Resident Evil Extermination

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This story is based off of the playstation 1 game resident evil, i changed some things, and added some things

Submitted: February 01, 2010

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Submitted: February 01, 2010



July 6, 1996: a coorporation known as the Umbrella Company unleashes a deadly virus known as the T- Virus which turns infected victims into zombie-like creatures. Umbrella's first experiment will take place in Raccoon City, Colorado, in an old abandoned mansion in the middle of the forest. Umbrella is going to change the world forever.

Two years later, word gets out about what Umbrella is planning to do, and government agencies are assigning their finest squad to deal with this problem. This squad is known as the S.T.A.R.S. (special tactics and rescue squad) bravo team. The S.T.A.R.S. consists of 4 key members,

Chris Redfield- 32 male

Jill Valentine- 28 female

Barry Burton- 45 male

Albert Wesker- 34 male

The squad will have a huge test before them as they head into the mansion.

7:00 pm July 8, 1998, the S.T.A.R.S team's chopper approaches the mansion, but suddenly the chopper blades break and they crash into the dark desolate woods, everyone is alright, except the pilot, which is knocked unconcious, by the pain of the 9 inch gash on his right arm. Chris rushes to the pilot,with his 6 inch combat knife equipped, to try and assist him to the mansion, along with the other 3 members. As the team approaches the mansion through the foggy, dark lonely woods, they come across a pack of wild dogs. Chris goes up to one of the german shephard looking dogs and inspects it, the dog's eyes are red like blood, and his skin is all torn up. Just as Chris is trying to tell the others that something is wrong with the dog, it bites him and he falls down. Barry reacts quickly and shoots that dog with his magnum, then the team runs like the wind toward the mansion. The other 5 dogs chase after them, Jill contemplates going back for Chris (which is unable to get up), because he was Jill's best friend. Jill decides not to go back and run with the team toward the mansion, they eventually make it into the mansion, where they thought it was safe.........

Once inside the main room of the mansion Jill puts a clip of ammo into her black berretta and dashes for the door, but Wesker stops her and warns her to not open that door at all costs, so instead Jill and Barry head towards the left corridor on the first floor and open a squeaky old door. Barry and Jill are now in the dining room. Barry notices something suspicious in the back of the room, there is a puddle of blood on the floor. Barry instructs Jill to go look around and see if she can find any clues. Jill opens the exit opposite where they entered from, and finds herself in a dark-narrow hallway. She heads down the hallway and stumbles upon a well lit room, and sees an odd looking shadow and strange slurping noises around the corner. Jill dashes over with her pistol pulled out and discovers a creature eating a middle aged man. Jill warns the creature to stay back, but it just keeps on coming towards her. Jill jumps back and shoots the creature twice in the face, it falls to the ground and Jill checks out the middle aged man the creature was eating, she finds a clip of ammo in his right pocket. Jill, now having 35 bullets, goes back to the dining room where Barry is investigating the blood puddle. Jill explains to Barry what has happened, and when they turn around to go to the main hallway where Wesker was, a creature sneaks up on them, and Barry with his superb reflexes shoots it with his magnum, right in the shoulder where blood gushes out like a waterfall. Jill and Barry have now determined the only logical explanation for what these "creatures" are is zombies. Jill notices as they are leaving an emblem, about the size of an orange, above the inactive fireplace. Jill takes the emblem and puts it in her pocket. Barry and Jill enter the main hallway and discovers that Wesker is gone. Barry and Jill yell at the top of there lungs "Wesker!!", but there is no answer.

Barry and Jill decide to just to forget about Wesker, because they were never really to fond of him in the first place. Instead there primary goal now is what they were assigned to do in the first place, which is finding out how many of these zombies are in this mansion, and who is behind it. Jill now is approaching the right corridor on the first floor and Barry rushes over and gives her a lockpick, so she can unlock potential locked doors on her way. Jill opens the somewhat glossy sky blue door and enters an what appears to be some kind of art room, there are about 8 paintings in this room. Jill notices a step ladder and she pushes it by the large statue holding a bucket in the middle of the room, and climbs to the top and reaches inside and pulls out a map to the first floor. Jill puts the map in her back pocket. Jill notices a curtain in the back left corner of the room. She opens the curtain and enters the room, there is a zombie lying in the middle of the floor and Jill doesn't see it, and it grabs her and bites her ankle, Jill is in shock, and kicks the zombies head clean off. Jill has only 1 hour to find an antidote for the virus, or else she becomes one of them.

