Forever asleep

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The apocalypse has ended and one being remains... but for how much longer

Submitted: October 27, 2014

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Submitted: October 27, 2014



The howling wind washed over the moon.

Whispering softly – “You’ll be done soon.”


Stormy clouds invaded the sky –

Leaving the sun, alone, to die.


Stars faded from vision of sight,

Abandoning the world to the dead of night.


A single soul (conspicuous to none),

Escaped from shadows at the funeral of sun.


Fog rolling at the base of his feet –

He patiently awaited the stars retreat.


Finally emerging to a spotlight of one:

Alone in the world, all the living…? Gone.


Carefully kneeling beside a carved rock,

He traced the indents till the end of his clock.


He collapsed to the ground – a pile of defeat…

The earths last treasure, forever, asleep.

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