Living With a Secret *Entry*

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Claire Bunch is an ordinary 15-year-old-- or was! One year ago, she was bitten by a vampire without even knowing it, until a month before present. Everything will be alright, she thinks-- she'll keep her secret from everyone but herself, and live the life she's been living for fifteen years. But she's wrong. She's only been hiding her secret for a month, and her best friend Stacey is already onto her, and soon figures everything out... Read for the outcome of this extraordinary story!

Submitted: March 10, 2009

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Submitted: March 10, 2009



Living With a Secret


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Being ahuman that's secretly anactual vampireisn't exactly the easiest task-- especially to a fifteen-year-oldgirl like me, Claire Bunch. One month ago, in January, at a physical, my doctor, Doctor Jet, said everything was fine, and then sent my mother out of the room. He then explained to me something that wasn't fine: I was a vampire. Somehow, last year, I was bitten. And I didn't even know.

He gave me a bottle of blood of which he said would lastmany years if I didn't ever get addicted. I had to take one sip a year if I valued my life.

I told no one about the news. I explained to my mother that the bottle was fruit punch, and hid it in my pigstye of a closet. No one knew or suspected until now.

I shoved open the front door and glared at my little sister, Beatrice. "You could have answered when I rung the doorbell- you know what a mess my key-pouch is."

"Is that my problem?" she snorted in response, "I'm just your ten-year-old sister."

Stacey and I sped up the stairs into my bedroom, which had hot pink walls, a sea blue ceiling, and attractive square-shaped black tiles. I stacked my binders, folders, and books on my desk, kicked off my metalic colored flats, and threw myself onto my bed.

"Whatcha wearing for the Sadies?" Stacey asked, and began to my closet.

"Umm... Stacey," I was panicking. There was no way she'd ever find the bottle in my cluttered closet, but even so I couldn't risk my secret getting out, "there's no way you'll ever find anything in there, seriously."

Stacey ignored me and opened up the door.

A bottle came rolling out the door.

I whinced. "Oh snap," I murmured.

"What on Earth?" Stacey demanded, and picked it up. She walked over to the sofa which gazed out my window and overlooked the entire Fairfield Street. She spun open the lid, and turned to me, "Can I have a water-fall?"

"Stacey-- n-no!" I yowled.

As if she couldn't hear me, she spun open the lid, and poured some into her mouth-- and spat it out.

"Stacey! There goes a year," I murmured. I watched in agony as the tablespoon of blood flew out the window and splattered on the lawn.

"Why on Earth do you have blood stocked away in a water bottle?" Stacey demanded, gazing at me with wide-eyes.

"No reason," I replied, casually.

"Claire, are you hiding something from me?" she paused, "that you're a vampire?"

"Stace, that's the most stupid thing I've ever heard!" I cried.

"Then what, are you some sort of cannibal?" Stacey now screamed at me.

Beatrice stepped into the doorway. "Wh- Are you crazy, Claire?"

"I'm not crazy. I'm a teenager!"I shrieked at my sister, and slammed the door into her face. I felt myself begin to tear up, and gazed at my feet. "Stacey-"

"No," she murmured, "just forget it." Stacey drew the bottle, still open, and threw it out the window.

"Oh my gosh," I murmured to myself. "Stacey-- just get out of here," I getured towards the door, and once she left, I screamed outside the window, and hurried downstairs. "Beatrice, I'm just gonna go somewhere really quickly."

"Whatever," she murmured, and continued to do whatever she was doing.

I drew my house keys and sped down to the nearest bus stop, where I slammed four quarters into the bus driver's palm. I seated myself to the back seat of the bus, and got out once it stopped. I didn't mind walking a block to Dr. Jet's office.

"Claire Bunch," I said to the woman at the front desk.

"Ms. Bunch, I'm afraid you don't have a scheduled appointment," Mrs. Melendez replied, with a cracked voice.

"It's urgent," I shrieked, and ran down the hall into Dr. Jet's office.

"Claire?" he asked, suddenly, without even turning around.

"Doctor," I whiped tears from my eyes.

