My Thoughts on the Holocaust

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Hitler? Yuck!
Jews? I'm so sorry!
Deaths? O my gosh!
Germans? Hmmm!

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



I HATE Hitler!!!!!  Somebody who thinks that they can control the world the way that he wanted has some serious issues and needs some serious help, no joke.  I hate how he killed all of those innocent people, whether they be jews or not.  they were innocent people and didn't deserve to die the way they did, or didn't deserve to die at all.  I feel bad for the Jewish people from back then and today.  I hate how people are still discriminating against them still today.  I don't hate germans tho, i can't go against germans because of hitler unless you really like him, i probably wouldn't stand for that.  i also feel bad for the germans who were practically brain washed to become hitlers troop like people and forced to forget their families and those that cared about them.  i'm sorry today for all of the people who have lost their lives due to this point in time.

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