Phases of Life

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This poem actually comes with many abstractions. When writing this I thought of both the dark and the bright side of life. I kind of just directly said out my thoughts. I believe that it needs some improvement. It doesn't exactly have a focus, although the writer does know where it is going, it might be a confusion to the readers. It does sound a bit cliche and the reader might not have anything to grasp on, but It isn't suppose to have any kind of scenario. It is simply a direct poem about my thoughts on life.

Submitted: July 23, 2013

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Submitted: July 23, 2013



Life is,

An insightful glimpse of undertermined pathways.

An unintentional creation,

As the innocence of a new born child.


Life is,

A depiction of drowning and still being able to breathe,

And hatred that loathes simply for being.


Life is,

Evil, the lack of consience.

The anger of inbred violence towards one self or another.

It's temptation that greeds you forward,

To an agony of prison.


Failure becomes a broken and useless effort.

A unity that pulls humanity apart.

The envy of keeping an eye of what you can't have,

And jealousy that leads to an emotional rivalry towards fortune.


Happiness overpowers it all.

It's the forceful army of our devotion,

Bringing love, a strong unconditional fondess between opposites.

The state in which all humanity should be equal.


Sucess is triumph after an eternity of hard work,

It becomes pride, the emotion of integrity.

A lust approaching,

And the beauty of nature itself.



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