Random School Band Stereotypes

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Submitted: February 14, 2013

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Submitted: February 14, 2013



Flutes- Sometimes snobby, mostly girls, GIRLY as fucking hell, gets along with clarinets and Alto Sax's.

Clarinet- Mix of nerds, cool to be with, sometimes bookworm, likes to play rock-y or modern types of songs. Gets along with everyone. Usually crushes on trombones or frenchies. Very rarely is there a slacker. Huge sense of humor, class-clown or dunce sometimes. Talks 50/50. Takes squeaking VERY seriously.

French Horn- Usually goofy, perverted(not as much as trombones), butt of \"horny\" joke e.g. \"I'm a french horn player, therefore I am horny.\" Can get multiple notes wrong but tries hard. Gets along with clarinets, trombones(of course). Most likey to crush on clarinetist or flautist once or twice.

Trumpet- Egolistic. Think there \"god\", plays obnoxious noises to be heard, slumps in chair, plays good when focused. Hates/hated(by) flutes, Bari Saxophone. Gets along with clarinets, rest of saxes, frenchies, preccusion, pit.

Trombones- Perverted. Usually ones sticking trombone in pants and saying, \"touch it\". Relationships occur in clarinets and/or bass clarinets, or preccusion. Girl players opposite.

Drum line- Guys tend to be wanting to bang girls behind bleachers instead of a tom-tom or snare. Likes piston strokes(o.0) Girls eather opposite or girly. Gets along with woodwinds, frech horn and trombones.

Going to post more soon.

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