Silvana was a normal, plaine and shy teenage girl until she decides to go snooping about her aunt and uncle's room in search of anything that will give her information about her mother. She does find something, an old journal and what is written will change her life drastically.

Table of Contents


Prologue. "Are you alright dear ?" asked a woman wearing a long black dress that was coming apart at the seam, her long blonde hair b... Read Chapter

Chapter One

------------------ Chapter One. "Silvana, wake up before your late for school !" screeched a woman downstairs. "Ugh." groaned Si... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

'Have you ever believed in Unicorns ? Dragons ? Demons, Nymphs, Faeries, Vampyres, Werewolves or Witches ? Well i have, and i still do... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Chapter Three A shadow cast upon her face as she ran through the mysterious ever changing evergreen forest. A snapping twig, a hootin... Read Chapter