love? worth it?

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after everything love can put you through, is it worth it?

(my first poem, please comment what you think, be honest)

Submitted: July 06, 2014

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Submitted: July 06, 2014



Love sways back and forth

Like a branch in the breeze

Or maybe like a rocking horse

To and fro until at peace


Love is broken like glass

And shatters to the ground

Or maybe it’ll just pass

Disappear without a sound


Love can leave salty cheeks

And eyes filled with despair

Or maybe break apart for weeks

Then once again repair


Love is for the strong,

Who can handle endless pain

Cause maybe you’ll be wrong

And your trials be in vain


Love can be a storm

Mix of heart ache and smiles

Make you heart feel nice and warm

Or make you run away for miles


Love has lows and highs

Always spinning like a disk

But for that special feeling inside

It’s always worth the risk

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