Dysphoria (Screenplay Pt 2)

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A teenager (16) is on the verge of depression. He lost his girlfriend due to rumors spread about him which weren't true. The teenager begins to see a counselor to deal with this problem. The counselor ends up helping him in a very unique and strange way...

*** I know the description of the scenes will not be very detailed, but I have where I want to shoot the scenes at in my head. For example, in the opening paragraph, I say I will drive by "Rowdy's house" This is a guy in my grade, he has a big house on top of a hill. But if you can overlook the scence description, and tell me what you think of the overall plot, I would appreciate some constructive criticism. I may also change some parts of the script in the future, this may not be the final draft. If there are any questions, feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer them.***

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



Kaleb: Will I notice a drastic change in my mood?

Donald: Maybe not right away, but you may over the next few months.

Kaleb: Ok, well I guess I better be going now.

Donald: Ok, take care, I'll see you next week.

*Kaleb leaves Mr. Donald's office*

[transition back to Kaleb looking at phonebook]

*Looking through phonebook*

*After about 10 seconds*

Kaleb: Got nothin to lose.

*Picks up phone and dials the number to Jeff Cunningham's office*

*Kaleb will walk into his bedroom when he is talking on the phone*

*Show a small office type setting, it will be a very small office, it appears to be family operated, not a very big organization, a lady will be sitting by a phone, she will answer it*

Lady: Hello, you've reached Jeff Cunningham's office, this is Danielle, how may I help you?

Kaleb: Um, yes, I was wondering if I could make an appointment with Mr. Cunningham.

Danielle: Can I get your name?

Kaleb: Kaleb Ferguson.

Danielle: Did you have any specific date in mind Mr. Ferguson?

Kaleb: I would like to set one up today if at all possible.

Danielle: (hesitantly) Well, I'm not sure if Mr. Cunningham will be able to do one today, but I can check, can you please hold?

Kaleb: Sure.

*Danielle gets up from her desk and walks over to Mr. Cunningham's office*

*Mr. Cunningham's office will have a sign on it that says "Mr. J. Cunningham"*

*Danielle knocks on his door*

Danielle: Mr. Cunningham?

*Show Mr. Cunningham laid back in his chair drinking a can of beer*

Cunningham: (flustered) Just a second, *he puts his beer under his desk*

(there are also about 2-3 plastic holders for 6 packs of beer beside his desk)

come in Danielle.

(Cunningham is drunk, but you can't really tell all that much)

Danielle: What are you doing in here? (laughing)

Cunningham: Why do you ask that? (nervous)

*Danielle has a stern look on her face*

Dainelle: You feelin' ok today? (concerned/annoyed)

Cunningham: Me? I'm just fine (laughs)

Danielle: This isn't a joke Jeff *Mr. Cunningham cuts her off*

Cunningham. You will call me Mr. Cunningham.

Danielle: Excuse me, Mr.(emphasis) Cunningham, I just received a call from a man that needs your help, but it looks like you're in no shape to help yourself, let alone someone else.

Cunningham: No, no, no, I can handle it, what's the girl's name, is she hot?

Danielle: (annoyed) The man's name is Kaleb Ferguson, and he wants to meet with you today. He is on hold right now, do you want me to transfer him to you?

Cunningham: yeah,yeah, put the ol' boy on.

Danielle: (sighs) alright.

*Danielle walks back to her desk*

*Danelle sits down and picks up the phone*

Danielle: Sorry about the wait.

Kaleb: It's ok.

Danielle: I am now going to transfer you to Mr. Cunningham, please hold for about 30 seconds.

Kaleb:(slightly annoyed) Ok

*Danielle gets up, and goes to Cunningham's office again*

*She walks right into his office without knocking*

Danielle: He's waiting.

Cunningham: Alrighty

*Danielle leaves the room*

*Cunningham picks up his phone*

Cunningham: Mr. Ferguson?

Kaleb: Yes, hello Mr. Cunningham, I was just wondering if you had a session available for me today?

Cunningham: *heavy breathing* Oh yeah, just drop by here in about an hour and we'll be good to go.

Kaleb: Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about, do you think we could have the session at my house?

Cunning: I'm afraid that's against our policy here.

Kaleb: (pleading) I'll pay you double.

*Cunningham looks over at his beer holders*

Cunningham: I believe that can be arranged, just to be sure you are going to give me $100 right?

*Kaleb looks at his ad in the phonebook, he notices that Cunningham only charges $100 normally, it would be $200 based on Kaleb's offer, but Cunningham is drunk, and doesn't realize the profit he could make*

Kaleb: Your ad says $100, so...*Cunningham cuts him off*

Cunningham: $100 is $100 what's hard to understand about that?

Kaleb: Nothing (laughing)

*Kaleb starts to walk back into the living room*

Cunningham: Can I have an address?

