Dysphoria (Screenplay)

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A teenager (16) is on the verge of depression. He lost his girlfriend due to rumors spread about him which weren't true. The teenager begins to see a counselor to deal with this problem. The counselor ends up helping him in a very unique and strange way...

*** I know the description of the scenes will not be very detailed, but I have where I want to shoot the scenes at in my head. For example, in the opening paragraph, I say I will drive by "Rowdy's house" This is a guy in my grade, he has a big house on top of a hill. But if you can overlook the scence description, and tell me what you think of the overall plot, I would appreciate some constructive criticism. I may also change some parts of the script in the future, this may not be the final draft. If there are any questions, feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer them.***

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




"Opening credits" Kaleb, (a sixteen year old boy who is on the verge of depression) and Andy, (Kaleb's sixteen year old friend who drives him around) will start driving past Rowdy's house (this is about 1/4th of a miles away form the lake we will see later). *We will pan the camera over to the Lake on the left when we get a little ways past Rowdy's house* and we will cut the credits when we get by the Vian Cemetary

*Kaleb, Andy, and their friend Dave are hanging out, watching the movie SAW*

(Andy and Dave each have their girlfriends with them)

(The 2 couples will be sitting beside each other, and Kaleb will be sitting in a chair by himself, *he will have a distant expression on his face*

*Everyone will be quiet for about 10-15 seconds, watching SAW*

Kaleb:I'm gonna go get something to drink, you guys want anything?

Andy: I'll have a Dr. Pepper.

Kaleb: Anybody else?

*no answer*

*Kaleb walks to the kitchen to get drinks*

Dave:So you guys got homework this weekend?

Andy: Yeah, (laughs) Calculus, I didn't even bother bringing it home

Dave: (laughs) Understandable

Brittany: (girly) Oh my gosh, you guys, did you see what Ms. Green was wearing today...gross!

*Show Andy's face, he is annoyed*

Amber: I know right!

Dave: yeah (laughs)

Andy: Yeah (annoyed)

Andy: What in the world is he doing in there, he should have been back by now, I'm gonna go see what the hold up is

*Andy goes into the kitchen to check on Kaleb*

*Kaleb is pouring the last bit of Dr. Pepper in the glasses, he has a sad expression on his face*

Kaleb:*Handing one glass to Andy* Here you go(sad)

Andy: (sympathetic)Look man, I know you don't like it when I bring Amber, but there's not really anything I can do about it, she sneaked over to my house after her parents grounded her, I couldn't make her go back, and you know me; I always look forward to coming over here.

Kaleb: (sighs) Yeah, but why is Dave even here, I don't know what it is, but I get a bad feeling when I'm around him, and Brittany doesn't even like me very much, why did he have to bring HER? I don't know about you, but I can't stand her.

Andy:Same here man (laughs) But when you're whipped like he is,she's like a dictator; what she says goes, there's no way around it.

Kaleb: Man, I can't even enjoy the movie now...

Dave:(yelling) Hey guys, you about done in there?

*Kaleb and Andy walk back into the living room, sitting down where they were previously*

*Show the scene where Dr. Gordon is cutting his foot angrily*

Dave:(laughing) You can do it!

Andy:(laughing) I doubt it

*Show Dr. Gordon unsuccessfully cutting the chain*

Brittany: What a wimp

Andy (annoyed) Think you could do better?

Britttany: (appauled) Well excuse me Mr. Attitude

Kaleb: (laughs quickly and loudly)

Brittany: (sighs in shock) *Looks over at Dave*

Dave: *looks over at Kaleb and coughs to get his attention*

Kaleb: (angry) What?

Dave: You need to chill (angry)


Andy: What's your problem Dave? ( defending Kaleb)

Kaleb: (mocking Brittany) Yeah!

Dave: Couldn't tell you, but I think I can tell you Kaleb's...

*Show Kaleb's face, he realizes what Dave is hinting at*

Andy: Knock it off *shaking his head*

Dave: * looking at Andy* I don't think so.

Dave: *looks at Kaleb* Well, well, well (laughing) *rubbing Brittany's arm*

This is interesting, I'm dating Brittany and Andy her is with Amber. That's strange, there's only 2 girls here, where is Sarah?

