chapatis and burn hands

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a boy who loves her grandmother and gives her a big surprize

once there was a poor boy named jamie and his grandmother lived in a little house she made him yummy chapatis and every time burned her hands then one day jamie's friends came and invited him to came to the party but he said he had to study but the real reason was that he did'nt had money the his grandmother gave her the money and said go and enjoy then in the arty there were stalls of many things after sometime jamie and his friends gathered and showed eachother thier gifts and then jamie showed his gift and it was a pair of tongs he said he bought these so her grandmother can't burn her hands and when he went home and showed her grandma's gift she was so happy that she hugged jamie and said i am really happy that u care about me so much.



the happy end

Submitted: March 21, 2014

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