Kaleb: 413 N. Virgina street

Cunningham: Alright, I'll see you in an hour or so bub.

Kaleb: Bye.

*Kaleb hangs up phone*

Kaleb: (concerned look on his face) bub?


*Show Cunningham pulling into the driveway*

Kale: That must be him.

*Cunningham is walking to the door*

*Cunningham knocks on the door 3 times*

*Kaleb answers the door*

Cunningham: Hey, are you Kaleb Ferguson?

Kaleb: That would be me, and you are Jeff Cunningham correct?

Cunningham: Yes.

Kaleb: Please come in *hand gesture to motion him in*

Cunningham: I'm liking this house you have here.

Kaleb: Thank you, can I get you something to drink?

Cunningham: (hesitantly, Cunningham wants a beer, but he must not drink in front of his patients) Um, no thanks; Shall we begin?

Kaleb: I suppose so.

*As Kaleb begins to sit down in his chair Cunningham stops him*

Cunningham: Would you mind if we go to your bedroom to have the session, I feel it will go better that way.

Kaleb: Whoa!

Cunningham: (laughing hysterically) Aw man (talking to Kaleb like they've been friends for years, Cunningham nudges Kaleb on the shoulder) I didn't mean it like that, (still laughing, not as loud though) anyways, let's move on.

Kaleb: (laughing) Ok.

*They walk to the bedroom*

Cunningham: Now what I would like for you to do is to lie down on the bed and make yourself comfortable (laughing) don't worry, I won't try anything.

*Kaleb lies down on the bed*

Kaleb: (laughing) I hope not, it would be shame to have to report you for sexual harrassment.

Cunningham: (laughing) It sure would be.

Kaleb: Yeah.

Cunningham: So why am I here today Mr. Ferguson?

Kaleb: It's very hard to explain, but I will try my best.

Cunningham: That's all you can do, go on.

Kaleb: Ok, my buddy gave me a ride home earlier today, and when we got to the intersection by the church I saw a vehicle, and in this vehicle there was a girl?

Cunningham: Do you know the girl?

Kaleb: Yeah, she moved about 2 months ago. we were actually going out for a little bit, and then she just ended it after hearing some nasty rumors about me, and today was the first time I have seen her since then.

Cunningham: I see, and how did that make you feel?

Kaleb: As soon as I looked into the vehicle and recognized her, overwhelming feeling of sadness and anger came over me, like nothing else I have ever felt. It was odd. It was starting to feel like I was getting better with handling the heartache of the breakup, but when I saw her today, it all came back.

Cunningham: What do you mean by "it all came back"?

Kaleb: (can not believe Cunningham doesn't understand what he just said, the expression on his face is astonished) The feelings I used to have for her. I guess my brain just blocked out all the thoughts and memories of us being together to help protect from the sadness and anger I would feel all the time.

Cunningham: It sounds to me that you still have feelings for this girl. Do you?

Kaleb: Yes, I believe I made it clear that I still have feelings for her (laughs)

Cunningham: *nods head* Um hmm.

Kaleb: Also, I have been having very strange occurences with my televison.

Cunningham: I don't know much about tvs, so I'm not sure I could help you with that, you might want to contact your cable company.

Kaleb: No, no, no...this is the main reason why I called you.

Cunningham: Go on...

Kaleb: This is going to sound extremely strange, whenever I turn my tv on, and I try to change channels, my remote messes up, but after about 5 seconds, it will work, but it will not change to a television channel I've ever seen, no matter what button I push, it will always go to a channel that shows the girl I like standing in a vacant lot.

Cunningham: What channel is this again?

Kaleb:(annoyed) I'm not even sure it's a real channel, but if it is, I have no clue which one it is, but it gets even more bizarre.

Cunningham: *leans forward* I'm listening

Kaleb: When the tv is on this channel, the girl will be standing there saying things to me like "come here" and she can hear things that I say. Whenever I try to leave the room, I am not able to, some force is keeping me from doing so.

Cunningham: I've never heard anything like this before.

Kaleb: And when I approach the tv to turn it off (because the remote always messes up when Sarah is on screen) the tv acts like a vacuum and sucks me into that vacant lot I was talking about, I don't know how it happens.

Cunningham: Are you currently any type of medication?

Kaleb: Not that I know of.

Cunningham: Very well, carry on...

Kaleb: When the girl and I talk, it seems like everything is normal, but when I say something stupid, or anything that gives her a strong emotional feeling, the area around us starts to disappear and I always end up waking up in my buddy's car.

Cunningham: It sounds like you're just lucid dreaming.

Kaleb: It can't be, this exact same thing with the tv has happened to me multiple times!

Cunningham: (annoyed) Why are you trying to waste my time like this kid, How long did it take for you to come up with this elaborate scheme?

Kaleb: If I made something up, it would sound more believable than this!