Jill heads out of the art room and into a L-shaped room, she walks slowly, because she is hurt, and 3 dogs jump through the side windows and lunge at Jill, she dodges these dogs and makes a run for the door. Once out of that dangerous room, she encounters 2 zombies in her way as soon as she opens the door, she blasts them both in the head with 3 shots to put them down. Jill walks down the hallway and enters the first door on her right. This room is an old room with a lot of cracks in the wall, really nothing to it, so Jill leaves and walks a bit more and enters a room that says R.I.P. on the door, she thinks " uh oh ", but desperately in need of an antidote, she decides to open it up and look for one. As soon as she enters, a poisonous gas release from the 3 vents on the floor parallel with each other, Jill quickly leaves, and is now needing an antidote even more. Jill walks down to the very end of the long hallway and enters the room at the end of it. Jill blasts through 4 zombies, and is now running low on bullets with only 9 left. Jill, with only 10 minutes left, begins to feel tired and out of it, but she perseveres, and goes down the small stairs and enters the small room under it. This room contains a large box for storage. Inside the box is a knife, a clip, and sometype of green herb, on the verge of becoming a zombie, Jill takes the herb, and miraculously it heals her. Jill is now healthy as ever. Jill decides to make use of the storage box, and puts the emblem from the dining room in it, and takes the clip, which now gives her 19 bullets. Jill exits the storage room and heads back to the R.I.P. room to move the 3 statues she noticed at the very back of the room to cover the vents and examine the room closely.

Jill, recovered from the zombie bite, is now feeling very confident on her ability to survive. She heads to the R.I.P. room to move the statues. Jill does this with ease and now that the vents are covered, the gas does not affect her. She looks in the box on the floor in the back right corner and finds a blue gem, she decides to keep it, it might become useful. Jill leaves the R.I.P. room and heads for the storage room. Once near the storage room, she decides to go down the hallway opposite the storage room, there she discovers a large door that has a carving of a shield on it, she tries to open it, but it won't budge, she tries her lockpick, but it still will not open. Jill decides to just move on. She goes up the long stairs to the second floor which puts her having a bird's eye view of the dining room. Jill notices 2 zombies in the distance and decides to just ignore them and knock the statue down, that is holding a red gem. Jill quickly makes her way down to the dining room to pick up the jewel. Jill now has a red and blue gem. She goes back to the stairs by the storage room and goes to a room a little ways down the hallway that has a golden handle on the door and enters it. Inside this room is one of two paths, she can either go straight or turn right, Jill decides to turn right, resulting in blowing 3 zombies heads off with her beretta. Once past the zombies Jill opens the small red door. Inside the red room is a tiger with holes where his eyes should be, ingraved on the bottom of the tiger statue is some tigers have one blue eye and one red eye. Jill decides to put the gems in each eye socket, once she does that the statue rotates and gives her a key with a shield carving on it. Jill decides to go explore some more and try to find Barry.

Jill makes her way to the main hallway, and heads up the stairs directly ahead of the main entrance. Up these stairs there is a left door and a right door, Jill chooses the left door. The door Jill chose takes her outside. Jill walk on the cracked balcony and finds crows eating the raw flesh of a former police officer who decided he would check out the mansion. Jill searches the body and finds a clip. Jill heads back out the door and heads towards the dining room downstairs. Jill enters a door in the dining room she didn't notice before. In this room there is a long hallway with multiple doors Jill walks all the way to the second to last door on the right and enters it. Jill is now in a small room about the size of a normal bedroom. There is one door on the other side of the room, and she enters it. This is a bedroom, Jill inspects the closet, as soon as she opens the closet door, a zombie pops out and tries to grab her, but somehow Jill dodges it and kicks it in the stomach, then shoots it twice in the chest. Jill needs to recollect herself after that surprise.