*Kaleb has a furious look on his face, zoom in on his face to use as transition to a flashback*

[Flashback to 4 months ago]

*Driving down the highway towards city lake*

Andy: It's been a long day don't you think?

Kaleb:(sigh) Oh yeah, soon as we get done here, I'm gonna fall asleep *snaps* just like that

Andy: I hear you.

*They turn into City Lake and Andy will park the car in the middle parking space*

*Show a certain vehicle as Andy and Kaleb are walking to the trail*

Kaleb: Oh wow (laughs)

Andy:(laughs) What?

Kaleb:(laughs) Look who's here *points to car*

Andy: (laughs) Uh oh, you gonna try something? (curious)

Kaleb: We'll see (laughs)

Andy: Ok

Kaleb: Let's go (laughing)

*Kaleb and Andy are on the trail jogging*

*Kaleb can not stop laughing, he's not busting up laughing, but he is snickering the whole time*

*After about 15-25 seconds of jogging, Kaleb and Andy come to a bridge*

*Sarah is standing on the bridge by herself, looking at the trees*

Kaleb: God (laughing)

Kaleb: Act like you don't know me, play it cool, stay back here, and once I start talking to her,walk by casually.

Andy: Alright, good luck

Kaleb*takes a deep breath*

*Kaleb walks toward Sarah*

*When he is about halfway to her, he looks back at Andy with a hesitant look on his face. Andy nods his head up and down*

*Kaleb walks up to Sarah*

Kaleb: Beautiful day isn't it?

Sarah: Oh yeah, it's lovely

Kaleb: Yeah, I usually come here every weekend, it helps me relax.

Sarah: I can see that, it's so peaceful out here

Kaleb: It really is, I'm Kaleb by the way.

Sarah: Sarah, nice to meet you.

Kaleb: So, do you come here often?

Sarah: Actually no, this is the first time I've ever been, I heard good things about it though, so I decided to check it out.

*Andy walks by casually*

Kaleb: Well maybe I can show you around if you don't mind.

Sarah: That sounds great.

*Andy is sitting on a bench a little ways ahead of Sarah and Kaleb*

*Kaleb and Sarah walk by Andy*

*Andy smiles as Kaleb and Sarah walk by*

*Kaleb are Sarah are walking along the trail*

Kaleb: So, do you go to school here?

Sarah: Yeah, I started going here last week

Kaleb: How do you like it so far?

Sarah: It's ok I guess, it's better than my last school; it was just way too big.

Kaleb: I understand

Sarah: What grade are you in?

Kaleb: I'm a junior

Sarah: Really? I would have guessed a Senior (laughs)

Kaleb: How about you?

Sarah: I'm a junior too.

Kaleb: I'm surprised I haven't talked to you at school, then again I've always been a really shy person, plus as pretty as you are I'd probably say something stupid. Like I might have just did (laughs)

Sarah: (blushes, laughs) Aww, thanks. So you're a Corey Taylor fan too I see

Kaleb: Yeah, I like Stone Sour too, so you like this kind of music.

Sarah: Oh yeah, he's probably one of the best singers out there right now.

Kaleb: Couldn't agree more.

Sarah: You seem like a really cool guy, I'm glad I got to talk to you out here.

Kaleb: Yeah, me too. I really enjoyed it (smiles)

Sarah: (smiles)

Kaleb: Um, you mind if I get your number?

Sarah: Sure...*she happens to have a sharpie in her pocket, she writes her number (286-4212) on Kaleb's right palm*

Kaleb: Thanks, I'll give you a call sometime.

Sarah: Ok, bye

Kaleb: Bye

*Kaleb walks back towards the bench Andy is sitting on, he has a smile on his face*

Andy: (whispering) So?

Kaleb: *shows Andy his palm*

Andy: Nice

Kaleb: Mind if we go back now?

Andy: (laughs) sure

[Transition back to car]

Kaleb: I can't believe I pulled that off.

Andy: I'm honestly surprised too, no offense, (laughs) but I'm happy for you man.

Kaleb: Thanks

Andy: So how did you do it?

Kaleb: Not a whole lot to say, I just asked for her number, and she gave it to me

Andy: Pretty basic, but it worked, good job.