Cunningham: (sighs) *stands up* I believe I'm done here, *puts hand forward to shake Kaleb's hand*

*Kaleb grabs his hand very tightly, hurting Cunningham*

*Cunningham holds his wrist in pain*

Kaleb: Don't forget your $100! *slams it in Cunningham's hand*

*Cunningham walks out of the house*

*Kaleb opens the door and yells at Cunningham*

Kaleb: You're a joke Jeff, you didn't help me at all!

Cunningham: *As he is about to close his car door* Why don't you go have some more romance dreams kid!

*Kaleb is enraged, and starts to chase after Cunningham*

*Kaleb starts to punch out the passenger side window, but restrains himself*

*Cunningham pulls out of the driveway*

*Kaleb starts to walk back to the house, when all of a sudden*

Andy's voice: Wake up, Wake up.

*Kaleb looks around to try and find where the voice is coming from, seconds later, he falls down*

[Transition back to car]

Andy: You dozed off there.

Kaleb: Apparently (sarcastically)

Andy: You got any plans for today?

Kaleb: No, I just want to stay at home today.

Andy; Okey dokey

*Arriving home*

Kaleb: Thanks

*Kaleb opens the car door*

Andy: No problem

*Kaleb gets out of the car and goes to his house*

*Kaleb sits down in his chair and picks up a phonebook*

Kaleb: Yellow pages, help me out.

Kaleb: Hopefully Dan Thomas is a lot better than that fraud Cunningham.

*picks up phone and calls Thomas*

Thomas: (Thomas will be at home sitting on a couch, he runs an even smaller business than Cunningham did) You've reached Dan Thomas, how may I help you?

Kaleb: Hello, Mr. Thomas, my name is Kaleb Ferguson I wa...

*Thomas cuts Kaleb off*

Thomas: (angry) Don't call here again, Cunningham told me all about you.

*Thomas hangs up the phone*

*Kaleb has the phone to his ear and hears a dial tone*

Kaleb: Great(angry)

Kaleb: (confused) How did he remember what happened between us? I don't understand, if our session happened in one of my *airquotes* dreams, there is no way he should remember... I don't know what's going on.

Kaleb: (sighs)

Kaleb; Hurry up!

*Pushing buttons on remote*

Kaleb: Right about... now (the remote wil change channels now)

*Kaleb changes the channel*

*Sarah appears on the tv*

*Kaleb approaches tv and gets sucked in*

[Transition to vacant lot]

Kaleb: (attempting to be smooth) Is your last name Gillette? Because you're the best a man can get.

Sarah: (laughs) lame *walks away*


*walks after Sarah lazily*

*area starts to disappear*

[Transition back to car]

Andy: Wake up man!

*Kaleb wakes up*

Kaleb: Important question, what did I say to you the last time you came over?

Andy: About what?

Kaleb: Anything, just tell me anything you can remember.

Andy: I was just over about an hour ago, why is this so important?

Kaleb: (surprised) This may sound weird, but did I mention anything about Sarah and my tv?

Andy: I don't recall you ever mentioning anything about her or your tv.

Kaleb: Oh ( uncomfortable laugh) nevermind then. Hey man, do you think I can hang with you at your house for a while, I need to get away from here for a little bit.

Andy: I guess so man, is there anything you want to get before we go?

Kaleb: No, I'm good

*Show Andy back out of Kaleb's driveway*

Andy: I gotta go get my cousin, he asked if he could come over today also, I don't want to be unfair.

Kaleb: Do I know him?

Andy: Yeah you remember him, he's the video game freak

Kaleb: Yeah, he gets a little too competitive at times though

Andy: Yeah, that can get a little annoying, but other than that he's one of the few people around here that I can actually tolerate.

Kaleb: Yeah

[Transition to Andy's cousin's house]

*Andy and Kaleb are pulling into Chris's (Andy's cousin) driveway*

Andy: I'm gonna go see what he's doing, this won't take long.

*Andy opens the door to get out of the vehicle*

Kaleb: I think I'll just stay out here.

Andy: Ok

*Show Andy walking into the house to get Chris*

*Andy knocks on Chris's door, he will be playing a video game*

Andy: Hey man

Chris: *turns away from his video game* Oh hey Andy.

Andy: I just dropped by to see if you still wanted to come by today?

Chris: Yeah, that'd be fun.

Andy: Let's go then if you're ready.

Chris: * pauses his game* Hold on, let me grab some games.

*Chris will grab a black game case that has about 15 games in it...including Freekstyle*

Andy: Got everything?

Chris: Yeah, let's go.

*Show Kaleb sitting in the car, he gives a slight smile when he sees Chris*

*Andy and Chris walk to the car*

*Andy begins to back out of Chris's driveway*

Kaleb: So what've you been up to Chris?

Chris: Not a whole lot, just sittin in my room all day, there's really nothin else to do

Kaleb: I hear that...

