My Voyage III

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Next we found the Railway-Station and bought a Ticket to Melbourne. Our Train was full of People that had just finished work and were going home. Lots of the People had had these Bags that looked like the Doctors Bag in Germany

Submitted: October 20, 2013

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Submitted: October 20, 2013



Here we are, Wally and I in Geelong. We couldn’t believe we actually did it, “Jumping Ship” I mean. We are Deserters now. But who cares, certainly not us, we didn’t have a care in the World. Or so it seemed. The first thing we both did was have a Haircut. We thought we could ask the Barber about the Work situation in Geelong. Wally spoke 5 words of English and I spoke about 30 words, but I could understand more. Well we had no luck with the Barber he thought there wasn’t much around. He said that lots of People went to Melbourne to work. So I bought my first Packet of Cigarettes in Australia “Graven A” even so I had plenty of Cigarettes on me.

Next we found the Railway-Station and bought a Ticket to Melbourne. Our Train was full of People that had just finished work and were going home. Lots of the People had had these Bags that looked like the Doctors Bag in Germany. So we ask one of the men, were they Doctors? They all smiled and ask us, why? So we told them about German Doctors and their Bags. One of the fellows than told us that they were Laborers at the shipping Yard and the bags were called “Gladstone Bags” and they were named the bags are named after William Edward Gladstone a Prime Minister in England. After lots of laughter all around, we passed out some Cigarettes and somebody said something about “Tailor made”, but we didn’t understand what it meant. In Melbourne before departing one of the Blokes told us to always go and find a Railway Hotel while traveling, because they are usually the cheapest and he said they are pretty clean. We thanked them and said our, good-bys.

Wally and I then went looking for a Railway Hotel and soon found one. But before checking-in, we bought some Sandwiches. At the Hotel we saw the Clerk and ask for a Room for 1 Night. We had to put our Names in a register Book and I remember putting in a false Name. I wrote J?rgen Schild instead of my full name and at the where-from us Idiots’ put TS World Triumph, the name of our Ship. Gee, some People are dumb! Of course we had a Bed each and we slept like Babies till we got woken by the “Tea-Lady” at 5am knocking on the Door. By the time I answered the Door, (Wally wasn’t game) she was gone and there were 2 Cups of white Tea and Biscuits waiting there. I took everything in and we tasted the Tea. Neither of us had ever drunk Tea with Milk before. We than knew that we had a lot to learn. On the way out the Clerk ask us; didn’t we want Breakfast? We didn’t understand him, so we said no. Later we found a Snack bar (Greek?) sat down at the Tables and waited for the Girl to come over. We didn’t know what to order; the only word on the Menu that we understood was “Chops” So than we had our first meal in Australia which was, Chops, Eggs and Sausages.

I remember, it tasted great. So Wally and I went looking for the Railway-Station again. Seeing we couldn’t understand anything on the Time-Tables. We did remember the name “Sydney” as a City. So we bought tickets for Sydney and went looking for the Train. When we found it a lady showed us where to sit. We really enjoyed the Train Trip through the Countryside. When the Lady came to ask us; would we like something to drink. So we ordered 2 Bottles of Beer. When they came we found that we had never seen such big Beer-Bottles before. We ask the Lady to take back the Glasses as we were Sailors. This time she didn’t understand us. When we got to Sydney we just wandered around for a while, Window-shopping etc. We went everywhere by Taxi we felt that we could communicate better to the Driver about where we wanted to go. Then we spotted a shop with watches, so we bought ourselves a Watch each. Mine was a “Waltham” Then we wandered some more and we found that in Australia you can’t do much, not even get a Beer. On Monday morning we went mad and got Tattooed. Both of us the same Tattoo on the same Arm. Then we went to the Railway Station, to travel on. The first town we could pronounce was New Castle. So we got a Ticket to there. Wasn’t a very long trip, but that was a chance we had to take. In New Castle we stayed at the Great Northern Hotel. Very nice. We Bought some Ham & Cheese Rolls. It’s amazing how quick you learn. Than we decided to go and see a Movie to kill some time. But first we had to finish our Rolls, as we were told we couldn’t eat in the Theatre. We watched a Film Called “Trapeze” with Burt Lancaster, I had seen him before in a Movie called “Der rote Corsar” back in Germany. We learned too that in the Movie Theatre you had to Stand-up for the National Anthem which in them days was called “God save the Queen” After watching the movie for a while I started to feel Sick. I went outside and bought an Orange Juice. But I got to feel worse and thinking that I had to Vomit I went to the Toilet. As soon as I got into the Toilet I passed out. When I woke up I was lying on the Toilet-Floor and someone was asking; Are you Alright? I answered that I am OK. They must have seen my Feet lying on the Floor. I had to wait for Wally outside. I didn’t know what to do, so I took a couple of Penicillin Tablet that I had gotten from the Ship before we left. He came soon as he thought there was something wrong. I think I must have had a reaction to my Tattoo as it had been bleeding. That Night I had a good sleep and we started having Breakfast in the Dining-Room. Next Day we didn’t get very far on our Train-Trip. We had picked Maitland for our destination. When we got there the Train didn’t stop and we jumped of the moving Train. Next we went to Armidale, didn’t like it and moved on to Warwick. In Warwick we went to the Pub and ask some Fellows over a drink about work in the Area. They said we would have been better-off in Armidale. I of the Blokes was fascinated about my Cigarette Lighter as it was very tiny, I had bought it in Japan. So after a few more drinks we went back to Armidale by Train.



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