Whispered Promise

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She is tortured by him, and then murdered. He realizes that he has fallen in love with a dead woman, and promises her that he will meet with her again.

(a very short story, i made pretty fast.)

Sorry if it's not very good. :)

Lisa P.O.V

I closed my eyes, lying on the kitchen floor, blood seeping from a dozen wounds on my body. I could hear the

man that had abducted me continue to yell and i wished i could have been deaf. He called me dirty names and i

cringed as i heard his heavy boots move towards me. The dagger in his hand, the light reflecting and casting a

glare at me. I shut my eyes tighter. "Coward !" he spat. "Get up and fight me, struggle for your freedom !" he told

me, his voice raised in disgust. I closed my eyes but reluctantly obeyed, i did not want to die although at the same

time i did. The pain of my wounds was much to much, the non dried blood dripped to the ground as i got to a

shaky stand. "Good girl," he cooed in a sickly sweet voice, "Now fight me," he ordered. "Here" he tossed me the

dagger and i tried to catch it but i missed and it sliced a deep gash down my arm. I hissed in pain, trying to stop

from screaming out and i bent down and picked the dagger up. He smiled in a cruel way, "Come on then" he

encouraged me.

I looked at him, trying to judge where to stabb him. I began to lope towards him. He looked prepared, like i was no

threat at all. He smiled, and that drove me on. I threw the dagger down, stabbing him in the chest, but he grabbed

the dagger and switched it around and stabbed me in the gut. I doubled over in pain, he laughed hartily. "Oops.

Did i forget to tell you that i can fight back ?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. I screamed as he kicked me in the

ribs. "Leave me alone ! Please !" i begged him. He ignored my plea and sat down next to me. He grabbed my

hand even as i tried to pull away. He grabbed the dagger and sliced it across my finger, blood swelled from the

wound and he raised my hand to meet his lips. He licked my fingers, sucking at the blood.

I moaned and tried pulling away, "Leave me alone !" i cried, i tried to reach for is dagger that he had set down next

to his boot. He immediatly dropped my hand and slapped me across the face. "You want this ?" he asked in an

evil way. "I'll give it to you" he snarled. He grabbed the dagger and before i could pull away he stabbed it into my

heart. I gasped in pain, my vision dimmed. The last thing i saw was his beautiful face, even though he is my killer,

twisted into a grimace of joy and lust. "Goodbye, dearie" he whispered before everything went to black.

Jonathan P.O.V

I looked at the dying girl, blood pooling around the motionless heap. "Goodbye, dearie" i whispered to her. Great,

he thought, now i have to dispose of the body. I smiled as i remembered how much of a fight she had put up, until

she had been beaten too much. My heart twisted with some new emotion that i haven't felt for years. Pity. I got up

and grabbed the dagger and rinsed off the blood, as i looked at the girl's body i realized that i had fallen in love

with the dark raven haired girl. "That cannot be, my soul is crowded with darkness, love does not exist" he

whispered to himself. I grabbed at her hair and cut off a wad, "I shall remember you, dearie" he murmured. "Don't

forget me, even if you lye in a dark abyss where nothing matters." he hissed, "I will meet with you again." he

whispered to her motionless body.

Lisa P.O.V

As darkness enveloped me, i shivered delicately. I heard his whispers of promise, "I will meet with you again."

those words echoed as my life slowly faded. Then i lay there motionless, in a crumpled heap.

Death is peaceful, but when a whispered promise is heard it clings to you and your death brings you down to the

earth, down to the core.

Down to hell.

Submitted: August 10, 2009

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Candy Rock

i don't like blood and stuff but i thought it was really good!

Mon, August 10th, 2009 9:07pm


Wow, thanks. I didn't think i should put tooo much gore and stuff in so i kinda improvd. Anyway i'm glad you like it, i made it pretty fast :)

Mon, August 10th, 2009 2:23pm


Eeep! Dark stuff, Mythic...I like it! x] Seriously, the detailing, the emotions. One word:

Brilliant (and a smiley face) =D

Tue, September 1st, 2009 11:32pm


Ahaha, glad you liked it. I was totally depressed and i was like, what if something like that happened to me... maybe other peeps would wanna try and feel the emotion in this story. :) Glad ya' likedd it.

Tue, September 1st, 2009 4:35pm

Lady Elizabeth

Yipe! Very dark and scary, I can't wait to read your entry for my challenge!

Mon, September 7th, 2009 8:24pm


Great. I have a feeling it'll be done by today. If not then tomarow.

Mon, September 7th, 2009 1:28pm

three wishes

ooh, nice. im in a dark mood. :P it kind of freaked me out but i really did like the storyline. :) thumbs up

Tue, July 13th, 2010 8:22am


Thank you, I appreciate the comment.

Tue, July 13th, 2010 10:32am

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