Chris: Hey man, you wanna turn on the radio?

Andy: sure, why not

*Andy turns the radio on, Through Glass/Stone Sour plays*

Chris: This is a good song

*Show Kaleb shaking his head in amusement, he finds it funny how this happened to be the song that's playing*

Chris: Can you stop by the store real quick, I gotta get a Monster

Andy: ( sighs) Why didn't you say that earlier, now I have to turn around.

Chris: Oh come on man, it's only like a minute away.

Andy: Do you have money?

Chris: No.

Andy: Tell you what, since I could use something to drink too, I'll get one for you this time, but next time, you won't be so lucky ( laughs)

Chris: Thanks.

Andy: Kaleb you want anything?

Kaleb: No, I'm good.

Andy: You sure?

Kaleb: Yeah, don't waste your money on me (slight smile)

[Transition to store]

*Andy and Chris will get out of the car and enter the store to get their drinks, Kaleb will stay in the car, Through Glass/Stone Sour is still playing*

Kaleb: This song (laughs and shakes head)

*Kaleb looks back at Chris's game case*

Kaleb: Let's see what he brought for us to play.

*Right as Kaleb grabs and is about to open the game case, a vehicle pulls up and parks next to him, ( The vehicle looks exactly like the one he passed that Sarah was in, (except this car will have a marking of some sort on the back bumper)

Kaleb: No way...*puts down game case* *Has his eyes focused on this vehicle*

*Andy and Chris are walking out of the store, (Kaleb doesn't really notice this)

*Andy and Chris approach Andy's vehicle, and when Andy opens the door*

*Kaleb turns his head quickly to the left*

Andy: What's that all about? (laughs)

Kaleb: I don't know.

Chris: Thanks again for the Monster, Andy.

Andy: Eh, don't worry about payin me back, your my cousin, I was just givin you a hard time.

*Kaleb is leaning against his window*

Chris: You feeling alright Kaleb?

Kaleb: Yeah, yeah, I'm just a little tired.

[Transition to Andy's house]

Andy: Well, we're here guys.

Kaleb: (sarcatically) Really? I had no idea.

Chris: (laughs)

*Andy parks his vehicle*

*They get out and enter Andy's house*

*Walking through the hallway towards Andy's room*

*They enter Andy's room, Kaleb sits on the futon, Chris places his game case beside Andy's ps2 and sits beside Kaleb, Andy sits on the bed*

Andy: What do you guys want to do?

Kaleb: I don't care, just whatever

Chris: I'm kinda feeling like some MKA

Kaleb: Mortal Kombat?

Chris: Yeah, Armagedon

Andy: Man, I haven't plauyed that game in a while.

Kaleb: I used to play it, I don't know how good I am though.

Chris: Let's see how good you are against me.

Kaleb: It's been a while, we'll see.

Chris: I call Sub Zero ( excited)

Kaleb: That's fine with me, put it in.

* Chris takes Mortal Kombat Armagedon out of his game case and puts it in the ps2*

Chris: Who do you think will win Andy?

Andy: That's a tough one, you play games more than anybody I know, but Kaleb can hold his own, he used to beat me all the time; so it's really a toss up.

Chris: It won't be for long (serious)

*The game is now at the character select screen*

Kaleb: *inner thoughts* (not selecting a character yet, Chris already has Sub Zero picked) Sub Zero, it's obvious that he's going to try and use his ice against me.

Chris: What's the hold up?

*Kaleb scrolls down and selects Raiden*

Kaleb: Let's go Raiden.

Chris: None of that cheap pausing and unpausing to look at you moves either.

Kaleb: That's fine.

*Show some game footage*

*Chris will take the first round of the match, he will use Sub Zero's ice move about 4-5 times, he will have about half of his life left*

Chris: ( laughs) I didn't know it was going to be this easy

Kaleb: Don't get too sure of yourself just yet...

*Show gameplay footage of 2nd round*

*Kaleb will start off with Raiden's thunder charge and unleash a combo on him, Chris will attempt to freeze kaleb, but Kaleb will use the teleport move to dodge it and he will hit Chris with another combo,killing him*

Andy: Raiden always was your best character

Chris: Whatever, all he uses is that stupid teleport move, I'm done, you win (annoyed)

(Chris can not take losing very well, so he challenges Kaleb to something else)

Chris: You're rather athletic aren't you?

Kaleb: I'm nothing to brag about.

Chris: Alright, what do you say we go outside and see just how athletic you really are.

Kaleb: In what?

Chris: Andy, how far can you throw a football?

Andy: I can throw about 30 yards on a good day, but I'm not all that into sports anymore.

Chris: Eh, good enough; here's what I'm thinking, you play 5 downs as a receiver and I'll be the lockdown corner that shuts you down, if you can catch 3 of the 5 passes, you win.

Kaleb: Um, ok I guess.

