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Leila is diagnosed with a disease that can cause her to die any minute from now, her boyfriend deserts her and then she feels like was pointless to live until she meet Divine, a deadly handsome
billion man with a deadly secret, can their love overcome all obstacles?

Leila left the hospital feeling misearble and out of place, looking as the cars drive by her and wondering if they knew what was going on around, she stopped a taxi and then decided against it, "if i'm to die any moment then i have to at least find out what this world has in store for me," she thought as she walked down the pavement ignoring the noise being produced by the people and the vehicles passing.

waking up this morning, going about her morning ritual, brushing her teeth while tidying up, taking a cold shower after 30 minutes of intensed execrises and going to the hospital for her appointment with the doctor. she arrived 15 minutes before time and the wall clock on the hospital reception proved it, she waited until nurse Doe, a middle aged woman ushered her into her doctor's office. "good morning doctor Francis" she greeted when she entered, but the expression on Dr. Francis' face was nothing that seem the day was good, "sit Leila i need to tell you something," he said, she sat expecting the worst and the worst did come,

"What? It is a joke right?" she heard herself asked as she sat there listening to the news Dr. Francis was telling her, "Please calm down," he adviced, "Calm down? You just told me i could die any moment from now and you expect me to calm down, my life, my world, my plans are all crampling before me and i can't do anything to prevent it and you tell me to calm down" she asked furiously, "Working yourself up wouldnt change anything," he adviced, "so will calming down, i have heard enough for today, excuse but i have to leave and try to live the rest of my life which can be ended any second," she chocked on her tears as she run out of the office onto the streets, 

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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