Her Night

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So yeah its official I just got married my man and I are on our way to the hotel, just finished the wedding reception had us a great time. So the hotel awaits us but we only staying one night because we leave for Cancun tomorrow afternoon, I'm so excited!! We getting out the limo now and my husband is giving me this very sexual look, I know what's running through his mind. We get up to our hotel room I tell him I'm going to hop in the shower. But I take my clothes off right there in front of his face this is his first time seeing me fully naked and exposed and I know I look good cause I been working out prior to the wedding. But I look at him then turn and head for the shower. I step in get my body wet in the water rubbing my shoulder etc. Then I hear someone coming in the bathroom its my husband. He is fully naked and excited to see me from what I can see, he ask could he join me. I tell him sure but he has to wash my body. So he lather the soap and washes my body, mind you this is my first time seeing him fully naked also. But he wash me, then he tells me to wash his body. So I lather him up washing his body, I get real close to him bodies touching each other and then I wash his back, I back up a little and start washing between his legs and his excitement. We finish both hop out the shower and dry each other off. I go to the bed and lotion up my body he volunteers to help, rubbing my neck and shoulders, then my collar bone, and then he starts rubbing my chest, now I'm getting turned on but I stopped him because he isn't getting it tonight, I want to wait until we reach cancun. I tell him thanks and I go to bed naked and exposed. As I layed there for a minute I could feel his body behind my body, which made me warm. But then his hands start wondering between my legs. I let him for a little then made him stop again. He was starting to get fustrated. He said "So we aren't doing anything tonight? You know tonight is our wedding night? And we are both virgins here?" "Just hold me tonight I told him." He pulled the covers over both of us and just held me all night, I was bare in his arms but felt clothed as he held me.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



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