Kaleb: Yep

* Andy starts the vehicle*

*They back out of the lake parking lot*

[Transition as they leave the parking lot]

*In Andy's vehicle in Kaleb's driveway now*

Andy: You want me to hang here with you?

Kaleb: Nah, I'm pretty tired man; but we'll hang out again soon.

Andy: Ok

*Kaleb exits car and goes in his house*

*Andy pulls out of the driveway*

*Kaleb looks over at the TV, thinking about turning it on*

Kaleb: ehhh (at tv)*walks to bedroom to sleep*

[Transition to 11 a.m. the next morning]

*Kaleb rolls out of bed, goes to his closet, and grabs some new clothes*

* Kaleb walks out of the bedroom and goes to the bathroom to change*

*Kaleb walks out of the bathroom and goes to the living room*

*Kaleb approaches the phone*

Kaleb: Too soon? nahhh, *looks at palm*

*the numbers will be faded a little bit, but still readable*

*Kaleb picks up phone*

Kaleb: Ok... * enters numbers, he will struggle with the last 4 numbers a bit*

Kaleb:*enters the rest of the numbers*

*Kaleb takes a deep breath*

*phone dial x3*

Sarah: (sounding like she just woke up) Hello

Kaleb: Hey Sarah, it's Kaleb.

Sarah: (suddenly sounding wide awake) Oh hey, Kaleb...what's going on?

Kaleb: Oh nothing much, what are you doing next Saturday?

Sarah: Saturday my aunt was going to take me to the mall, they're having a massive sale at Hot Topic.

Kaleb: Oh (discouraged)

Sarah: Why?

Kaleb: I was gonna ask you if you wanted to come over and play some video games or something with me again.

Sarah: Yeah, I can probably come over, I should be back around 6 or 7 that night , so I'll give you a call when I'm back.

Kaleb: Ok, sounds good, see you then

Sarah: Bye

Kaleb: Bye

*Kaleb hangs up the phone*

*Show a calendar (today will be September 14th) the previous days will be marked out with an x...we will show the calendar having X's added to them until the next Saturday*

[Transition using calendar]

*Kaleb is sitting in his chair watching ESPN*

*Someone knocks on the door*

Kaleb: It's open

*Sarah walks through the door, she looks upset and angry about something*

Kaleb: Sarah...(concerned) what's wrong?

Sarah: (laughs) Give up the act, I know you don't care about me.

Kaleb: What are you talking about? (baffled)

Sarah: All you care about is sex.

Kaleb: I don't recall that ever having mentioned anything like that, I'm not that kind of person.

Sarah: Save it pal, I've been hearing it all week around town, and I've finally confronted you about it.

Kaleb: Hearing what?

Sarah: Oh everybody knows how you go after new girls or girls out of town and use them.

Kaleb: I really have no clue what you are talking about, you're the first girlfriend I've ever had.

Sarah: (laughs) Yeah, and probably the last, it's over!

Kaleb: (sad) Really? We haven't even been going together a week and you want to call it off now, we don't even know each other that well.

Sarah: That's probably a good thing.

*Sarah storms out the door*

*Kaleb is disappointed, heartbroken, and angry, he is now sitting in his chair with his head in his hands*

[Transistion back to present day]

*Kaleb is bottling up his emotions*

Andy:(angry) That's enough!

Dave: I disagree, I'm just getting warmed up. *smells the air* What's that smell, oh I know what that is, that's jealousy...face it Kaleb, you had your chance and you absolutely ruined it, it sure does take a special kind of person to mess things up the way you did.

*Kaleb can not keep quiet any longer*

Kaleb: Shut up! (yells)

Dave:(laughing) Yelling at me isn't going to fix you're mistakes, unlike you I actually have someone to care about *looks at Brittany* come on babe, we're outta her.

*show Andy's face, he is mad,disappointed and shaking his head*

*Dave and Brittany walk out the door*

*Kaleb lets them get about halfway to their car, then he begins to follow them*

Kaleb: I think I'd rather be alone that stuck with someone like that.

*show Dave's face, he is angered*

Dave:(whispering) Wait in the car.

*Dave turns around to confront Kaleb*

Dave: (angry) What do you mean someone like that?

