What is Life? -A short Word for those who fail in Life

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A short Word for those who fail in Life

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



Life is a living thing with us. It is in us! Well, Life is something that gives us both happiness and sadness, as we choose them. Life doesn’t choose itself, we choose, how we live and how we make our life live. We choose the sides, the way that we wanted to live. It’s not the fault of Life that people believe Destiny is pre-written. In fact, it is written. By whom is it written? It is written by us! What you do, in your life, every step you take for moving forward in life is known as Destiny. As a matter of fact, we should consider the rights and non-rights of Life. We can do anything with Life, if we waste our life; it is us who gets wasted in the end. So it’s a non-right of Life. Example- Suicide. Why to waste Life when there is a lot to do here. Where is here? Here is Mother Earth! The most beautiful planet given to us by the Creator, to enjoy our Life with the rights not to live it with the non-rights! We should not consider Life to be a failure, but try harder and believe it to be a success. We should move forward in our life, as what we do in our daily base time. Now let’s say Time is a part of Life. As whatever we do, we see the Time and do. Isn’t it? Think if Time wouldn’t exist, then what would be Life? Life would be a body with no organs. Life has two sides, named good and bad. Now it is upon us, how we should live Life, the good way or the bad way? I will suggest you the good way! So will you now heed my advice? Well, it’s good to take advice from people, especially elder people. But think TEN times, is that advice right? Should I follow it? Or is it wrong? Well at these matters, use your brain! Good enough. The world is full of talents! Some can sing, some can write, some cane dance or some can read! Please do not think that you can’t write or read, in other words I meant that some has good way of reading and some can write poems, quotes, etc. Even you have a talent; all you have to do is show it. Just bring it on…!? Show what you are, a talented Human Being! If you lose in this, try again, try until or unless you get perfect in that! No one is perfect, but they can at least try! Misunderstandings lead to destruction of Life. The only way to solve it is to the find the answer of the misunderstanding. Friendship and Family is the reason that we are having a Life. We should also learn how to stand up and fight in this world. Until now around the world more than millions of people have lost their Life, in fact wasting it. Just by smoking, using drugs and all that which has destructed mankind’s weakest reason to live. We make our hard decisions, in the hard times. We must overcome our overconfidence to make it into a confident and understandable manner that we can decide what is wrong and what is right. We must overcome the bad that we can think and do good. We must overcome our fear that ruins the most of our Life. The only one, we have till now. So let’s conclude to an end. Life will love you if you love Life! Follow the way of Life that should be done in a right and well manner. So repeat the magical words of Freedom, righteous, good, love and say with me, “Love Life, Life will Love you!”

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