pay

(he starts walking and the screen fades to black)

(the new scene begins with the boogie man looking for kevin)

boogie man: huuumaaaan, oh huuumaaaan , where are you huuuumaaan, hmm this human is the first to hide for so long. HEY HUMAN, WHERE ARE YOU, I'M GETTING HUNGRY.

kevin?: i'm behind you

(the boogie man turns around to find kevin)

boogie man: ho ho ho, so you actually showed yourself


boogie man: what's wrong, you to scared to talk


boogie man: you should at least say something, this is going to be boring if i'm the only one talking

kevin?: shut up, you tried to kill kevin, so now you shall die.

boogie man: oh so you want to fight eh, well then get ready, out of the 50 times i've done this, not once has one beat me or even hit me

(the boogie man throws a punch, his arm stretches and grows in size, kevin? takes it head on and is thrown back but lands back on his feet, the boogie man throws another punch but kevin? dodges it and starts to run toward bm, kevin? throws a punch but bm dissolves into the shadows before the punch could land)

bm: nice try human!

(kevin? turns around and bm is standing a few feet behind him, bm throws another shadow punch thing and instead of dodging, kevin? throws a punch, both of these punches are equal in strength, bm retracts his punch)

bm: ooh, you're stronger than the others, well then, i guess i'll stop holding back!

(bm dissolves into the shadows, he launches out of the ground punches kevin? and goes back into the shadows, he keeps doing this, getting faster with each time he does it, while bm is doing this, he is have too much fun to notice that kevin? is changing, his ears disappear then reappear on the top his head, but not as human ears, but more dog-like, his nails grow until they become claw like, he even grows a tail, bm comes in from the front but kevin? catches his punch.

kevin?: now it's my turn

(with the hand he's holding bm's fist in, he pulls back while he throws his punch, making his punch more powerful, bm flies backwards and kevin? is already there he punches downwards slamming bm to the ground, kevin? goes to throw another punch but before he can, bm dissolved into the ground, trying to get away. kevin? sniffs the air, dashes to the right and slams his fist to the ground, and out pops bm)

bm: h-how

kevin: you're not getting away, i already got your scent.


(bm throws a punch, much larger than his others. kevin? throws a punch of his own and they collide, this time kevin?'s punch is stronger, he knocks back the punch and he dashes to bm, and he slashes him with his claws, again and again and again. bm is now on the ground)

bm: who and what are you, are you even human

kevin?: no, no i'm not, I was created for one purpose, to protect my creator, even though he doesn't know I exist. now, before i kill you, you said my kind don't exist in that world, so tell me, what did we become and where are we

bm: he...he..he, you must have just got that curse, just look at yourself, your kind is quite popular in your world, you stupid wolf, and you're no longer on your planet, or even you're dimension, welcome to my world. oh, and before you kill me, tell me your name, your the first human who ever beat me.

kevin?: sure, the kid you brought here was kevin, you can call me leonardo.

bm: you're strong leonardo, even without that form. get stronger and live long. now please kill me, make it stop

leonardo: goodbye, boogie man

bm: (weakly) thank you.

(leonardo makes his hand into the shape of a sphere and impales the boogie man, leonardo starts to walk away, but then leonardo grabs his head)

leonardo: dammit, i'm at my limit, sorry kevin. i couldn't get you out of these woods.

(leonardo passes out and his body turns back to kevin's body, and he remains asleep on the floor. some time passes and moriko finds kevin. she runs to him and looks towards bm)

moriko: he's dead... he did something in five hours that i couldn't do in five years.

moriko: he's finally dead.

(she looks at kevin)

moriko: I better take you back home

(she picks him up and starts to carry him back to her house, when she gets to the village, she gets through half the town before the village elder stops her)

village elder: why did you bring that back

moriko: shut up you geezer

village elder: where do you think you're going with that thing

(he grabs her arm, and she slaps him)

moriko: get you hands off me you despicable old man, when he wakes up, i'm leaving, you better get that map

village elder: wha- what, you killed him

moriko: no, the "thing" did

(she leaves)

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