In Session

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Based on the ps2 game bully, i tweaked a lot of things.

Submitted: February 01, 2010

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Submitted: February 01, 2010



In Session

by: Kaleb Ferguson

Pow! Jim punched this preppy punk right in the nose, as the final bell rang, as they were leaving chemistry class, and blood oozed out like a leaky faucet. Jim ran out of the building, not wanting to get caught by the principal, not that he is scared of him, he just doesn't want to get expelled, and have to switch schools for the fifth time in two years, it's becoming a real inconvienence. Jim runs through the thick pea-green forest in order to get home much quicker than the usual route he takes. Jim arrives home ten minutes later. He does not have a very good home life, there is trash everywhere, his parents don't care about him at all, basically all he has is himself.

The next day at school Jim gets called into the principal's office. The preppy kid, with a black eye and scrapes on his face he beat up yesterday, was sitting next to the principal, in his large spacious office. The principal demanded to know what provoked Jim to do this. Jim tried to tell his side of the story, but the principal didn't buy it, therefore he was expelled.

Jim and his mom, who was finally home from her boyfriends house for once, had a long talk about where she was going to send Jim for school. Jim's mom chose a school located in Utah, the school is known as S.L.A. (Salt Lake Academy), she belived this institute would teach Jim some respect.

On the way to S.L.A. the car was running low on gas, so Jim's mom went to the gas station and filled up. While filling up, Jim's mom told him to get to know Todd, her boyfriend, a little better, he said " I don't talk to strangers, especially ones that look like him." His mom got mad and said " Listen you little punk you will be nice to him" Jim got annoyed and said "Whatever." The rest of the carride to S.L.A was in complete silence, until Jim was let out of the car, Todd got the last laugh and said " See you later boy, behave, hahaha" Jim didn't have a chance to reply, as the car sped away in the distance, Jim was now at his new home, Salt Lake Academy.

The entrance to S.L.A has an old rusty iron gate, more suitable for a haunted house than a school, but oh well, the first thing Jim notices is that the school is huge. Jim is walking down the main courtyard when a prefect (a prefect is pretty much like a police officer) stops him and asks him who he is. Jim tells him, "Jim Jones, I'm new here, I'm just tryin to find my way around sir." The prefect tells Jim "You better get to class this is your first and last warning." Jim, kinda mad, says " I would but one problem, I just got here and I have no clue where anything is." The prefect gets really mad, his face is turning all red, so he grabs Jim by the collar and drags him to the principal's office.

Once inside the office, Jim explains the whole situation, and the principal is very understanding and gives him his schedule and handbook. Jim says "Thanks I guess sir." Jim asks the principal where the dorms are, he says " Right side of the courtyard boy, and remember keep your nose clean". Jim heads to his dorm, where he begins to look over the handbook he recieved. The thing he absolutely hates is the uniform policy, it states he must wear a polo shirt, tan slacks, and tennis shoes in the summer/spring, and a hoody, tan slacks, and boots in the winter/fall. Jim is outraged and puts on his black t-shirt and walks to his first class of the bright and early morning (8:30a.m.). His first class is ironically chemistry, but he isn't in there for long, as for his dress code violation. He is sent to the office and is warned by Mr. Gates, the principal, if he can't learn to wear the proper clothing, he will be sent to detention, and he warns Jim that S.L.A.'s detention is not your normal detention. Jim doesn't really care, but he goes back to the dorm and changes, because it is such a hassle to deal with S.L.A. officials.

After Jim gets changed he heads for Math class. The first assignment of Jim's S.L.A. career is a shocking pop quiz. The quiz consists of twenty multiple choice questions. Jim does really well, (by cheating), he got 18/20 correct answers. The teacher is very impressed and puts him on the spot and asks him how he did so well, Jim said "It's just luck I guess." The bell rings after math class, symbolizing that it is time for lunch. Jim goes to the very back corner of the lunchroom with his burnt fried chicken and cold mashed potatoes. A kid named Adam approaches Jim's table and sits by him. Adam starts explaining to Jim all the different clicks at S.L.A.. Adam starts describing the jocks, nerds, regulars, and the punks. The jocks have no brain, but a ton of athletic ability, they hang by the gym. The nerds are the smartest by far, their turf is the library. The regulars are just normal teenagers, they hangout wherever they decide. The punks like to smoke at lunch, they hang in the parking lot. Jim says "I don't need any help get lost."

After that delicious meal, Jim heads to English class, where he is assigned to write a haiku poem. A haiku must have a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. He has all the class period, which is forty minutes, to do this. Jim gets done right as the bell rings. He wrote:

Don't want to be here

Would rather be somewhere else

Than in this classroom

Somehow he gets an A. Mr. Garner, his teacher says that poem took him back. Jim thinks he can actually build a good relationship with someone at S.L.A.. Later that day he decides there isn't really anything to do at the moment, so he decides to go to sleep.