Kaleb:(factual) Someone who thinks everything revolves around them, and thinks they're all that, when in reality they are as dumb as a second coat of paint, and ugly as sin(smiles)

*Dave acts llike he is going to turn around and go home, he takes a step or two and then turns around toward Kaleb and tries to punch him (right fist to the jaw)*

*Kaleb catches Dave's punch, and kicks his legs, (knocking him down)*

Kaleb: (amused) That's it?

*Dave is scared and flustered, he falls down the first time trying to get off the ground, and then hurries off to his car and leaves*

*Kaleb has a smirk on his face as he is walking back to the house*

Andy:(amazed) How did you know he was gonna try and hit you?

Kaleb:(Serious) If you study someone closely, everthing becomes clear.

Kaleb: Well, you wanna get back to that movie?

Andy: Yeah

*They walk back into the house and sit down*

*They will be watching SAW for about 15-20 seconds in silence*

Andy: I didn't know you had it in you.

Kaleb: What's that?

Andy: Embarrassing Dave like that.

Kaleb: It wasn't hard; if it was you it wold have been harder, but Dave, he's always seemed shady to me, I don't trust him.

Andy: (sincerely) Plus, I bet it added fuel to the fire when he mentioned the whole Sarah situation.

Kaleb:(sad) Yeah...that definitely got me going.

*Andy looks at watch*

Andy: Aw man, I'm gonna have to miss Dr. Gordon cut his foot off, that's my favorite part too, I promised the folks I'd be home by now.

Kaleb:You want to borrow it, I don't really need it.

Andy: No, it's ok.

Kaleb: Ok, suit yourself

*Andy stands up, then Kaleb stands up*

Kaleb: Well, thanks for stopping by

Andy: No problem.

*Andy walks out the door and goes to his car*

*Show Andy's car leaving*

Kaleb: Well this sucks, I could sit through this for the millionth time, nah, I think I'll take yet another nap

*Leans back in chair to take a nap*

[Zoom in on clock to use as a transition for waking up]

*Kaleb wakes up from nap about 2 hours later*

*The tv shows the SAW main menu screen*

Kaleb: Don't feel like watching this, I've seen it too many times.

*Kaleb gets up and walks to his room and kneels down by the ps2 on the floor and looks for a game to play*

Kaleb:*holding game cases in hand* (Tenchu Wrath of Heaven) No. (Arena Football) Not good. (Scooby Doo) eh, not in the mood (Freekstyle) No . *annoyed*

*Kaleb gets up and walks to the living room to call Andy*

*Kaleb picks up the phone and calls Andy*

*Dial tone 4x*

Andy: Hello

Kaleb: Hey Andy.

Andy: Oh, hey Kaleb, what's up?

Kaleb: Just looking through some old games, do you think you can give me a ride to the game store tomorrow?

Andy: I guess I could. Why?
Kaleb: Well, I found a certain game that I don't want to hold on to anymore, if you know what I mean.

Andy: Freekstyle?

Kaleb: Yeah

Andy: I see (concerned)um, yeah I think I can give you a lift tomorrow, what time?

Kaleb: Whenever you can

Andy: Ok , I'll see you tomorrow then.

Kaleb: Ok. bye.

*Kaleb hangs up the phone*

*Kaleb will head to his bedroom, turn off the lights and go to sleep*

*The alarm clock will show that the time is 3:30 am*

*Kaleb will hear a loud sound of static from a tv, and it will wake him up*

*Kaleb gets out of bed and walks to the living room to check on the noise, he finds nothing*

*He returns to bed, he will encounter a dark figure in the room, (this is his old counselor)*

Kaleb: (DD smile)

Hooded Figure: I will not fail you, it will all work out. *hooded figure places his hand on Kaleb's head and makes him lay down and go back to sleep* (As he is leaving) (whispers) Watch the shade.


*Show the landscape, it is now morning time*

*Kaleb is sitting in a chair watching ESPN and drinking a Dr. Pepper*

*Someone knocks at the door*

Kaleb: Come in.

*Andy walks in the door*

Andy: Are you ready?

Kaleb: Just a sec.