Jill is now recomposed and exits the bedroom, and then in the small room the ceiling begins to slowly fall downwards. Jill tries desperately to get out, but the door is jammed, luckily Barry somehow happens to be walking along when he hears Jill scream " help me somebody, please" Barry replies, "hold on Jill stay back im going to kick this door down." Barry is so relieved that Jill is ok. Barry jokes with Jill and says, "that was close, you were almost a Jill Sandwich" Jill says, yeah that was lucky" The two of them decide they will split up for now...

Jill now decides it is the perfect time to check out that door that had the shield carving on it. She takes an alternate route this time, she opens the door opposite the ceiling falling one, this takes her outside. Once outside Jill must kill 2 dogs, this isn't that hard for her, 2 shots each to the head, and they're dead. Jill thinks she better go her original route to the shield room, because she is running low on ammo and has no herbs on her at the moment. Jill enters the main hallway and opens the sky-blue doors to get back on the route to the shield door. When she gets to that L- shaped room with the dogs, she decides to attempt to dodge them again, but this time she fails, she gets bitten twice before she gets out. Jill is once again on the verge of becoming a zombie, but all is well once she reaches the shield room. In the shield room, she finds a bazooka, 3 clips, a shotgun, and the probably the most important thing 2 herbs, she takes both to completely heal herself. Jill now makes the decision to go upstairs in the main hallway. Up those stairs she decides to go into the door on her right this time. In there she finds a room with blood on the walls. Jill is scared, but she peeks her head around the corner and sees a man that looks a lot like Chris laying on the floor with his hands all bloody, and his shirt drenched in blood. Jill walks towards the man and asks "what happened" the man says "Jill, is that you" Jill, holding back tears says, "Chris! I thought for sure you were gone forever" Chris replies "Jill I'm here, but I don't know how much longer I'll make it, I was making my way to the room behind me and a giant t-virus infected snake attacked me, I couldn't defend myself" I think I will die unless you can find a serum for me" Jill says Don't worry I won't let you down." Jill has a small hunch where a serum might be. Jill goes to the tiger statue hallway, and she goes straight instead of turning right this time. Jill finds a room with vitamins and minerals, and luckily a serum for Chris. Jill tries as hard as she can to get back to Chris in time, but she is too late and as Chris is dying he says "I think I know who's behind this, Wes....................... "CHRIS!!!!" Jill screams.

Jill heads back to the main hallway and runs into Barry, and they head to the dining room to talk business. Jill says "Barry, I think I know who's behind this, it's Wesker" Barry replies, "Well it does kinda make sense, I mean he told us not to go outside, to get away, and he did disappear when we left his sight, so it does make sense, I never really trusted the guy anyway". Jill and Barry contemplate going outside and trying to catch Wesker, by entering the mansion basement from the back entrance, Barry and Jill agree that it's the spot he would most likely be doing experiments. So later on, Jill and Barry go outside and sneak past the dogs, and they enter the basement. Wesker is sitting in a tall black chair grinning at them. Barry says "WHAT'S SO FUNNY WESKER?" Wesker says "Fools I knew what you were doing at every moment",, he shows them the survailance video from the 4 hidden cameras in every room. Barry says, "You Traitor" and shoots at Wesker, and hits him in the chest, now Barry is out of ammo, and Jill tries to finish Wesker off, but she has to reload, and as Jill is reloading Wesker injects himself with a new and improved version of the t-virus, instead of making you a zombie, this new virus increases speed, strength, and jumping. Wesker jumps to the top of the ceiling and clings to the top, Jill pulls out her bazooka and blasts Wesker, but it doesn't affect him. Jill and Barry frantically take off towards the back section of the mansion courtyard where all the propane tanks are and Wesker follows them. Wesker lunges foward and tackles Barry, Jill tries to save him, but Wesker just knocks her back, and chokes Barry to death. Jill lures Wesker to the tanks and runs at him with her bazooka and blows Wesker up along with herself, and she puts an end to the Umbrella Company.


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