Raging River

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Elise a shapeshifter who can turn in to anything she wants is sent to a new pack to be mated to an alpha named Kane and when the minipulative Marla lies on Elise Kane Markes Elise as his so no one can have her. When Elise soon heres Kanes thoughts She feels that he does not love her so she runs away to find her brother and live on half of his territory. When Kane finds that Elise has gone missing and finds a note on their bed. Will he ever find her and tell her he loves her? this is only an excerpt

Submitted: December 26, 2013

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Submitted: December 26, 2013




Elise was awakened by the shrill cry of a horse, a mare. Elise runs down stairs out the Back door and across the field to the barn, as her small pack gathers around the barn Elise’s beta Kelsey says its Shadow she’s having her baby. Excited Elise increases her speed to heart bursting speed. As she enters the barn Shadow lifts her head to greet her best friend and family. How are you feeling girl? You ok? Both times the mare nods.

Elise has been in pain blocking out her mate who to blocks her from his mind. Elise grieves because her mate no longer loves her. She remembers the yelling because she had been with a friend who was a boy and not her boyfriend. She remembers the wild mating and how they had made the bond. She remembers collecting her cub and hearing the triumphant howl of the wolf Marla.

She remembers being weighed down by the growing cub in her stomach. Elise started to whine. How could she have been so stupid to think that Kane would love her? Would Kane come looking for her? No he would not. Elise remembers the running and jumping with a cub in her mouth. It was hard for Elise to look back on what was the past.

Chapter 1

It was a nice and sunny day when Elise whose wolf was white with a hint of black at the tips of her ears and tail and dark grey paws. Her sister Calla’s wolf was a dark grey with a hint of white at her ears and white paws. Elise’s brothers wolfs coat was black with a hint of white at the hair around the nose. Renier was more of a lone wolf but they knew that Elise was more of a pack related wolf who had the powers to see into the future of others. Her nose as strong as as any other animal.

She can smell a dangerous wolf by any means. She knows a manipulative wolf when she sees one. Elise was a strong wolf though she may look weak doesn’t ever underestimate her. Her body as sleek as water. Her mind as clear as day. Her hearing as keen as any animals.

Elise was a fine wolf; she has the makings of an alpha and the markings of a champion. Her features the features of a goddess, and the eyes of the ocean. Her hair the color of cream, her voice is like a goddesses. Elise was one fine shape shifter. She could turn into a wolf, a tiger, a panther, a cheetah, a leopard, a jaguar, an eagle, a white grizzly bear, a fox, a polar bear, a white snow leopard Elise could change into any animal she wanted.

Elise was magnificent in every way shape and form. Her fighting as swift as the northern sea. Her swordsmanship as bold as the southern sun. Her reflexes as fast as a cheetah's sprint. Her gunmanship as direct as the sight of a cats.

Elise was a skilled bow man and a skilled horseman. She could stand on a horses back without falling off. Her ability to charm animals was beyond everyone else other than the god who gave Elise her beauty the gift to charm animals and people and the gift to turn into any preditor she wished. Elise's beauty could stop any man who walked into the room. Her eyes the color of the ocean her hair the color of cream. Her voice as beautiful as the daylight sky. Elise was also a skilled hunter, she could bring down the strongest animal on her own.

Calla could turn into a wolf. Her hair as pleasant as as the night air. Her w ay of life wasn't as hard as Elises.Renier could chang into a wolf and that was it.Elise was stead fast and strong. Her stamina was better than all. Her hearing as strong as any animals.

Three wolves were playing in the grass. Rumbling tumbling and tackling eachother to the ground. They romped and they played until the youngest Elise smelled danger and barked the warning. Her adopted cub, saphira plsying with her fellow friends. when Elise saw the bear approach she let out her most fiercest growl that was half a bark half a roar.

She was madder than a wet hen. When the bear met her eyes it started to back away, Any animal that tried to hurt her cub was killed. She may be small but she was mighty. When Elise got the news that she would be going to another pack to become the pack leaders mate she was ferious. changing mid air and crashing throught the underbrush.

Her barking and growling alerted her brother and sister that everything was not ok. when they saw her face they knew what their father had done and shared her anger. As they ran through the underbrush and snow another wolf was visible but Elise's wolf coat could blend in with the snow.As the other wolf started gaining on them Renier stoped to face this mysterious wolf from getting to his sister. As the wolf barrled into Renier Elise truned around.

Knowone messed with her or her brother and sister. Pushing off her front paws Elise launched her self at the wolf backing him away from her brother. She let out a challenging howl that was answered by her father sending her into instant submission. When her father showed up in his wolf form the other wolf bowed to him. When her father was close to her he signaled for her to change back to her human form.

Elise i would like to introduce you to Kane Dhren Faith. He is your mate and you will be moving away tonight.Dad! watch out! Elise emiedatly morphed into a beautiful white dragon. Her wing span was about 100 ft. wide and 30 ft wide. Eilse was mad.

Behind her dad there was a mountain lion. Using her fire she scared the cat away but not withount burning it. When you mess with him,you mess with me, you mess with me and you risk getting hurt.Her mother was kidnapped by lions and Elise has been looking for her ever since. When she fails to find her mother she howls in anguish.

Chapter 2

That night Elise was wed to Kane Dhren Faith. They were bound by a rope and tie that was only able to be cut by knife. That night after the ropes were cut Elise snuck out to see her horses. In truth Elise wanted to be wed to the man of her own choice but her dream would never be true. When she reached to ridge looking over her horses she looked to the sky howling fcr her adopted cub to come to her.