*Kaleb walks to his room to get the Freekstyle game*

*Kaleb stands in his room staring at the case for about 10 seconds, he develops a sad expression on his face*

*Kaleb walks out of his room and is ready to go*

Kaleb: I gotta put some clothes in the dryer real quick

Andy: Alright

*Kaleb walks to the laundry room, he puts clothes in the dryer*

*He walks back into the living room*

Andy: Let's hit the road.

Kaleb: Ok

*Kaleb turns out the light*

*They walk towards Andy's vehicle*

*They take off toward the game store*


*They are now on Old 82 HWY driving back from the game store*

Kaleb: Well, I only got $2 for that game, but it was worth it.

Andy: Yeah, I bet it was (agreeing)

Andy: Want to hit the trail one more time just for old times sake?

Kaleb: (hesitant) Not really.

Andy: Who knows, it might be good for you to go back at least 1 time.

Kaleb:(sad) I doubt it (sighs)

Andy: You never know

Kaleb: (annoyed) Alright, let's go then

*Andy and Kaleb go to the city lake*

*They park and exit the vehicle*

*Kaleb will start walking on the left side of the trail, show the sign by the trail, (it says Lake Trail) He will reach into his pocket and pull out his mp3 player, he will insert both earphones in his ears, Under my Feet/Celldweller will play*

*Kaleb will walk for about 30-40 seconds until he reaches the bridge*

*When Kaleb reaches the bridge, he will have an uncomfortable look on his face*

*Kaleb will grab the side of the bridge and look out at the trees for about 10 seconds*

*360 shot right here*

*Kaleb will walk across the bridge and take a seat on a bench*

*Andy will come running around the corner seconds later*

Andy: What's wrong?

Kaleb: I don't want to be here.

Andy:(sighs) Sorry.

Kaleb: It's alright...

Andy: It'll get better

Kaleb: I wish I felt as optimistic as you do (uncomfortabe laugh)

[Transition to Andy and Kaleb leaving city lake]

[Transition to old 82 HWY heading towards the church]

*Driving towards intersection by church (I will be coming from old 82, Sarah will be in a vehicle across from Andy and Kaleb*

Andy: Let's get some tunes going.

Kaleb: Ok

*Kaleb turns up the radio when they are about to cross the first intersection from old 82, SH3 Please Love Me Once More plays*

*Driving down the road*

*Reach stop sign*

*Andy looks both ways*

Kaleb: You're good man, go ahead.

Andy: Nah, I'm feeling generous today.

(There is going to be a car across from Kaleb and Andy)

*Andy signals car across from him to go first*

*The other driver starts to take off towards Andy and Kaleb's direction*

*As the car is approaching Kaleb, we see a deep look of regret in Kaleb's eyes as he is looking at the passenger, it is Sarah*

*Show Sarah's face as she goes by Kaleb, she doesn't really have any sort of expression on her face*

*Show Kaleb's face* (He is surprised, shocked, and in a sense, angry)

*Andy does not notice who was in the car that just passed him*

Andy: What's wrong?

Kaleb: (hesitantly) Nothing, I'm fine. I'm gonna take a nap, is that cool?

Andy: You sure do take a lot of naps (laughs)

Kaleb: You can thank hypersomnia for that.

*Kaleb will take a deep breath as he leans back in his seat and closes his eyes*

*Kaleb will take a nap, and wake up as we approach the driveway leading to his house*

Andy: *nudges Kaleb* We're here.

*Kaleb wakes up*

Kaleb: Thanks for the ride.

Andy: We still on for later?

Kaleb: I don't think I'm gonna be able to make it tonight.

Andy: Why not?

Kaleb: I just want to stay at home tonight.

Andy: Ok, talk to you later then.

Kaleb: Later

*Kaleb opens the door, and exits the vehicle*

*Andy starts to back out of the driveway*

*Kaleb starts walking towards his door*

*As Kaleb starts to use his key to unlock the door, he drops it*

*He picks up the key and opens the door*

*Kaleb turns on the light*

*Kaleb will take his shoes off, and go over to the tv to turn it on*

*Goes to kitchen to get a pop*

*Walks back into living room to sit down and watch ESPN*

Kaleb: *sighs*

*Kaleb is going to watch tv and comments on what he sees for about 20 seconds*

*Inside Andy's car, he is going down a highway (HWY 64 towards Sallisaw)*

*Back to Kaleb, he is still watching and commenting on what he's watching*

Kaleb: Those clothes are still in the dryer...