Chris: Good, let's go...

*They walk outside to the backyard*

Chris: *pointing to a tree about 35-40 yards away* you gotta get past that tree to get a touchdown.

*Kaleb will tell Andy what route he is going to run*

Andy: Hut.

*Kaleb runs an In route, the bullet pass is thrown behind him*

Chris: 0 for 1.

*Kaleb jogs back to Andy*

Kaleb: Hitch

*Andy nods his head*

*Kaleb runs a hitch, Chris will play excellent defense, Kaleb will catch the ball and juke out Chris*

Kaleb: *looking at Chris* 1 for 2.

*Jogs back to Andy*

Kaleb: Out

Andy: Hut

*Kaleb runs a 10 yard out route, the pass has plenty of strength, but is thrown behind him again*

Kaleb: Come on Andy.

Andy: Sorry

Chris: 1 for 3, gotta get these next 2 or you lose.

*Kaleb jogs back to Andy*

Kaleb: Slant

Andy: Hut

*Kaleb does a studder step to the right, runs a slant and catches the ball for a touchdown*

Chris: (grunts)

Kaleb: 2 for 4.

*Kaleb jogs back to Andy*

Kaleb: Andy, we need to get this one, (sighs) Deep Post.

Andy: Kaleb, I haven't been able to throw anything accurately over 10 yards today.

Kaleb: You can do it, you have the arm strength, just take a little off of it, if you get it in my general area, I will catch it.

Andy: I'll try my best.

Kaleb: That's all you need to do.

Chris * moving towards kaleb to jam him at the line* This is it right here.

Kaleb: yep (confident)

Andy: Hut

*Chris jams Kaleb at the line, Kaleb uses his hands to deflect the jam, he runs the post, Chris bites on a double move and loses his footing, Andy throws a ball that is way over Kaleb's head, but he catches it with one hand. As Kaleb is running with the ball, he sees Sarah's vehicle suddenly drive down the driveway, it causes Kaleb to fall down in shock. Chris runs towards Kaleb to touch him down...Kaleb fails to get the touchdown*

Kaleb: (astonished) (screams in fear) No!

*Chris is too excited about his victory, he is running towards the house*

*Kaleb is still on the ground*

*Andy begins to run towards Kaleb*

Andy: ( to Chris) Where you goin?

Chris: In your room

Andy: Ok

Kaleb: What is she doing here?

Andy: Who?

Kaleb: Sarah!

Andy: What? (confused)

Kaleb: (urgently) Did you not see that car pull in, follow me

Andy: Ok??? (skeptical)

*Andy and Kaleb walk back to the front yard*

Andy: Where's she at?

Kaleb: (has a confused/amazed look on his face) I'm seeing stuff, forget I said anything. (shaking head)

Andy: You ok?

Kaleb: I think I'll be ok

Andy: Sucks that you can't go see Mr. Donald anymore

Kaleb: Yeah, I don't even know why he lost his job, something about illegal practices.

Andy: Hmmm

Kaleb: You want to go in now?

Andy: Yeah

*Kaleb and Andy walk inside the house*

Kaleb: I'm gonna get something to drink.

Andy: Me too.

*They walk to the fridge*

*Kaleb opens the fridge and pulls out a container of Kool-Aid*

*Kaleb sits it on the counter and gets two glasses down from the cabinet*

Kaleb: *As he is pouring drinks* He gets a little excited when he wins doesn't he?

Andy: Yeah, he's always been competitive, maybe too much (laughs)

Kaleb: I'd say.

Andy: Let's go see what he's doing.

*Kaleb and Andy walk back into Andy's room*

Kaleb: What's goin on in here?

Chris: Madden 06, that's what's up.

*Show Chris playing Madden 06*

Kaleb: Cool

Chris: Want to play?

Kaleb: No thanks man, I'm really tired.

Chris: How about you Andy?

Andy: No... I'm not good at sports games at all, I'd be no match for you (laughs)

Andy: Yeah, me and Kaleb are pretty tired, so I don't know about him, but I'm gonna take a nap.

Kaleb: That sounds good.

Andy: Chris, you should sit in the floor so Kaleb can sleep there.

Chris: Ok (reluctantly) *moves to the floor*

*Kaleb lies down on the futon*

Andy: You can do whatever you want in here, try not to wake us up matter of fact, why don't you mute the tv.

*Chris mutes the tv, he sits the remote beside him on the floor*

*Chris plays Madden 06 for about 20 seconds (he will stop playing Madden when he gets a Touchdown, and then puts in Freekstyle*

[Transition using the alarm clock]

*About an hour later*

*Show Chris playing Freekstyle, he is about to win a race*

Chris: (after he wins the race) *stands up in excitement* Yes! *he unmutes the tv by stepping on the remote*

Chris: Oooh (makes a facial expression reacting to his accidentally unmuting the tv)

*When Chris starts the next race,Kaleb rolls over*

Kaleb: *rolls over, (sees Chris playing Freekstyle)

Kaleb: (blinks eyes repeatedly) What are you doing? (angry)

Chris: Just playing this game, what's your problem? ( defensive and yelling)

*Andy wakes up*

*Andy notices that Chris is playing Freekstyle*

Andy: Why are you playing that? (confused)

Chris: Because I like it, what's the problem guys? ( defensive)

Kaleb: (sighs) I used to like it.

