The Hitchhiker

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A man is driving through the woods and encounters a hitchhiker.

Submitted: September 14, 2014

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Submitted: September 14, 2014



The man was travelling down the road. This man didn’t know who he was, how he got in the car, where he was going or why. He just decided to keep driving.

The road was a two-lane road. Trees lined the side of the road. They had no leaves, and their barks were dark brown. Everything around the road was pitch black and nothing could be seen. Not even the moon and the stars. He could only see a few feet in front of him then the road after that vanished into oblivion.

The man was getting so used to driving on forever that he didn’t notice someone else on the road. A man, probably in his late sixties, was walking on the road in front of the car.

He slammed on the brakes and flew out of his seat face-first into the steering wheel.

The old man turned and walked over to the passenger seat door. The car had no glass in the windows. “I’ve been walking for quite a while and would like a lift,” yelled the man.

He had a top hat with a grey suit jacket. He wore black jeans which had faded. His suit jacket was tattered and had holes all over. His jeans had rips at his knees and thighs.

What was most interesting was his beard. It grew long until his abdomen and had things squirming in it.

The man in the car thought for a while if he should let the old man take a ride.

“Hop in!”

They drove off into darkness.

“Where do I drop you off?”

“Just a few more miles”

While driving for a while, the driver noticed the old man was staring at something in his hand. It was a book. He seemed to be reading intently since he never looked up for any sign of his drop-off area.

“What’s the book about?” asked the driver.

After two minutes of dead silence he replied, “A tale of ghosts. Do you believe there are any out there?”


After two more minutes of seemingly endless driving in silence the passenger questioned, “Why not?”

“I’ve never seen one, that’s why.”

Even more silence, but when it seemed that the passenger had finished his tale of ghosts he looked up and whispered, “We’re here.”

The driver stepped on the brakes, more slowly this time, and came screeching to a halt.

“Thank you, sir.” The old man opened the door and got up. He slammed the door.

The driver looked at him, but he was gone. He wasn’t anywhere in sight.

The road shook. The trees rattled in the wind. The road started to crumble away and fade into nothing. The trees fell into the darkness around them and were gone. The car was lost. The driver stood in the middle of the road. He had nowhere to go. It crumbled at his feet. He fell.

He woke in his bed. The man knew who he was now. He was Erik Green. Erik was 27 years old and had a job as a mechanic at the local auto shop.

He got up to look outside the window. There, standing in his top hat with his long beard, was the old man. He stared at Erik.

He mouthed something then vanished.

“Believe in us.”

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