*Walks to laundry room*

*Grabs a basket beside the dryer*

*Kaleb is taking clothes out of the dryer*

*Kaleb is putting his clothes in the basket*

*Walks to bedroom to organize his clothes*

*Narration as he starts to put clothes in the drawer*

*We will have a sad song playing in the background*

Kaleb: I don't get it. Out of all the people to drive past today, it had to be her, it's funny, considering it's over and hour long drive to here from where she lives now (laughs). (sighs) She was one of the coolest girls I knew. if only I could have a second chance, I would not let anything or anybody mess it up...there's no way!

*Walk back into living room after putting clothes away*

*sit down to watch tv*

*there is a commerical*

Kaleb: Well, what else is on?

*Hits a button on the remote to change channels (The channel doesn't change)*

Kaleb: What the hell is this!?

*Kaleb hits the back of remote*

*Channel finally changes after about 5-10 seconds of Kaleb hitting the button*

Kaleb: About time

*Tv shows Sarah in a vacant lot, she is walking forward, then suddenly, she stops*

*Kaleb looks freaked out, puzzled*

Kaleb: What's this? (laughs) No, no, no, my eyes are messing with me.

*Kaleb is really worried now and doesn't know what is going on*

*Kaleb reaches for the power button on the tv, and soon as he hits it, the tv sucks him into it*

[Transition to a vacant lot]

*Kaleb is now in the area that Sarah was at on the TV*

Kaleb: Where am I? (concerned)

Sarah: Relax, everything's ok

Kaleb: You sure?

Sarah: *Laughs* yes, why wouldn't it be?

Kaleb: Nevermind...

Kaleb: (acting like he knows the Sarah, which he does, but she doesn't know him) so what have you been up to the past year or so?

Sarah: Nothing special, you know just chillin'

Kaleb: *laughs* Same here basically

Kaleb: *inner thought* It worked once before

Kaleb: Are you seeing anyone?

Sarah: what do you mean?

Kaleb: Relationship wise, do you have a boyfriend?

Sarah: (shocked) Wow! way to be blunt about it you freak! *walks away*

Kaleb:(show his face, he nods his head in disgust, is mad at himself) Wait!*walks after Sarah*

*As Kaleb is chasing after her, the world around him starts to disappear into thin air*

[Transition back to Andy's vehicle]

Andy: Wake up! *nudges Kaleb* (Kaleb is still napping) Wake up! *nudges Kaleb harder*

Kaleb: What? *very confused* What's going on? Where is she? (angry)

Andy: Who? (puzzled)

Kaleb: You now who! (angry)

Andy: Actually I don't. (confused)

Kaleb: Whatever, I'll find her myself! (angry)

Andy: What are you talking about? You've been in this car sleeping the whole time, you didn't move!

Kaleb: Ok (sarcastically), (angry) just leave me alone.

Andy: I planned on it. You need some time to relax, I don't know what's gotten into you, but give me a call when you've chilled out.

Kaleb: Alright.

*Pulling in to Kaleb's driveway*

* Kaleb exits the car and walks to his house*

Kaleb: ( voiceover) This is insane, it had to have been a dream, I mean that couldn't actually happen, but it all felt so real.

*Unlocks and opens door*

*Kaleb turns on the light*

*Kaleb pinches himself to make sure this is reality*

Kaleb: Ok, I felt that.

*Kaleb walks to his chair*

Kaleb: Ok, *feels the chair* we have here a nice cushioned chair, yep this is fefinitely the real world. (laughs) boy do I feel ridiculous saying that, that was one meesed up dream I had.

*Looks at tv*

Kaleb: Oh (comments over tv) it's gonna have to wait.

*Kaleb walks to the bathroom*

Kaleb is in the bathroom, he unzips his zipper and begins to urinate, he washes his hands, and dries them*

*Kaleb walks out of the bathroom and sits back down in his chair*

Kaleb: (announcer tone) This is sportscenter...this is me changing the channel.