*Kaleb holds his head down, Andy looks over at Kaleb*

Andy: Why don't you play a different game.

Chris: I'd rather not.

Kaleb: He can play what he wants.*gets up and walks towards the door*

Chris: Where you going?

Kaleb: Home.

Andy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you serious, that's like a 40 minute walk, let me give you a ride.

Kaleb: It's 30 if I run *walks out of Andy's room*

Chris: What's his deal, it's just a game.

Andy: Not to him it isn't (sincere)

[Transition to Kaleb's house]

*Kaleb is running up his driveway*

*Kaleb is breathing heavily as he walks towards his door*

*He unlocks his door, walks in, goes to his bedroom, lies flat on the bed, punches his mattress 3-4 times, rolls over and goes to sleep*

[Transition backs to Andy's vehicle]

Andy: (coughs)

*Kaleb wakes up*

Kaleb: Great ( annoyed)

Andy: What?

Kaleb: Here we go again (sarcastically amused)

*Pulling into Kaleb's driveway*

Andy: Talk to you later.

Kaleb: Later.

*Kaleb gets out of the vehicle and goes inside his house*

*Turns on light, sits in chair*

Kaleb: Video games (laughs) *shaking his head*

*Kaleb remembers playing Mortal Kombat, we show clips of Madden and MK we show Kaleb using Raiden's teleport move last*

*Kaleb makes an excited facial expression, he has an idea*

*Kaleb gets up and picks up a nearby hat*

*returns to his chair*

Kaleb: I wonder...

*turns on tv, waits 5 seconds*

*Tries to change channel*

Kaleb: yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...you're messed up (looking at control)

Kaleb:(sarcastically) I hope the remote's not broken *hits button* *changes channel to Sarah on it*

*walks toward tv*

Kaleb: I wonder what's going to happen.

*Kaleb grips the hat firmly with both hands*

*gets sucked into tv*

[transition to vacant lot]

Kaleb: Hello

Sarah: Hi

*Kaleb walks over to some bushes*

Sarah: What are you doing?

Kaleb: Just putting my hat over here, it's uncomfortable, and i don't feel like holding it.

Sarah: Ok then.

Kaleb: (thought) The hat can't blow away, the weather has been the same everytime I've been here. *puts hat down* *zoom in on hat*

*walks back over to Sarah*

Kaleb: How are you doing today?

Sarah: I'm ok.

Kaleb: *laughing hesterically and sarcastically* that's great, want to write me an essay about it?
Sarah?What's your problem dude?

Kaleb: (rudely) Don't know.

sarah: Whatever, I don't need this.

*Sarah starts to walk away*

*world starts to disappear*

[transition back to car]

*Kaleb wakes up*

Andy: Do you...

*Kaleb cuts him off*

Kaleb: shut up! (angrily)

Andy: Ok ( laughs)

[Transition to Kaleb's house]

Andy: You really need to calm down man.

Kaleb: Don't worry about it.

*exits car*

*walks to house, unlocks and enters door, turns on light*

*Kaleb sits in his chair turns on tv*

Kaleb: I don't want to watch this.

*remote is broke*

*Kaleb tries to change the channel*

Kaleb: Gosh darn the luck!(sarcastically)

*changes channel to Sarah about 5 seconds later*

*Kaleb gets sucked in the tv*

[Transisition to vacant lot]

Kaleb: Hey

*walking towards the place where he previously put the hat*

Sarah: Where are you going?

Kaleb: I'll be right back.

*Kaleb walks to where the hat was, and discovers it is gone*

Kaleb: (thought) Where is it? (Angry) whatever, I'm sure I'll be back.(loud enough so that Sarah hears it, but doesn't understand)

Sarah: What?
Kaleb: (inner thought, he says this sadly) This is getting old. Did I stutter? (yelling at her)

Sarah: No, why are you like this, I don't know you and if this is the way you are, I don't want to know you (angry)

*Sarah walks off*

Kaleb: (whisper) I'm sorry (sincerely)

*Show Kaleb's face, we can see that he does not feel comfortable acting the way he has been*

*world disappears*

[Transition back to car]

Andy: Wake up sleeping beauty, we're almost there.

Kaleb: I'm up.

Andy: so you want to go to the arcade later?

