Mahawash and Me

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Its all about friendship which is as pure as a child , which is life , which is precious.............

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



Mahawash And Me

Jahaan jahaan Mahawash , wahaan wahaan Nabila” (meaning where Mahawash is , one can easily find Nabila ) - a friend of ours used to address the two of us like that.

Mahawash is an extremely hard working , sincere , talented person….Besides that she is a loving,
sweet ,adorable girl ………..

We befriended each other through a common friend . We met in class 3 and now we are in our respective colleges. What I want to emphasise is that nothing has changed between the two of us except the colleges. Touch wood. This lapse of time has only and only strengthen our friendship.

When ever my summer vacations would get over, I always had a sleepless night [ on June 30] . I would count the years left when I would be out of school. Today I wanna go back to that June 30 so that when I wake up on July1 I can meet my darling friend Mahawash in school.

Its hard to believe that we have grown up so much.
As if all the moments we spent together are recent.
All those tiring sports activities like march past , Pts , annuals , tableau , group singing , choral recitation , poster competition etc and of course exams the deadliest……What should I say about our school canteen ? Sasta , sundar and yet best…

Without even deciding the two of us opted for pure science in 11th. One thing for sure she ll do incredibly well in her career. My best wishes are always with her…..

I find so hilarious to share one thing . Once madam Mahawash rang up on my birthday around 7. I was glad atleast she called may be late. To my surprise she didnt remember my birthday. That very same day she rang up again around 10 to say that she forgotten my birthday. Any ways never mind its ok. Girl when you read this just hit yourself on face from my side….

On 1st day of my college my sister happened to ask me how was it . I said I literally cried. She said you ll get accustom to it. I said I wouldnt be able to as Mahawash is not there. It was then I realised how lonely I am without her.Why I miss and love her so much because she accpeted me the way how I am. Unlike others who find me boring and arrogant. Its just that I am a bit reserved and it takes time for me to open up with people. Time heals everything . I like my college life pretty well. But no one could replace my Mahawash , meri Mahawash.A person is incomplete without a true friend , and so am I without Mahawash.

Moments spent with her and feelings shared with her are indispensible and infinite. Its difficult to summarise them in a gist. They are sufficient to revive me lifelong…

In the end I would say { modifying a famous quotation } – My world is round so that friendship of Mahawash may circle it………….

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