*tries to change the channel* ( it does not work)

Kaleb: Coincidence? (worried)

*Kaleb hits the back of the control to get it to work*

*Kaleb changes the channel*

(The channel is the one with the Sarah on it)

Kaleb: No way (shocked) nuh uh, screw this, I'm not falling for it again.

*Kaleb gets out of his chair and tries to walk to the kitchen. There will be an invisible barrier along the kitchen entrance refusing to let Kaleb in*

Kaleb: Excuse me! (confused)

*Kaleb puts his hands against the barrier, doesn't work*

*Kaleb takes a couple of steps back and charges at the barrier, he gets pushed to the ground*

Kaleb: What on earth? (scared)

Kaleb: What's going on? (desperate)

*Kaleb walks hesitantly to the TV to turn it off*

*Right as his finger gets inches away from the button, he gets sucked in it*

[Transition to vacant lot]

Sarah: What are you not falling for?

Kaleb: You heard that? (confused) I'm certainly not falling for you again!

Sarah: What's that supposed to mean you jerk! *slaps Kaleb*

Kaleb: *shakes his head* *reaching towards Sarah* I didn't mean it like *the world starts to disappear* that...

[transition back to car]

Andy: Wake up Kaleb! (yelling)

Laleb: *wakes up* *looks around quickly* *touches the window, knocks on it*

Andy: What are you doing? (laughs)

Kaleb: Why am I back here?

Andy: What are you talking about?

Kaleb: Was I in this car the whole time you was driving?

Andy: (laughs) Yeah, where else could you have been?

Kaleb: (concerned) I don't know.

*arriving home*

Andy: Take it easy

Kaleb: I'll try.

*shuts car door and walks toward house*

*Kaleb has a blank expression on his face*

*unlocks and opens door*

*turns light on*

*sits down in chair to watch tv*

*turns on tv*

Kaleb: ( laughs) of course it's ESPN.

*Kaleb starts to count seconds off on his fingers*

Kaleb: (scarcastically) Hmmm, I wonder what else is on?

*tries to change cannel ( it doesn't work)

Kaleb: Darn it!

*Kaleb counts off 5 seconds on his hand*

*changes channel to the one with Sarah on it*

Kaleb: What do you want? ( annoyed)

(When Sarah talks through the tv, her voice will be altered similar to how they do on tv shows to protect someone's identity, but her voice will be higher pitched than normal)

Sarah: Come here


Sarah: Just come here!

kaleb: Just a sec

*(Kaleb will have a scared look on his face) Kaleb walks towards the kitchen, the barrier bounces him back again*

*Kaleb tries to walk to his bedroom, that area bounces him back also*

Kaleb: I thought so.

Sarah: It's no use.

Kaleb: (sighs) Alright.

*Kaleb walks toward the tv and gets sucked in it*

[Transition to vacant lot]

*Kaleb has a worried look on his face*

Sarah: What's wrong dude? ( she does not know Kaleb's name)

Kaleb: Don't worry about it...so are you still mad for what I said to you last time we talked?

Sarah: Last time? I have never seen you in my life!

Kaleb: What are you talking about? The last time we talked you got upset because I said I wasn't falling for you, and you slapped me.

Sarah: Ok (skeptical) well, I don't know where you got that idea(laughs) I'm gonna be going now, bye

*Sarah walks away*

*Kaleb starts to chase after her*

*When he is within about 2 feet away, the world disappears*

Kaleb: Why?

[ Transition back to car]

Andy: Ok lazy bones, time to wake up

Kaleb: I'm up (determined, focused)

*arriving at Kaleb's house*

Kaleb: I know you had plans and all, but do you think you can come in and stay with me for a little while, I have to show you something, if I tell you, you'll think that I'm crazy.

Andy: I really don't think I can, like you said, I already had plans.

Kaleb: Please Andy, I need your help.

Andy: I'm sorry Kaleb, I really don't think I can.

Kaleb:(hesitantly burst out) It's about Sarah.

Andy: (sighs) Ok, I suppose I can spare a few minutes

Kaleb: Thank you (grateful)

*walks to house*

Kaleb: Go ahead and make yourself at home, I'll be right back.

