My Thoughts on Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day?
Is is a day of love?
Or is it not?

Submitted: February 08, 2012

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Submitted: February 08, 2012



I am not a big fan of valentine's day, except for when i was little and in elementary school when we would have class parties and all valentines day meant to me was candy and cards.  Now i think i know the true meaning of valentines day.  for the people in a relationship, it's all about loving each other and such.  For those of us that are not in a relationship, what is it, but a day to remind us that we are all alone.

I think valentines day is only that, a day to remind people who are alone that they are alone and that some people in a relationship are luckier that we are because they have somebody to be with, and somebody to give them big huge stupid valentines bears and crap like that.  I hate it when you walk into a school on valentines day and every single girl is getting some huge piece of crap stuffed animal saying i love you beary much or something like that and you feel all let down because you remember, what the hell am i doing here, i'm all alone.

okay, well this is how i feel every single fricken valentines day, it was even how i felt when i had a boyfriend, because we were more friends than really in a relationship, oh well, by, and please, please comment and tell me your thoughts

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