Cause for me it happens all the time.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic


It seems like just yesterday, I was the only thing you ever wanted. You haven't spoken to me in months now, but i think about you almost every second of the day. This seems so cliche, but do i ever cross your mind? When you hear that song I used to love? The one I made you listen to all the time. When your phone lights up, do you ever wish it was me? Or am I the only one that does that. Every.single.time.

I lay here every night wanting you to miss me enough to call me. Cause you used to love to keep me up all night long, all those hours of talking about nothing, and just listening to each other breathe. I was so afraid I was boring you to death but all you cared about was that you were the last thing on my mind as I fell asleep. I replay those things in my mind a million times, I cant even figure out where everything went so wrong.

But you know, I finally deleted your number. I thought i would get this feeling of relief, you know the feeling you get when you know that you've made the right choice, and you get instant happiness. I was hoping i would feel like I had deleted you out of my life, I wouldnt think of you anymore and it would just be the past. Honestly, I sit here and just try to remember the numbers and what order they went in.

And with all that said, I just want you to know YOUR the one i think of when the sad songs come on.

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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Dannika Summers

Aw. It's short and sweet and I like it! I can TOTALLY relate--I bet a lot of people can, so thanks for sharing. Awesome job, hun :)

Thu, April 7th, 2011 4:10am


The first thing crossed my mind when I read the title was Lady Antebellum's song titled 'Need You Now'.

"And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time..."

I just love the song :)

Um, about the story...I don't know what to say

Just hope your feeling gets better as time passes by

Thu, April 7th, 2011 7:21am


I know how you are feeling... I am going through the same phase....
I hope you come out of it soon... :)

Fri, April 22nd, 2011 2:23pm

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