Kaleb: No

Andy: Ok, maybe tomorrow

*pulling into driveway*

Andy: Later

Kaleb: Later

*exits car*

*Kaleb walks to the door, unlocks it, turns on light, and sits down*

*Kaleb is bent over with his hands on his head thinking*

Kaleb: ( thoughts) Here's what I got so far ***Show flashbacks***

I don't think I can take items into the alternate universe, I can't fall asleep in my room, I always wake up in the car, and no one remembers the events that happened except Cunningham, because how else would that Mr. Thomas know who I was? Why is he the only person that remembers things? I still don't get that (angry)

Kaleb: (rubbing his temples) (thoughts) I have no clue, but it might have something to do with my bedroom, hopefully! I guess it would make sense, since Cunningham was in there, I don't really know, but it's worth a shot I suppose (sighs).

*Kaleb goes to the bedroom and takes a watch from the top of the drawer and sticks it in his pocket*

*Walking back to chair*

*Kaleb is about to attempt to turn on the tv, he suddenly hears a noise at the window*

Kaleb: What's that? ( whispering angrily)

*Kaleb walks to the window to check what the noise was*

*Kaleb sees a masked man outside*

*Masked man drops a crowbar*

*Show the crowbar hitting the ground*

*Masked man starts to run away from the house*

*Kaleb takes a deep breath and heads out the front door to confront the Masked Man*

*Kaleb notices the crowbar on the ground, and begins to chase the Masked Man*

*Kaleb runs, catches the Masked Man and tackles him*

*Kaleb is holding Masked Man down with his left arm, he takes the mask off of the man, it is Dave*

Kaleb: (has an angry expression on his face) he begins to punch Dave at least 7 times*

Kaleb: You caused this!!!

*Dave is lying helplessly on the ground*

Kaleb: Almost as easy as the first time (amused)

*Kaleb lets Dave up, and he walks away slowly*

*Kaleb walks back to house he rubs his knuckles on the way back*

*Enters house*

*sits in chair, turns on tv*

*tries to change channel, remote is broke*

*5 seconds later, Kaleb changes channel to the Sarah*

Kaleb: It's about that time again!

*approaches tv, gets sucked into it*

[transition to vacant lot]

*Kaleb walks over to bushes where he had previously placed the hat*

*Kaleb places the watch from his pocket down there*

*show watch lying on the ground*

Sarah: What are you doing over there?

Kaleb: It looked dangerous over there, I was checking to see if any snakes were over there.

Sarah: Do you like snakes?

Kaleb: ( very hesitantly, but keeping composure to make it sound like he is trying to hurt her feelings, but we can tell Kaleb is very uncomfortabe talking like this) No, but I would if they injected you with venom!

Sarah: Wow ( shocked)

*Kaleb walks after Sarah*

*Kaleb starts counting off 3 seconds on his fingers, when he gets to 0 and makes a fist, the world disappears*

[Transition back to car]

*Wakes up in car*

Andy: Have yourself a good nap?

Kaleb: Yeah, I'm just ready to be home.

Andy: Alright

[Transition to Kaleb's house]

Kaleb: Thanks

* exits car*

*walks towards house, unlocks door, turns on light*

*Sits down in his chair and turns on tv*

Kaleb: I know the drill, you're not going to work * hits button on remote to change channel, ( it doesn't work)*

Kaleb: But if I'm patient, it will work

*5 seconds later, Kaleb changes channel to the one with Sarah*

*Kaleb walks to the tv, gets sucked in*

[Transition to vacant lot]

*Kaleb runs over to the place he put the watch, it is there*

*Kaleb smiles in a way that is similar to Donnie Darko's confident smile*

*Kaleb walks back toward Sarah with the smile on his face*

Kaleb: Hey

Sarah: Hey

Kaleb: How are you doin today?

Sarah:Great, yourself

Kaleb: Things could be better, but for the most part, no complaints.

Kaleb: So I can't help but notice those headphones, (Sarah will have headphones overlapping her shirt) what kind of music's on the Ipod?

Sarah: Oh, um, Sarah names various bands*

Kaleb: Really? (amused) I actually went to a *insert band* concert last month.

Sarah: You lucky punk, where at? ( smiling)

Kaleb: OKC

Sarah: I bet it was a great show.

Kaleb: It was... so what are your preferred foods and or drinks?

Sarah: Pizza for sure, and probably Dr. Pepper.

Kaleb: ( laughs) No need for me to answer, you answered for me.

Sarah: (laughs)

Kaleb: *looking at Sarah's eyes* Your eyes are gorgeous.

Sarah: Aww, thanks.

Kaleb What's your favorite movie?

Sarah: *says movie*

Kaleb: That is a pretty good one.

Sarah: Yep.

Kaleb: Yeah, it's one of those that can be interpretted in so many ways.

Sarah: You know, I'm really enjoying this, I know it hasn't even been a minute yet (laughs) but I haven't been able to enjoy things in a while.

