because she is a woman

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this is a poem about woman. it touches on the emotional vulnerability of women and their interaction with men. despite their weaknesses women are strong and loving people. a brief mention of south african women who played a significant role in paving south africa's democracy.

Submitted: March 08, 2016

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Submitted: March 08, 2016



Because she is a woman

She who bears the epitome of humanity to life.

She who endures the torment of the delivery she brings forth.

She who cries over the seemingly trivial.

Yet because she is a woman she remains special.

Life so fraught with problems and tribulations that challenge her courage and wisdom

Fears pervading her inner being.

Emotional catastrophe agonizing her like a bee sting.

Heart bleeding dry but tears imprisoned by the silence that feeds on her.

But through her indefatigable strength, she manages to pull herself together.

Just because she is a woman!

An anchor that stands firm amidst of the dip but never stumbles 

A pillar that withstands even the harshest thunders but never crumbles

She is a provider, a nurturer, a protector, a warrior, a supporter.

She is everything because she is a woman.

 Predetermined to love unconditionally despite his empty promises

Predisposed to his unyielding power regardless of the point he misses.

Because she is a woman!

Though her tenderness might turn bittersweet she still loves.

Like the love of a lioness upon her cub, her affection thrives.

Just because she is a woman!

Her femininity does not paint stark pictures of who she is, neither what she is.

She should define the essence of being a woman because she is a woman, and I am not!

Honoured are the heroines of the struggle, the voices of the oppressed and the legends of time.

The likes of Lillian Ngoyi, Ruth Sekgomotse Mompati, Winnie Madikizela.

For they are the frames of phenomenal women.

Be the woman you desire to be, not what is desired by men.

Break free from the chains of conformity.

Escape the false comfort of mediocrity.

Be the change you want to be.

Emancipate your inner thoughts from fear and turn them into strong words that break the walls of patriarchy.

Rise women.


Mzwandile Mangqangala




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