The Evil Crusader

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An Athiest man is haunted by a demon that wants him to kill.

Submitted: February 01, 2010

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Submitted: February 01, 2010



It was a dark and lonely night for Steve Chambers. He had been working all day at the construction site building the new football stadium. The stadium would be home to the New Jersey Colonels, a new team made up of senior citizens. It had been a normal day for him, until he fell asleep.

When he was heading to the local coffee shop, about two blocks away, these people looked at him, in a state of terror.

Steve just ignored them and moved on. When he arrived at the small coffee shop, the cashier screamed in shock and headed out the back door, hopped in his Dodge Charger, and drove as fast as he could over the cliffs and into the water. Steve was creeped out, so he forgot about the coffee, and went home, looked in the mirror, to see what the people were so afraid of, and he found an indention of a pentagram on his forehead. This for sure was not a tattoo, it was scarred, bloody, and sloppy. It must have happened when he was asleep last night.

Steve decided to go to the church to ask for help. The members of the church were so terrified, they wouldn't help him. He was on his own. He was wondering why this happened, what done it to him, and if he could have prevented it. The only thing that could have possibly gave him this mark is the fact that he is an Atheist in an all Christian town.

Later that night, Steve decides to try and pull an all-nighter, to see if he can find out who or what ruined his life by giving him this mark. At about 2:30 a.m. Steve notices a cool draft coming from his closet. He dashes over to his closet, with his 9 iron in hand, opens the door, and this hooded figure jumps out and takes him to the ground and says in a very demonic voice "Listen, I do not wish to harm you, but you must do "Master" a favor." Steve replies " Ok, Ok, please don't hurt me, I'll do whatever you ask of me." The demon tells him "Excellent, now that you've agreed, you have nothing to fear." The demon starts to disappear in thin air and Steve can hear him mumble, "Go to the church at midnight." He is really scared now, he doesn't care about his job, his house, or food, he is very concerned with his life.

In the morning, Steve does not go about his normal routine, instead he stays in his room counting the minutes until midnight. As midnight approaches, he is getting more and more nervous by the second. At midnight, behind the church, he and the demon discuss what the plan is. The demon explains that "Master" wants to rid the town of Christians. Steve says "Look I know I'm Athiest, but I don't think I can do that. "Well if you don't, you will pay the consequences, and your soul will be mine" the demon says angrily. He reluctantly agrees to do this task for the demon's master. The demon gives him a dagger to help him. The dagger is known as "Dark Death". It is about four inches long, and is cursed with a fast-acting poison which causes paralysis.

Steve's first goal is to go to the church and kill all the Christians. He arrives at the church at 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning. He stabs the people as they walk through the front door and drags each of their bodies to a dumpster in the very back of the 7,000 square foot church. He repeats this process several times, until he has killed all 500 Christians in the town.

Later that night, the demon confronts Steve at his house, and demands that he kill more Christians. Steve tries to explain that there are no more left, but the demon is blood thirsty and doesn't listen, and tells Steve that if someones life isn't taken soon, he will regret it. Steve tells the demon "Don't worry someone will be dead soon." The demon replies, "Excellent"

Steve goes to the bank at 3:00 p.m. and takes out $2000 from his lifetime savings. He goes to the airport and rents a small plane. He doesn't feel like dealing with the demon anymore, so he flies up to 8,000 ft, puts on his parachute, and jumps out. When he reaches around 4,000 ft he takes "Dark Death" out of his pocket, and stabs himself in the heart, which prevents him from moving anypart of his body, and as a result he crashes into the ground and it looks like a giant red lake where he landed. Steve told the demon someone would be dead soon, he just didn't tell him who.

The Evil Crusader

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