He awakens at 7:00a.m.. Jim wants some excitement before class, so he decides to pull the fire alarm and wake everyone up. He does so, and it's hilarious everyone comes out of their respective rooms screaming and panicing. Jim eventually makes his way out of the dorm and goes to class. In his art class the teacher makes an announcement that someone recently pulled the fire alarm in the boys' dormitory, Jim uncharacteristically admits to doing it. The teacher sends him to Mr. Gates's office immediately. When in the office Mr. Gates is furious at Jim, he says "Boy I told you to keep your nose clean, go to the garden, where you will serve your first, and hopefully last detention".

At the garden, a prefect is waiting for Jim with a pair of scissors. Jim asks "What are those for?" the prefect, amused, replies "Oh, you're gonna cut this grass boy" Jim says "Oh really now?" the prefect shuts the iron gate to the garden and stands in front of it. Jim reluctanly does this back-breaking job. It took him nearly an hour to complete. The prefect says, as Jim is going to the dorm, "Maybe now you'll think twice" Jim replies "Yeah, I might take that into consideration." As Jim is heading to English class once again he notices that the room is empty once he walks in, and he catches Mr. Garner chugging a beer. Mr. Garner says " Don't you worry about it kid, it's apple juice" Seconds later he throws up. He asks Jim to tell Mr. Gates that he got sick and had to go home. Jim does this deed, because Mr. Garner is his favorite teacher there, all the other ones are stuck up and strict.

As Jim was going to lunch, these jocks cornered him and started pushing him, they said "Hey new kid, if you want to avoid a pounding, meet us at the gym at 4:00p.m.. Jim agrees, because he doesn't really want to cut grass again.

When Jim arrives at the gym, he is expecting somesort of boxing or cagematch, but the jocks want to have a 3 point contest. The star shooting guard, Reggie, says "If you can make at least 5/10 3's we'll let you go and respect you, but if you can't, us three will bust you up. Jim is relatively nervous, but luckily he used to play basketball when he was at his old school. Jim takes all his shots from the very center. He has four made and is on his final attempt. Jim has to collect himself and sink this to avoid a beatdown. He releases with a fine delivery, the ball does a rolls around the rim for about five seconds and finally falls in. Jim is so psyched, he just beat them at their own game.

About a month later it is Christmas time, and all the kids are getting gifts, except Jim. Jim goes outside and decides to go to the comic book store, (the gates of the school open from 9a.m.-7p.m. and the curfew is 10p.m) and buy himself the new superhero special edition book. As he tries to leave the store these nerds block his way out, they say beat our high score on a space shooting game known as Comet_Blast. Jim refuses and beats the crap out of them, and as he is leaving he says " Let the force be with you... HA" As Jim is walking back to S.L.A. the cops stop him and tell him to get in the car, (apparantly the nerds called S.L.A. and told them that Jim beat them up)

When back at S.L.A. Mr. Gates is sick of it, he says " One more incident like this and you're out of here, now I got a special detention for you, now get out." This "special" detention is ridiculous, Jim must clean the entire bulding, shovel the 9 inches of snow, and cut the frozen grass, "S.L.A. style"

This takes Jim all day, and he almost suffers frostbite, middle of January, wind blowing, no coat, not a good combo. Jim is just tired of S.L.A all together, he begins to skip class after class, fail test after test, but he's smart, he goes to the one place no one checks for truants, that is the parking lot oddly enough. Jim becomes friends with the "punks" Adam was telling him about. Jim is surprised at how down-to-earth these guys are. The guys tell Jim about Adam and his ways, they say Adam always gets his way, for example anybody he wants in trouble for the silliest reasons gets this quote unquote "detention", gee, at my old school we never had such a thing, detention at my old school was sitting in a room for thirty minutes, here it's like slave work. Jim can't take it anymore, Adam must be punished.

One day Jim and the guys decided to go find Adam and have a little talk with him, they couldn't find him though, but Adam had been stealthy as a ninja following them all day, listening to their plots to jump him, and possibly kill him. Jim and the guys just decided it wasn't worth the time, effort, and trouble to deal with that little weasel. Adam, however, was already one step ahead. he had bought some really high-tech makeup and equipment to make it look like he got hurt pretty badly. With this disguise, he went to Mr. Gates and told him about Jim and the guys's plot. Mr. Gates went bezerk, not on Adam, but on Jim and his crew. Mr. Gates called for Jim and the gang to come to his office immediately, they did so.

In his office, Mr. Gates explained what Adam had told him and the guys were as mad as they've ever been, they said " We never......" "Liars, scumbag Liars" Mr. Gates yelled. Come on out here Adam and prove that they're liars. Adam came out in his disguise, and started to cry. Mr. Gates undoubtedly expelled each and everyone of Jim and his gang for their "actions"

Jim and his crew were without a doubt mad at this whole outcome. They started walking towards the store not far from school to get a snack. When they arrived at the store they bought a candy bar each and four bottles of water. As they were leaving, they saw Adam enter the store, since they have nothing to lose, they decided to get him good. Adam tried to run away, but he was to slow. The guys got him really good, the floor was covered in blood. Adam didn't need no disguise... it was all there.

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