The Jamun Tree

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Its a poem about a building in my college. Its called The Rivett and is the english department block. A Jamun tree welcomes u, as u enter the Rivett.
Jamun is an Indegenous Indian tree...
* Thus Spake the Jamun Tree*

Submitted: December 07, 2010

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Submitted: December 07, 2010



The Rivett stands tall, in the embrace of my scent.

It’s the monsoon, when I serenade this English woman.

I choose my globed assets and shower them on her.

They are purple, firm and are smooth to touch

They swing off me, onto cars and windshields

And some poor ones get pulped under human heels.

Some swim about in the lap of the earth,

Within slushy imprints left by the rain.

And I leave imprints too, lasting ones;

Intense purple, my assets turn your tongue

And they emboss a taste that lingers there long.

Creatures of the rain dine and gossip in me

The English woman eyes them with longing,

Deciding that she too will walk into my lee.

She thinks she’ll wait till the clouds run dry.

Then the fall comes and turns my leaves auburn

And all I'm now is an aging Indian man.

She is dismayed, I have her interests none.

She’ll wait till the next time the azures burst out,

For it’s in monsoon that I serenade this English woman.

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