For A Friend :)

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Haha...true friends these days :)

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011



Roses are red, violets are blue

I guess ill write a stupid poem for you too.

I thought we were close, or at least we should have been,

but everything feels like lies, you were never my friend.

AS much as i helped you, got you through your sad times,

You repaid me with bitterness, virtual carlessness many times.

I will not blame everything, on silly little you, because i sought after things i wouldnt normally pursue.

I know what i did was wrong, through the beginning and end, but even through that you should have been a true friend.

I gave all my sorries and for forgivness i begged, i never meant to hurt you with the things that i did.

I cried through all those nights, knowing i served you harm, and through time it seemed to get better, or at least i thought you had moved on.

And little did i know, you were still holding grudges, and when that day came you showed your true colors.

You laughed in my face, and said "Karma's a bitch"

And all i could think is what kind of person is this.

I know i was wrong in the things that i did, but if i were in your shoes i would never have done this.

If you really loved me, if we were really friends, you would have felt sympathy, you would have cared, you would have caught my falling tears.

So now as i look back, on the friendship we have

All i see is illusions, and constant back stabs.

But even as you are, i can learn to forgive, ill still love you forever, do the job you should be, and act as a true friend.

You can hide behind your smiles, jokes, and new found "love"

But i know the real you, like no other human does.

And the next time your down, crushed and depressed,

my heart will come to your rescue, drag you from your distress.

but my mind, so evil, cruel you may think, will speak for my heart's wounds,

And in thought will be saying the same phrase you spoke to me...

"Karma's a Bitch!" You fake heartless trick....

-MyusicalChairs ?

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