Saphira was Elise's adopted cub. she found her abandond on the side of the rode just last year. It wasn't easy for Elise at first but she soon figured out how to take care of a wolf cub on her own. She knew that it was only a matter of time before someone fiound out where she was. When her cub got to her side they started walking down the ridge to the horses.

Elise was just sbout to lay down when she felt the cold nose of a foregn wolf and it was not her mate. Elise turned around and attacked the wolf who fought back. While Elise was in the informary Kane tracked down as many rouges as he could and destroyed them when nescerry. while Kane was out Elise stayed in the informary recuperating.She watched the cubs hussle and tussle about in the underbrush.

I mean it's not like she actually died or anything, but she did feel as if she were in heaven with all the other shapeshifters.She felt as if she could float away on clouds. As her mate got her stuff ond put it away into the truck. Elise said good bye to every one she loved. With tears in their eyes' Elise's brother and sister said good bye to their sister.

When all the horses were loaded up and saphira was put in her carseat Elise jumped into the car. It felt like she was abondoning her pack because of the alliance, but most of all it felt like she was abondoning her best friend Bryan. To Elise it was a test, but to Kane it was for real. They both wondered if they would ever learn to love eachother. Looking back Kane could see where Elise was hesitant.

Elise was one of the most beautiful wolves he had ever seen. To Kane it /was like he was given an angel. Elise reminded Kane of a wolf cub that had saved his life when he was just a wolf cub. Elise remembered hearing the roar that rang out from miles away and the cry for help. She remembered hearing the gunshot and running toward the comotion.

Elise knew that it was this very wolf that she had saved. She remembered seeing the pups mother lying on the ground unmoving and she remembered hearing the mournful and rage filled howl of this wolf when he was just a pup. Elise remembered seeing the wolfs eyes fill with anger and him pouncing on her for not saving his mother. She remembered yelping in pain as he bit at her neck. She remembered feeling the pain that engolfed her when she was thrown into the tree because of her struggles.

Elise knew that she had to keep the saving thing a secret or Kane might just get violent again. When they turned off the road Elise could see a mansion on the horizon. It was beautiful. Her life depended upon love. Elise could see where she had made a mistake and stiffened.

Hey whats wrong? Kane asked as soon as he saw Elise stiffen up. It's nothing, just nervous jitters. Where are we at the scenery is beautiful! We are in my packs territory. our home is the biggest mansion in the neighbor hood. Wow its breathtaking and very eye catching.

When they got to Kane's mansion Elise could see where it was the biggest. The door opened to reveal alot of wolves wich all came rushing out. One girl how ever stayed where she was at and glared at Elise. The girls and guys all crowded Around Kane and started asking questions like: How was it? Was the girl nice? Did you choose her? and What was she like?. After that Elise saw the girl that was standing in the door way shift in to her wolf form and leave into the woods.

As soon as her instincts told her that something was off she got out of the truck. Kane there is something wrong and and I know it. Kane just laughed at her as if to say that he did not believe her. At the sound of her whistle an eagle flew to her. Elise told the eagle to scout for any signs of danger and to let her know if she found any.

Elise soon came to realize that it was this bird that came to her every time she whistled for a bird. This bird was a female and Elise knew that this eagle had chosen her for a friend and a companion. When Elise heard the bird caw she leaped into action and changed into a cheetah in mid air. Running at heart breaking speed Elise raced across the grassy landscape. When she arrived at the sight where the danger was she saw a shapeshifter stuck in a bear trap.

Elise let out an ear piercing yowl letting Kane know that she had found something but she soon figured out that Kane wasn't coming. Shifting back into human form Elise helped the shapeshifter out of the beartrap. After she had gotten the shapeshifter free she saw the gunshot in his torso. Shifting into her wolf form Elise grabed the wolf by the scruf of the neck and hoisted him onto her back. Elise ran with the wind at her back.

Every step she took she got closer the Kane and the refuge of their home. When she was just outside the mansion she saw that Knowone was outside so she howled letting Kane and the other wolves know that she was outside. When she saw Kane look out the window she Knew that he did not know who she was because he only saw glimpses and pieces of her wolf fur. Kane ran outside with the other shapeshifters at his heals. The look in Elise's eyes said I tried to tell you that I smelled danger but you did not believe me.

That night they held a meeting in which was to celebrate the arrival of a new pack member. Elise was introduced to a ton of wolves. One of which was the wolf who had not come to greet Elise and Kane. Elise had a surprise for Kane but it would not be seen tonight. Just when the meeting was getting good a lioness tried to attack carrie a new friend of Elise's and a soon to be mom.

When Elise saw the tail of the lion she was sitting at ythe table but hen the lion leapt and Elise jumped onto the table. Shifting into wolf form Elise ran down the table and just before she reached the end she leapt and hit the edge of the table giving her self a good boost. Elise flew through the air with her teeth gleeming white and sharp. Opening her mouth Elise latched onto the lion's neck and brought the lion down. The fight between lion and wolf had begun.

As Kane scaned the wolf that was his mate and the lioness he recognized Elise's fighting moves to the pup that had saved his life but not his mothers. While fighting with the lion Elise could see Kane looking at her as if he had recognized her. Before Elise knew it she was on her back stairing into the eyes of her enemy in human form. Whats the matter Elise? can't find your mom? well we have her in the cage outside and we will kill her.


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