Kaleb: Why is that? ( concerned)

Sarah: Well, my mom hasn't had a job in the past 3 months, and God knows where dad is, so I've had to keep 2 jobs for my mom and I to get by, there is almost no free time for me.

Kaleb: I understand.

Sarah: I've also been in terrible relationships in the past, I've been abused, neglected, cheated on, you name it...it hasn't been pretty.

Kaleb: ( mocking Sarah, crying sounds) *(this is by far the hardest Kaleb has had to insult Sarah, he somehow manages to do it) he shakes a little bit while doing it* I've been abused, yeah...so have 1,000,000 other girls, what makes you so special?

Sarah: (annoyed) Wow, what a surprise, I thought you were a nice guy. *Sarah starts walking off*

*As Sarah is walking off, show Kaleb's face, he is on the verge of crying*

* world disappears*

[Transition back to car]

Andy: Hey, wake up

Kaleb: *wakes up* (sighs).

Andy: What's up?

Kaleb: I got some stuff to take care of man.

Andy: Ok

[Transition to Kaleb's house]

Andy: Hey, if you get all the stuff done you gotta do, you wanna hang with me and Chris later?

Kaleb: No, that's ok ( laughs)

Andy: Ok, see you later.


*exits car*

*walks toward house, unlocks door, turn on light*

(Kaleb has a confident smile on his face)

*Kaleb is walking to the bedroom to grab an envelope, paper and pen from his drawer*

*Kaleb sits down on the bed and begins to write a letter*

*Show Kaleb writing a letter, (we will show him doing this at 200% speed)

*after Kaleb is done writing the letter, show Kaleb looking over the letter*

Kaleb: This'll do. *Kaleb folds up the letter and writes "Urgent" on the letter.

*Kaleb walks to his chair, (he doesn't sit down) he grabs the remote and turns on the tv*

*He tries to change the channel, (remote will not change channels) *

*After 5 seconds,Kaleb changes channel to the one with Sarah*

*Kaleb holds the envelope in his hands firmly, and enters the tv*

[Transition to vacant lot]

Kaleb: excuse me?

Sarah: Yes?

Kaleb: you may not know me, but trust me, this letter is extremely important,

*Holds letter in front of his body* please read it. *Holds the letter out towards Sarah*

Sarah: Why?

Kaleb: It's important.

Sarah: What's it about?

Kaleb: (pleading, confessing) It's from me ok, just read it.

*Sarah takes the letter, unforlds it, and begins to read it*

*As Sarah is reading the letter, a voiceover of Kaleb will read the letter*

Kaleb: (voiceover) I never thought I would build up the courage to tell you how I feel, but I think, no I don't think...I know you are the most magnificent person I will ever get the privelege to meet. I can't explain it, but it feels like I have met you before. I know you don't know me very well, but given the chance, I will never allow you to get mistreated or heartbroken again. I am not selfish, I'm not the kind of guy that makes his girl pay for a ticket for *name of movie*, a drink of Dr. Pepper , or a piece of pizza. Whatever makes you happy...makes me happy. I promise if you give me a chance, you will never be treated better. P.S. I pre-ordered 2 *band* ticket next month, if you're interested.

Kaleb: (hesitantly) I hoped you liked it.

Sarah: Liked it? *Kaleb starts to frown* I loved it! ( very happily)

*world starts to disappear*

Kaleb: NO! ( extremely angry, the equivalent of his sadness of making fun of Sarah)

[Transition back to car]

Andy: Wake up!

Kaleb: Shut up! ( the angriest he has been towards Andy)

Andy: Chill

Kaleb: Just shut up! (angry)

*Andy stops the car*

Kaleb: What are you doing?

Andy: You can walk! ( angry)

Kaleb: Whatever! (angry)

*Kaleb gets out of the car and starts running home*

*Show Kaleb running for about 30 seconds or so to Celldweller/Narrow Escape*

[Transition to Kaleb's house]

*Kaleb approaches his house, unlocks the door, turns on the light*

*Kaleb walks to the kitchen*

*Kaleb will make himself a glass of pop*

*He will go to the kitchen table to sit down and drink it ( he drinks it fast)

*Kaleb puts his head down on the table, (In the End/Linkin Park will play in the background) he will sit there for about 10 seconds, then he will throw his glass against the wall, he will lay his head back down*

(After he throws the glass against the wall, we will show flashbacks with In The End/Linkin Park playing in the background... [probably about 30 seconds worth of flashbacks sped up])

*Back to Kaleb at the table*

*Kaleb hears a knock at the door*

Kaleb: (whispering angrily) What is it now!

Kaleb: (yelling) Come in.

*Sarah enters the door*

*Sarah walks to the entrance of the kitchen*

Sarah: Kaleb?

*Kaleb jerks his head up quickly*

*Kaleb get up and walks towards Sarah, they look into each others eyes*


The End

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