*Kaleb walks to the bathroom*

*Andy sits down in the chair and watches ESPN*

*In the bathroom, Kaleb is looking into the mirror thinking*

Kaleb: (thoughts) this can't be real! It's like some sort of alternate universe or something, it doesn't make any sense!

*Kaleb takes a deep breath and walks back into the living room*

*Andy is watching ESPN when Kaleb is walking back*

Kaleb: Of course you would be watching ESPN (laughs)

Andy: Is there a problem with that? (defensive)

Kaleb: Not yet.

Andy: What?

Kaleb: You'll see, change the channel real quick

Andy: Why?

Kaleb; Just do it

*Andy tries to change the channel, it doesn't work*

Andy: The batteries are dead or something, it's not working.

Kaleb: Just give it some time.

Andy: What's on your mind about Sarah, anyways?

kaleb: You're about to find out...just keep your eyes on the screen.

Andy: Huh? (confused)

Kaleb: Trust me, change the channel.

*Andy changes the channel, it goes to ESPN2, Sarah is nowhere to be seen*

*Kaleb has a dumbfounded look on his face*

Kaleb: I can't believe it! What did you do that I didn't?

Andy: What are you talking about!(laughs) I don't even know why you wanted me to stay, you didn't show me anything!

Kaleb: I really don't understand this!

Andy: Whatever man, you're not making any sense, I'm out of here.

*Andy exits the house*

Kaleb: (sighs angrily)

Kaleb: I don't know what else to do.

*Kaleb walks to his bedroom to take a nap*

Kaleb: (thoughts) Is there something I'm missing, why didn't my tv mess up again, I don't know (sighs)maybe the answers will come to me in my sleep.

*Kaleb rolls over and goes to sleep*

[Transition back to car]

Andy: Time to wake up.

*Kaleb wakes up*

Kaleb: whoa, whoa, whoa (surprised)

Andy: What?

Kaleb: Um, nothing

*Andy reaches to turn on the radio*

*Kaleb looks around to see where he is, and then grabs Andy's hand to prevent him from turning on the radio*

Andy: Hey!

Kaleb: I'd rather not hear anything right now, I have a lot on my mind.

Andy: Whatever *reaches for the radio again*

*Kaleb stops him again, this time grabbing his wrist tightly, hurting Andy*

Kaleb: I'm serious! (angry)

Andy: Ok, ok, *Andy grabs his hurt wrist, then puts his hands back on the wheel*

Kaleb: Sorry

*arriving at house*

*Kaleb gets out*

*walks to house*

Kaleb: Time to take a new approach.

*Picks up phonebook*

Kaleb: Who's a good psychiatrist in this town? Even if there is one, they won't be as good as Mr. Donald was.

[flashback to a session with Mr. Donald 2 months ago]

Donald: So on a scale of 1 to 10, how have you been feeling recently?

Kaleb: Probably about a 2, nothing good ever happens for me.

Donald: Eh, come on man; there's gotta be something you like doing.

Kaleb: Well yeah, I like sports, video games, movies.

Donald: There ya go, I just happen to have a couple of tickets to next weeks basketball game, you can go with me if you want.

Kaleb: That sounds good.

Donald: *writes something down on a notebook*

Kaleb: You don't seem like what a typical shrink would be like

Donald: What do you mean? (intrigued)

Kaleb: I mean you actually care about your clients, you don't treat them like a number, you really get to know them, I respect that.

Donald: I love my job son, I will do everything in my power to give you a better life, I mean these last couple of sessions we've had have really helped me get a grasp for the kind of person you are. I still feel bad that things didn't work out with Sarah.

Kaleb: I know, but there's nothing either of us can do about it now.

*Mr Donald smiles*

Donald: Well let's do the number test again

Kaleb: Alright

Donald: Aggression

Kaleb: eh, about a 8

Donald: Energy

Kaleb: I'd say a 4

Donald: Sadness

Kaleb: 9

Donald: I ask you these, because these 3 elements are the leading signs of depression in my opinion, I want you to feel better, and you're getting there; your Sadness and Energy has improved since last time.

Kaleb: yeah, I feel a little bit better than I have been.

Donald: That's what we're going for

Kaleb: I took my last pill last night, you want me to get a refill?

Donald: *he is thinking* Um, well you don't have to take it anymore, it should do it's job over the next few months.

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