I wish it was a dream.

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This is a poem I wrote for the little angel boy and his daddy who passed away from this life. I will always love and treasure the memories I have of the time with them.

Submitted: October 29, 2009

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Submitted: October 29, 2009



Was it all a dream? 

Sometimes I sit and remember, the memories so clear...it feels like both yesterday and forever...
Oh I wish you were here.

I was holding you close as you lay next to me, smelling your skin, baby powder, fresh so soft to touch.

listening to you breathe, peaceful rest, in a far away land, where visions of happiness and love dance in your head... eyes closed, not a care in the world... sleeping.

I smell your hair pushing my nose into you, kiss your forehead, whisper sweetness in your ear...then drift off into sleep with you. 

You're safe and sound cuddled close under my arm...

We were together, thought it was forever...

your daddy and me we loved you so much, you see... 

I never thought I wouldn't be able to hold you right now..

I never thought you'd be gone so soon... before your time of going from baby boy to man,  going far away....going on before me.  Why should you have gone on before me...  why?  I will always ask why...

I love you angel boy,  and in spite of  others desire for you to hate me, I felt your love each time you were with me...
You were such a loving boy, an angel from above, I will always remember your love...your wet kisses and soft baby touch of sweet unspoken love...

Now in God's perfect love no one can teach you how NOT to love..

LOVE, you will, for all eternity...

with no one to stop you from being what God made you to be...

who you were in the first place, so perfectly..

a lovely, little angel boy forever you'll be...

I wish you were here with us still...

I miss you and your daddy.

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