Demon Dreams - Sanelunatic's Challenge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Not very good at making Summaries for Short Stories -_-"

Submitted: August 21, 2009

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Submitted: August 21, 2009



Author's Note ~ The language spoken in this Short Story is Spanish, and the translation's to the words are found at the bottom of the page. Thank You. ****MythicFantasy

I wrapped myself inside an invisible barrier. Hoping that no one could detect magic easily as i could. I winced at the sound of crunching stones, and i prepared myself. I cupped my hands together, blowing softly. Frost bitten winds surged around me and i heard something fall. I knew that my frost had reached the creature. I stood, unsure of what i should do but i had finally decided to search. As i rounded a large oak tree i stopped dead. I frowned, the creature had been no more than a simple dog. I bent down, my shield bending with my movement. I shook it off and placed my hand upon the dog's chest. It was alive. "Perro ?" i asked softly. "Perro ?" i asked again. This time the animal stirred, "Vamos levántate." i encouraged him. "Come on." i murmured. "levántate." i told him. The dog pulled itself into a sitting position but as soon as it saw me it's hackles rised and the fur on it's neck bristled. "Cálmate!" i exclaimed, backing up from the vicious creature. "Calm down !" i tried again, in english this time. The dog seemed to understand but whimpered. I looked at it, noticing the sadness in it's eyes. Red eyes ? That is strange. I reached out with my mind probbing around the dog's mind aswell. Sadness overwhelmed me and i stumbled back a little. "Por qué estás triste?" i wondered. "Why are you sad ?" i asked him. He shook his head, i frowned. "Ven conmigo." i told him, gesturing to my house. The dog followed although it seemed to be nervous. "Me pregunto si es un espía" i whispered to myself. Although i very much doubted that a canine could be a very good spy. I shrugged it off and sat down on my bed. The dog had followed me this far, and it lay down at my feet. "Mamá, dónde está mi hermana?" i called, my mother was completely fluent in spanish, i could speak english although i usually preffered spanish. "En su habitación!" i heard my mother call back. "Thank You !" i called to her. There was no answer. "Gracias !" i called incase she hadn't understood. I got up, walking into my sister's room. She stood there a blank look on her face. She was a witch, just like me, although her powers were more defined. "Carmen ?" i asked, waving my hand infront of her face. There was no reply, she merely stood as still as a statue. Well, until the dog snarled at her. She jumped back, landing on her bed screaming at me in spanish. "Por qué has traído a un demonio en nuestra casa !?" she screeched, she threw her best lamp at the dog and i shielded it. "What are you talking about a demon ?" i demanded, using my shield to advance on her as she continued to throw objects at me and the dog. "El perro! Es un demonio!" she screamed, as i got close to her bed she stood in the corner cowering. "Demonio !" she screamed. Suddenly my sister went limp. My eyes widened but as i looked around i noticed that the dog was no longer inside of my shield. The sadness, i knew there had been something strange about it. The gleam within the dog's red eyes. My sister had been right. "Demonio !" i screamed, i backed away noticing that the dog had fangs longer than anything i've ever seen. At this, i ran. I ran away from the Perro that i had so wrongly judged. I had brought havoc on my family, they would most likely be dead in the morning if not sooner. I heard the crunching of stones as someone followed me. I held back a scream, and conjured a fireball to lead me through the darkness. Following the small amount of light i twisted through the oak tree's with minor difficulty. Suddenly the flames of fire went out. I was surrounded by darkness. "Qué quieres de mí ?" i cried as the sound of footsteps came closer. I never received an answer when i felt myself being shoved over the edge of the cliff. I heard it's voice. "I warned you" it said, a deadly cold seeping into each word.I screamed, shouting into the darkness.

I awoke to the sound of a strange beeping noise and i screamed. Then turning i realized it was just my alarm clock. My sister ran in at the sound of my scream. "Qué pasó? " she asked her eyes scanning my room for any sign of danger. I waved my hand dismissively, "Nada. Sólo un mal sueño." i told her. She frowned, then touched my arm in a gesture of comfort then left my room. The words before i had awoken rang through my mind. "I warned you."


Ven conmigo - Come with me.
Por qué estás triste - Why are you sad ?
Vamos levántate - Come on get up.
CálmateCalm down.
Perro - Dog.
Me pregunto si es un espía - I wonder if he's a spy.
Mamá, dónde está mi hermana? - Mom, where is my sister.
En su habitación! - In her room.
Gracias - Thank You.
Por qué has traído a un demonio en nuestra casa !? - Why have you brought a demon into our home.
El perro! Es un demonio! - The dog ! It's a demon !
Demonio ! - Demon.
Qué quieres de mí ? - What do you want from me ?
Qué pasó? - What happened ?
Nada. Sólo un mal sueño. - Nothing. Just a bad dream.

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