"I can understand why, as a vampire that has no choice but to lead an ordinary life, you're feeling some stress," he seated me on the bed, and patted me on the shoulder.

"It's not that," I said, through sobs, "Stacey-"

"Your aunt? She just stopped by to ask about you," Dr. Jet explained, "she looked a little young to be your aunt," he cocked his head suspiciously at me.

"She's not," I moaned, "she's my best friend, and she's onto me-- she's starting to believe I'm a vampire!"

"Sweetheart, I'm afraid she now knows," Dr. Jet hesitated, turning to me, "I told her-- I thought she was your aunt!"

I sighed. "It's not your fault... I guess I should have told her. But I wanted this to be a secret more than anything! I didn't tell anyone, Dr. Jet."

"Everything will be just fine," Dr. Jet assured me. "Now, do you need anything?"

"Yes, sir," I murmured, "Stacey dumped all my blood. I need another bottle."

He handed one to me, patted my shoulder and gestured towards the door. "I'll see on January first next year for your physical."

I arrived home alas, and opened the door.

"Mom..." I sighed as I guiltily seated myself at the dinner table, "I had to visit Dr. Jet."

"We visited him just a month ago, Claire," Mom groaned. "Why?"

I shook my head and gazed down at the meatloaf, peas and mashed potatoes on ,my plate. "I can't say." I finished my food quickly, and dragged my feet up the stairs, ignoring my mother's concerned glances.

"If only your father wasn't on a business trip," I could practically hear her say.

The next morning, I dressed in a trench coat, white jeans, and my metalic colored flats. I threw my hair into a bun which I put into a net, swung on my backpack and marched downstairs.

I had a quick fruit salad for breakfast, and began the walk to school without a word to mom or especially Beatrice. I greatly regretted not telling anyone my secret now.

"Hey," a soft voice called to me as I began up the frontsteps of the stairs.

"Stacey?" I asked, "You're still talking to me?"

"You thought I wouldn't?" Stacey demanded, in shock.

"Well... yeah," I stopped and smiled meekly. "I was a stupid jerk for not telling you."

"We all make mistakes-- and I can understand why you wouldn't want me to know you were a vampire," Stacey muttered.

I shrugged. "But you can't tell anyone, kay?"

Stacey grinned. "Only if you do one thing for me..." she trailed off, and smiled,"you bite me."

"What?" I demanded, and couldn't help but gasp. "Why, Stacey? I'd kill to be just a human like you!"

"Do you want me to tell everyone your secret over the school radio?" she asked me, gazing at me intensely.

"Stacey-- why, though?"

"Because if you're going to be a vampire, I am too. I'll be whatever you are," she said to me, smiling faithfully, "we're best friends, Claire!"

"Fine," I grinned at her, and pulled her to the bushes, then scratched her arm with my teeth-- which I turned into fangs.

Blood dripped from her arm, but Stacey explained she felt nothing. "C'mon, Claire. Let's just go ahead and pretend we're ordinary beings." She smiled at me.

After school, Stacey hurried to see Dr. Jet, to get blood, so I was on my own walking home. I opened the backdoor, which lead into our backyard, and sighed as I began into it.


I whirled around. "Jeremy?" Jeremy Park was the most popular and good-looking boy in our school-- to me as well, although he was a junior and one year older than me.

"Can I talk to you?"

"Sure," I grinned at him and lead him to a table on the patio where we sat down.

"I know your secret," he said, and paused, "because..."

"How could Stacey tell you! That--" Jeremy interrupted me.

"She didn't, Claire," Jeremy murmured, "I know 'cause... I bit you."

"What! How-- I didn't even know you knew who I was!"

"Claire, I'm sorry now. I should have realized that it was impossible, after all," Jeremy murmured.

"What?" I asked, hopefully.

"I always liked you, and I wanted to be with you," he whispered to me quietly. "But I knew since I was a vampire and you were a mortal-- there was no way. So I bit you while we were running during P.E."

"Why do you say it was impossible?" I asked, and rested my hand on his, because it wasn't.

"I'm not crazy. I'm a teenager," I thought to myself.

I'm not crazy. I'm a teenager!

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